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									Term Paper on Same Sex Marriages Marriage is basically the union of two bodies and souls reproducing a newborn. Though the institution of marriage recognizes marriages among men and women belonging to any culture, race but until recently marriages among same sex was not recognized any where in the world. However, the present debate of homosexuality and same sex marriage has created flux in the institution of marriages. At the same time, emotional relationships are enjoyed by both the genders but the concept of physical relationship showered by love and understanding is naturally sanctioned to the amalgamation of opposite genders. Choosing a life partner of an individuals own choice for marriage is the basic human right of every individual sanctioned by not only the state but also the religious laws also provide this basic right to humans. However, modernization and advancement has initiated an interesting debate about marriages, which is related to marriages among same sex. Both the supporters and opponents to the philosophy of marriages among same sex have their own logics and justification to their views. Therefore, homosexuals believe that state should not have any right to interfere in the personal choices of homosexuals for same sex marriage as they also have right to choose and marry equally to others according to the civil marriage commitments. While on the other hand, bisexuals strongly oppose same sex marriage and claim that it is morally and religiously as well as legally wrong to marry same sex.

Therefore, among the various social issues, same sex marriage is the hottest issue debated these days in America. Basically the debate is about gay marriages and homosexuality in regard to morality and legality and the moral and legal right of the citizens. This raises many questions in our mind like is same sex normal or abnormal? Do and should the American citizens have the right of same sex marriages. So lets try to understand the different arguments regarding the various questions about same sex marriages. Homosexuality Where the basic concept of sexuality is concerned, they use it as a subject. Basically sexuality means, the sexual nature and characteristics of either sex; male or female, therefore this means the sexual desires or sexual feelings of both genders. On the other hand, homosexuality is basically an environmental behavior, not an innate behavior. Basically the concept of sexuality came up with the Civil Rights Movement when masses became aware of their social as well as other rights. Among the other minorities in the American society, the gays got a chance to earn recognition. Therefore, with this the concept of homosexuality arose. However, initially homosexuality was not accepted but presently the increasing influx of homosexuals, which include both, naturally born gays and cast rated homosexual men, as well as normal genders that practice homosexuality has increased to a dangerous limit. The continuous rise in homosexuality has become one of the most important social issues of not only America as well as the other countries are also concerned about the same issue Is Homosexuality Immoral or abnormal?

Though homosexuality is naturally created due to imbalance of the distribution of genes during the birth of a human fetus, but in the contemporary world, homosexual behavior has become a debatable issue. Where biological history proves that homosexuality is natural and a normal behavior as it is broadly found in all mammals like colored eyes and any other genetic tendency, so animals like chimpanzees, cows, ducks, cats and dogs etc etc. However, heterosexuals oppose homosexual behavior and consider it abnormal. Basically this is because the changing behavior of human beings towards their sexual activities. Since men and women have recognized their civil rights and freedom to express, they have started exploring new ideas to enjoy sex. Amongst these ideas, homosexuality has risen though the gay community introduced it. For the homosexuals, same sex results into more pleasure then sexual intercourse with opposite genders. At the same time, some homosexuals justify their behavior to be normal and moral as they believe love and sex are two different philosophies so marring with same sex is moral and normal. These are the views of people having liberal religious ideas, as they do not like interfering in others personal life. Therefore, the increasing influx of homosexuality in the gay community as well as homosexual activities among normal men to men and women to women gave birth to the idea of same sex marriages. Another question that comes to our mind when we talk about homosexuality is its moral aspect. Well this depends upon what we consider as to be moral and immoral. So this is another debatable aspect of homosexuality. Moral and immoral behavior is related to ethics, where a personal behavior or action does not harm any other person by any means, it is considered to be morally right. Therefore, homosexuality if is not done forcefully humiliating the self-respect of an individual it is moral. While using force to enjoy sex with an individual of the same gender or opposite sex is immoral. Nonetheless, it is the moral, legal and religious right of every individual to enjoy sexual relation with a person of his/her choice. However, homosexuality extended to the desire of same sex marriages has intensified the concept of sexual orientation. Though the debate of homosexuality and same sex marriage is traditionally rooted in the religious philosophy and the concept of morality and immoral behavior. It has become one of the most significant issues tangling the federal and state government of America. However, as far as the concept of morality is concerned, according to Bible, homosexuality is basically an illegitimate sexual lust that is forbidden by God. Therefore, two persons having same sex marry to each other are not acting morally and are absurd according to the Christian religion. Therefore, homosexuality is biologically normal but the increasing trends towards homosexual behavior to satisfy personal desires rising to legality has overcome the religious aspect of sexual orientation. Since the Christian community strictly follows Bible, one needs to respect the teachings of Bible as it considers homosexuality and illicit sexual desire not permitted by religion. At the same time the religious liberals though do not go against Bible but also believe that sexual satisfaction is the religious and moral right of an individual so far as homosexuality is not in regard to adultery and due to use of force, it is moral and normal.

