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									Green Tea - Why Drink It?

In Asia, green tea is quite popular. For many generations, the tea has
already been a part of family gatherings and even their day to day lives.
There are various reasons why Asian people loved to drink green tea.
Aside from its excellent taste, you can also derive some health benefits
from drinking green tea. Recently, medical communities and the western
countries have recognized the benefits of drinking green tea. There are
various reasons why individuals should drink tea and these reasons are
found in this article.

The very first reason is that green tea is something different. You're
probably used to drinking softdrinks, coffee, fruit juices, and other
beverages. Green tea is something new that you should try out. It's not
everyday that you get to encounter something unique in terms of taste and
most specially, very few beverages have health benefits.

Most Americans drink coffee several times a day and since it contains a
larger amount of caffeine, some people are already looking into
substituting green tea instead. You will surely enjoy the tea's nutty
aroma and its sweet grassy flavor. Although some studies show that green
tea also has caffeine, there are now decaffeinated green tea sold in the

Still, if you want to go for the traditional green tea, it would help to
know that the caffeine content is lesser as compared to coffee. Some
people get jitters and you can avoid this by taking green tea in moderate
amounts. Those who plan to stay late or those who work at night should
drink green tea instead of coffee to help them stay awake.

The second reason why people should drink tea is that it contains healing
properties. Because of today's advanced science, many medical experts are
discovering green tea's healing properties. Green tea is mainly made up
of antioxidants which can help in improving the overall health of an
individual. If you lack energy to carry out the day's tasks and chores,
don't forget to drink your tea because you will feel a burst of energy
especially if you drink it everyday.

Healthy cells are also promoted by drinking tea. There are still other
health benefits that you can take advantage. You see, if you drink green
tea, you can prevent heart diseases, cancer, and other health problems.
Those who often get sick should take tea in order to boost the immune
system's health. People with weight problems can also take green tea
instead of water and juices to reduce weight since the tea can suppress
appetite. You can take it anytime you like, before meals, during, and
after meals.

Are there still other reasons that you can think of? So far, there is no
other beverage that can give you a lot of health benefits. If you go to
the groceries, you can find different kinds of green tea preparations. It
would be best if you can grow a tea plant so that you can prepare the
original serving. But anyway, since people today live a busy lifestyle,
they always prefer the instant - from food to their drinks. There are now
bottled green tea which you can purchase and they are ready to drink.
Hurry and go to the local grocery now to purchse your green tea.

If you want, you can also take supplements of green tea but before you
buy any, ask your doctor first. It would also be good if you check
product reviews regarding the supplements. That way, you will know which
brands sell more and which are effective. Seek the doctor's advice before
taking any health supplement so that your actions can be guided, most
especially if you're a pregnant woman or if you have certain allergies
and illnesses.

If the Asian people benefited from green tea for hundreds of years, then
there's probably no reason why you shouldn't try it yourself. Medical
communities are already promoting the intake of green tea, so don't be
left behind. Join other people who are now discovering the health
benefits of drinking tea.

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