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                                    Weekly News Brief
                                 Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Welcome to ISM’s weekly newsletter for the week beginning October 28th. Please take the time to read
this document each week and mark down those activities and deadlines important to your family!
Thank you!

PERFORMANCE INDEX (API) SCORE: With a score of 824, up from 793 in 2002, ISM exceeded it’s
target goal of 794 in this year’s Academic Performance Index (API) and qualified as a “very high
performing” public school in California! The API represents the foundation of California’s accountability
system for public schools and is based on two tests that our 2nd through 5th grade students took this past
Spring – the California Standards Tests in English, math, and social studies, and the California
Achievement Test, better known as the CAT-9. This latter test replaced the SAT-9 and is designed to
reflect how California students perform in comparison to their peers across the country. ISM students
scored over 800 (of a possible score between 200 and 1000), thereby earning placement in the “very high
performing” category and qualifying our school for possible financial rewards through the Governor’s
Performance Award program. To give some perspective to this 2003 index score, ISM had the 6th highest
score among all schools in the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District in 2002 – behind La Mesa
Elementary (#1), Bay View Elementary (#2), Foothill Elementary (#3), Monte Vista Elementary (#4), and
Marshall Elementary (#5). Our 2003 score of 824 increased our ranking to second place behind Bay View
Elementary School. That is remarkable progress in one year for our fledgling public charter school and
reflects the rigor of our curriculum and the value our families put on quality education! Hats off to us!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 29th is the Federal Survey distribution date to all parents and guardians
of ISM students. Based on the number of parents who are “federally connected,” meaning that they work
or live on federal property, it is anticipated that ISM will once again qualify for approximately $20,000 to
$30,000 of Federal funding. However, it is imperative that we receive a returned survey from every
student on Thursday, October 30th . So, be sure to take time out from Halloween preparations,
homework, and hectic evening schedules to complete this survey and return it in your child(ren)’s folder!

3. ANNUAL ISM PARENT SURVEY: It’s here! In addition to this news brief, the Annual Parent Survey
is also being distributed today. So, collect your thoughts, get your pens ready, and take some valuable
time to record your feedback about ISM on your survey. This survey is very important for the future
development of ISM and all responses will remain confidential. Survey results will also be announced
collectively to maintain confidentiality. We do value your opinion, so make it a priority to complete the
Annual Parent Survey and return it to the admin office by Friday, November 7th. One of the
cornerstones of ISM’s educational philosophy is the power of collaboration. This survey is an excellent
collaborative tool that allows us to continually improve the quality of service and education that we provide
to ISM students and their families.

                  International School of Monterey P.O. Box 711, Monterey, CA 93942-0711
                                  Tel: (831) 647-1010 Fax: (831) 649-5471
4. SCIENCE CAMP SURVIVORS!: This is a term that applies not only to our intrepid Science Campers,
but also to our wonderful team of chaperones who made the adventure possible. We would like to extend
a huge hug of thanks to all of our chaperones and drivers who assisted us last week – Chaperones:
Patrizia DiLucchio, Melanie Allen, Tricia Cwikla, Mary Welsh, Robert Elsensohn, Roland Sanchez, Mark
Stelzried, Stuart Satchell, Doug Rodda, and Michael Sharp and Drivers: Terry Duffy, Omima Nafei, Leora
Sanchez, Dave and Deborah Shifflett, Vivian Sarubbi, and Jeffrey and Angela Lock. We could not have
offered this to our students without your collective help. Feedback from our campers has been positive
with news about successful nighttime solo hikes, physically-demanding extended hikes, mastery of the
impressive rock wall, and banana slug experimentation. As is frequently the case with overnight living
experiences, however, students often learn more about themselves and getting along with others in daily
situations; this is possibly the greatest education that occurred last week at Science Camp. Tolerance of
others unique differences and developing creative and thoughtful (individual and team) solutions to real-
world problems are hopefully lasting results of last week’s outing.

5. MATERNITY LEAVE FOR MRS. PEGHER: This coming Friday, October 31st will mark Mrs.
Pegher’s last day at ISM before beginning several months of maternity leave. Please encourage your
child(ren) to take a moment to wish Mrs. Pegher well as she and her husband prepare to welcome their
little one in mid-to-late November. We are pleased to announce that in Mrs. Pegher’s absence, Miss
Bethany West will be serving as the substitute Physical Education teacher. Mrs. Jahn and Mrs. Pegher
conducted joint interviews for P. E. instructors and they were both extremely impressed by Miss West’s
qualifications and teaching style that are well matched to our existing P.E. program.

