Dave Matthews Band Vinyl Decal Sticker - White by westcoastreviews


									Dave Matthews Band Vinyl Decal Sticker - White

Please note... If you are not purchasing this decal direct from ShadowMajik Enterprises you are not getting
an authentic ShadowMajik Vinyl Decal. If you buy from a different seller you will receive a lesser quality
copy cat decal. Make sure you are purchasing from ShadowMajik Enterprises to get the decal as described
and pictured. This decal is precision die cut (there is no background) from premium grade, 5-7 year
outdoor vinyl with self adhesive backing and is ready to dress up your car window, car, truck, motorcycle,
boat, snowboard, skateboard, surfboard, notebook, computer case, mirror or any clean smooth surface you
might want to decorate. Let your imagination have fun! Full instructions for applying your new decal are
included. It is fast, simple and requires no special tools. By default all decals are cut for and should be
placed on the outside. Note that some of the vinyls are not the same on the adhesive side as they are on
the pretty front side, therefore will not look the same if applied inside facing out. ShadowMajik does not
recommend inside facing out application, especially on vehicle windows and will not be responsible for any
damage or problems caused by inside facing out applications.

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