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									GPS Mapping Workshop
         Iowa ASLA
     ISU Research Park
     September 3, 2009
                        The wireless GPS 10x receiver adds GPS position,
                        speed and time to your laptop, smartphone, Pocket
                        PC or PDA with Bluetooth® wireless technology.
                          wireless communication up to a 30 ft. range
                          rechargeable, removable lithium ion battery for
                           up to 22 hours use.
      GPS 10x             sleek design makes it easy to put in your pocket
                           or clip to your belt for navigation on foot.
                          $110

    eTrex H
         a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that locks onto satellite signals
          quickly, even in heavy cover, deep canyons or tall buildings.
         waterproof, but does not float
         17 hrs of yse on 2 AA batteries
         500 waypoints
         Connects to computer by USB cable (not included – ($30-40)
         $100

Both units work with Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer
                  eTrex Vista H
Maps & Memory: (Similar to eTrex H with these)
 Basemap
 Ability to add maps
 Built-in memory:24 MB
 Waypoints/locations:1000; Routes:20;
 Track log:10,000 points, 10 saved tracks
 $200
     Does not accept data cards

               eTrex Vista HCx
                        Similar to eTrex Vista H, but adds:
                         bright color screen
                         barometric altimeter
                         electronic compass
                         microSD™ card slot
                         $300

                          both units use cables to connect with computer
                                           Outdoor navigation meets
Outdoor navigation meets touchscreen
                                           touchscreen simplicity in Dakota
simplicity in Dakota 20. This rugged,
                                           10. This rugged, palm-sized
palm-sized navigator combines
                                           navigator boasts touchscreen
touchscreen navigation, high-sensitivity
                                           navigation, high-sensitivity GPS
GPS with HotFix™ satellite prediction,
                                           with HotFix™ satellite prediction,
barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic
                                           and a worldwide basemap
compass and microSD™ card slot


Oregon 300

 Oregon 300 puts the great outdoors
 at your fingertips. This next-
 generation handheld features a
 rugged, touchscreen along with a
 built-in basemap with shaded relief,
 a high-sensitivity receiver,
 barometric altimeter, electronic
 compass, microSD™ card slot, picture   Colorado 400t
 viewer and more. Even exchange
 tracks, waypoints, routes and
                                         The Colorado 400t has
 geocaches wirelessly between similar
                                        preloaded maps (U.S.
                                        topographic, inland waters,
 A built-in worldwide basemap with      coastland, or others), barometric
 shaded contours using digital          altimeter, wireless data sharing,
 elevation maps                         high-sensitivity GPS receiver,
                                        color display, SD card slot
Trimble Juno SC & SB
Lower Cost End of Genuine Functionality
Using Garmin Handheld GPS for mapping
Using the MnDNR Garmin Tool

                 Download to: Google Earth

Download to ArcGIS Explorer
Lower Cost End of Genuine Functionality
First, a Bit about the File Types
                                                     Garmin etrex Vista
*.kml files (Keyhole Markup Language, is an
XML grammar and file format for modeling and
storing geographic features such as points,
lines, images, polygons, and models for display
in Google Earth.

*.shp files (shapefile, ESRI proprietary)
*.gpx or GPS eXchange Format is an XML
schema designed for describing GPS data
between software applications. It can be used
to describe waypoints, tracks, and routes. The
format is open and can be used without the
need to pay license fees. Its tags store location,
                                                      This demo: The unit is 6
elevation, and time and can in this way be
                                                      years old, cost $350 in
used to interchange data between GPS devices
                                                      2003. Loaded with topo
and software packages.
                                                      background maps.
Interface Pages
                 Acquiring Satellites
Garmin Skyplot

                            Normally, It can take 2-3
                            minutes to locate the
            By default several data are
            immediately recorded when a
            point is acquired:
            ID #, or label, if entered
            Location (lat-long)
            Time & Date Stamp
        Downloading the Data

MN DNR Garmin Tool

1. Be certain that the GPS is on and connected.
2. Open MN DNR Garmin Tool
3. Screen opens, GPS is located.
4. Select Waypoints (point data), Tracks, or
   Routes to download.
5. After download – “Save to…”
    *.shp, *.kml, *.gpx

6. The add the data file to your software.
Even Neanderthals Can Do It (apologies to Geico)

Using Garmin Handheld GPS for mapping
  →Using the MnDNR Garmin Tool

  →Download to: Google Earth

  →Download to ArcGIS Explorer
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