6. FREE DRESS DAY / HALLOWEEN FRIDAY: Ready or not, this coming Friday is Free Dress Friday
and Halloween! Unlike our children who do rejoice in “free dress” days, many parents do not as the
choices of school clothing increase exponentially as do the potentials for parent / child conflicts and our
ability to get to school on time. So, brace yourselves! This Friday students can come to school dressed in
their non-uniform clothing and after lunch, they will be changing into their costumes for the Halloween
Festival costume contest and activities. Please have your child bring all his / her costume items in a bag
(with their name on it) which can be stored until after lunch. Each day the Halloween Festival is shaping
up to be even more fun-filled and creative, thanks primarily to the phenomenal efforts of event coordinator,
Janice Barker (mother of Kasey, Kindergartner) and her team of party planners! The Halloween
shenanigans will begin at 1:00 p.m. with a costume parade, followed by games and activities for all ages.
Volunteers are still needed, especially with pre-festival set-up and breakdown at the conclusion of the day.
Email Janice at or your child’s room parent to contribute needed items (refer to
Halloween Festival flyer distributed last Friday) or to help. We are also encouraging parents and students
to bring a canned good to the festival in support of the Monterey Food Bank canned good drive.
Collection cans and bags will be on hand at ISM beginning Thursday, October 30th through Friday,
December 19th to collect non-perishables for needy children and families in our local community. Let’s get
ourselves into the holiday giving spirit early and contribute heartily to this wonderful program.

Roger’s Body Worx Academy in Martial Arts have rallied together to organize a Halloween Costume Party
Fundraiser for Mr. Rogers to help defray the costs of his ongoing hospitalization. The event will be held on
Friday, October 31st from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the studio located at 1173 Broadway Avenue in Seaside.
The cost of admission is $7 per child and $12 per adult and advance tickets are available. The event will
include a costume contest, games, DJ music entertainment, candy, and, of course, drawings for prizes.
Grand prize awards include dinner for two at Bernardus Lodge and Resorts and a free style bicycle;
winners need not be present. Please join these caring individuals at this fundraiser for Mr. Rogers and let
him know he is a valued and special member of our community.

8. VETERAN’S DAY HOLIDAY: Your votes have been cast, tabulated, and the winner is……Monday,
November 10th . The lure of a three-day weekend won out over complying with the Federal holiday
schedule. As a result, our school schedule will remain as originally publicized. The Favaloro Fundraising
                 International School of Monterey P.O. Box 711, Monterey, CA 93942-0711
                                 Tel: (831) 647-1010 Fax: (831) 649-5471
Dinner is also scheduled for this day which may indeed be a very pleasant way to celebrate our holiday
Monday. Thank you to all of you who took the time to either email your vote or stopped by the office.

9. APPLICATION PROCESS FOR COMING YEAR: We are already fielding numerous calls and emails
each day in the admin office from prospective families interested in attending ISM for the 2004-05 school
year or later. As many of you are willing ambassadors of ISM in the greater Monterey Peninsula
community, we wanted to take a moment to mention our application and waiting list process in an effort to
dispel incorrect information. The most important aspect worth highlighting is the fact that our waiting list is
valid for an academic year only and that we are not maintaining waiting lists years in advance of school
entry. For example, interested parents are eligible to submit applications for the 2004-05 school year
during our first enrollment window beginning November 1st , 2003 through mid-January 2004. We will
conduct a lottery in late January to determine placement in our school, based on the number of open
positions, as well as waiting list positions for the 2004-05 academic year. Only those applicants of school-
age students will be accepted in the lottery; applicants of children who are not yet eligible to begin school
in September 2004 will be removed from the lottery process. Please keep this procedure in mind when
speaking to interested family members, friends, and colleagues about ISM and assist us in dispelling the
notion that parents need to get their pre-schoolers or infants on a waiting list now for future enrollment.
Thanks so much!

United Nations Association in cooperation with the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) is
sponsoring an International Film Festival on Friday, November 7th and Saturday, November 8th at the
MIIS Irvine Auditorium. Admission is free, although contributions are welcome. The featured films are
award-winning documentaries from around the world highlighting topics of human rights, world cultures,
war and peace, and environmental concerns. Several of the listed documentaries include Hidden Wars of
Desert Storm, Coming to Say Goodbye: Stories of AIDS in Africa, Empty Oceans, Empty Nests, and Plan
Columbia”. For further program details, consult the United Nations Association website at, call 625-9414, or view the poster on the ISM community bulletin (by Room 4).


