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Welcome to PagePlus X4: professional desktop publishing made easy. When you make publications for
sharing with co-workers, attracting new customers, defining your business image, projects at school or
college, informing the public, advertising events, and more, you inevitably do more than just layout and
print the page. You’re writing, designing graphics, enhancing images, cropping and reformatting, importing
content from elsewhere, and sharing your work in print, as emails, as high quality or efficient PDFs... so
choose PagePlus X4, a design package as versatile you are. PagePlus has always been a leading DTP
program but now it offers even more graphics power, greater compatibility, and enhanced productivity. It’s
never been easier to achieve the highest quality printed and electronic publications, using a design
package that is more rounded than ever. PagePlus X4 is so easy to use that you can start creating
fantastic results straight away, and yet the deeper you dig into PagePlus’s rich feature set, the more
publishing power you’ll find. When you need to know how to put that power to good use, or achieve a
publishing task new to you, you’ll really appreciate the new Learning Zone, accessible from the Startup
Wizard. Being able to open designs sourced from almost anywhere thanks to incredible PDF editing power
is a real asset for PagePlus users, and that PDF power just got better. Import and edit wide variety
document types accurately; edit or replace photos, text, and artwork; and export your designs as
optimized, professional PDFs. All this means you can edit PDF files better than ever – better than any
other DTP program, at any price! So whether you need to edit and export PDFs, create and distribute
newsletters, design flyers and posters, write a book, or complete any other desktop publishing task,
PagePlus X4 is the perfect solution.