Sunshine Systems LEDGP45 LED Grow Light 28WT by westcoastreviews


									Sunshine Systems LEDGP45 LED Grow Light 28WT

The GlowPanel 45 uses the latest in LED technology to provide your plants with the perfect blend of light
suitable for all stages of growth. From seed to flower to fruit. More than four times the output of the original
GlowPanel®, the GlowPanel 45® uses only 28 Watts of power and surpasses the output of a 250 Watt
HPS. It easily provides five square feet of coverage for your garden. The GlowPanel 45 is a plug and play
grow light - it works right out of the box. There is no need for any additional ballasts or reflectors and the
GlowPanel 45 comes complete with its own hanging kit.

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