A. FAVALOROS FABULOUS FUNDRAISING DINNER: Nino and Marie Favaloro, owners of two Pacific
Grove eateries, Arianna’s Café and Favaloro’s Restaurant, will be hosting the November fundraising
dinner at Favaloro’s Restaurant at 542 Lighthouse Avenue. Featuring delectable Italian cuisine, this
fundraiser will be held on Monday, November 10th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. The Favaloros will be
generously donating 100 percent of the profit generated by this dinner to the ISM Foundation! Please
refer to yesterday’s event flyer for more information and reservation details. If you are interested in
helping with this dinner or to RSVP, please email event organizers Chris Forczyk and Marianne Ide at As mentioned above, ISM will be observing the Veteran’s Day
holiday on Monday, November 10th , so plan on ending your relaxing day at Favaloro’s Restaurant and
support ISM in the tastiest of fashions!

B. BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: In the short time that the Box tops For Education program has been
happening this year, we have already collected 646 box tops! As promised, yesterday marked the
conclusion of our first classroom competition. The top two classrooms were a near tie with 193 and 195
tops collected respectively. However, Ms. Diamond’s 1st / 2nd grade class won the top billing and earned a
1st place certificate and an ice cream party next week. Thanks to all of you for participating in the
program. Keep up the good work and continue collecting box tops in your refrigerator envelopes. Stay
tuned for more information on the next competition! Our goal will be to exceed 646 box tops, so get busy!
Remember, each box top is worth 10 cents for our school. Let's work toward our goal of $1400 this school
year! Recruit family members far and wide to collect on your behalf as well. Please contact Paige Stanley
at 644-0170 or if you are interested in helping with this program.

                  International School of Monterey P.O. Box 711, Monterey, CA 93942-0711
                                  Tel: (831) 647-1010 Fax: (831) 649-5471
                               FOR POSTING AT HOME

   OCTOBER 2003                             EVENT DESCRIPTION                               TIME
                               FEDERAL SURVEY DATE / RETURN FOLLOWING
     WED, OCT 29TH             DAY
                               OCTOBER FREE DRESS DAY /                                1:00 – 3:00 PM
                               HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL

                               HALLOWEEN FUNDRAISER FOR MR. ROGERS                     5:00 – 8:00 PM
  NOVEMBER 2003                             EVENT DESCRIPTION                               TIME
                               END OF 1 QUARTER
      FRI, NOV 7TH             DEADLINE TO RETURN ANNUAL PARENT SURVEY                 8:00 – 3:00 PM
                               MIIS IRVINE AUDITORIUM                                  VARIOUS
     SAT, NOV 8TH
                               VETERANS DAY HOLIDAY                                    HOLIDAY
     MON, NOV 10TH             FABULOUS FAVALORO FUNDRAISING DINNER                    5 – 8 PM
    TUES, NOV 11 TH –
                               STUDENT / PARENT / TEACHER CONFERENCES                  By Schedule
     FRI, NOV 21S T
                               SPECIAL ASSEMBLY: SKAMPA STRING QUARTET
     THURS, NOV 13                                                                     1:00 PM
                               FROM THE CZECH REPUBLIC---CANCELLED

      SAT, NOV 15 TH           SATURDAY WORK DAY FOR NOV                               9:30 – 1:00 PM
                               SALLY BURNS (GRADE 5/6) ATTENDING ECIS
    TUES, NOV 18 –
                               CHRISSIE JAHN ATTENDING ECIS CONFERENCE
     WED, NOV 26
   THURS, NOV 27 TH &          THANKSGIVING BREAK                                      HOLIDAY
     FRI, NOV 28 TH

                            ISM: INTERNATIONAL STATE OF MIND
                              International state of mind
                             Learning to be open and kind
                             Focusing on our similarities
                              Rejoicing in our diversity
                                   Striving for unity
                             In a world full of adversity
                                We come together as one
                                 Citizens of the world
                         Not limited by narrow states of mind
                                       We are ISM
                       We share an International State of Mind!

              International School of Monterey P.O. Box 711, Monterey, CA 93942-0711
                              Tel: (831) 647-1010 Fax: (831) 649-5471

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