Do Citizens Have a Right to Same Sex Marriage? The issue of same sex marriages has gained a lot of popularity, as it is no more an emotional or personal issue now. It has become a religious, political, moral, rational and legal as well as constitutional issue. Therefore, in order to find the answer for the question that do citizens have a right to same sex marriage, one needs to look into all these aspects. Since the American constitution safeguard the civil rights of minorities and provides equal protection with out any discrimination of sex, class, race or creed. The supporters to same sex marriage strongly emphasis on the legality of same sex marriage and claims that the constitution of America should specifically provide protection of same sex marriages. On the other hand, the religious school of thought criticizes same sex marriage immensely. At the same time, one should also be aware of the health care issues resulting out of homosexuality. Homosexuals are at an increases risk of various STDs like HIV virus as well as anal cancer and psychological behavioral disorders. However, according to a survey conducted, it is calculated that 365,000 to 535, 000 of homosexuals are trapped by HIV infection, where out of these 10 percent homosexual men are just only 22 years of age. On the other hand, the strange impact of homosexuality on the American youth specifically students and an adolescent is immense. Those opposing homosexuals marriages believe that encouraging same sex marriages via legal recognition will wash away the traditional American culture and religious teachings of various Churches, which defines marriage as legitimate among opposite sex with the motive of reproduction. However, homosexuals cannot procreate. Therefore, providing legal protection will not only hurt the deep-rooted national ethos and religious structure but also threatens the traditional institution of marriage. However, the supporters believe that homosexual marriages can be a source to strengthen the institution of marriages, as love never leaves negative implications. At the same time, against procreation, the supporters believe that when marriages among men and women do not result into procreation due to any deficiency they also enjoy the right to marry and sex. So homosexuals should also be given legal right to marry according to their choice. Since 5th and 14th amendments of the American constitution provides equal rights to the citizens of America disregard of any discrimination of sex, race, cast and color. It at the same time also says that state will not interfere in the basic human right affairs of the American citizens with out any persuasive reason. Moreover, the 1st amendment of the American constitution, safeguard rights of individuals against sex discrimination. So this makes us understand that prohibition against same sex marriage is equal to sex discrimination. Another important thing that comes to our understanding, which discovers the right of citizens to opt for same sex marriage, is the democratic political structure of America. Democracy means to run the state by the people, for the people and with the people.

Therefore, the citizens have the constitutional as well as moral right for same sex marriages, where the state has no constitutional right to interfere in the basic and personal human right of the American citizens. On the other hand, since few states in America has granted same sex marriage a legal status, this should also be adopted by the other states as the increasing influx among lesbians and gays are an evidence of the public opinion except the political and religious conservatives. However, the American constitution should think for protecting the health care issues of homosexuals similarly as other citizens. At the same time, young homosexuals should be educated about the negative aspects of homosexuality instead of depriving the citizens of their basic human right to decide for marriage and enjoy sexual relationship with an individual of their choice.

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