Identity Theft Protection Rubber Stamp - Large (42050-SEC-K) by westcoastreviews


									Identity Theft Protection Rubber Stamp - Large (42050-SEC-K)

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America and identity theft protection is a major concern
for individuals, businesses and government. Stamp out identity theft with Identity Theft Guard Stamps.
Identity Theft Guard Stamps use a special pattern to hide confidential information and is a quick and
effective method of identity theft protection. Use to hide your address, social security number, account
numbers or ID numbers on junk mail, magazines, catalogs, credit card offers, bills and more. This stamp
features a self-contained, reversible ink pad. Ordinary ink pads offer a certain number of impressions
before they begin to fade. Not so with a reversible pad. When the impression begins to fade, simply slide
the pad out, flip it over and reinsert to instantly double the life. This Identity Theft Protection Stamp is
provided as a means of theft protection but cannot guarantee against identity theft. Important Note: The
Identity Theft Protection Stamp is most effective when the stamp ink color matches the information that is
to be concealed.

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