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					  The Beekeeper

The limited edition package with a bonus DVD - footage includes a candid conversation with Tori Amos
talking about the inspiration and theme for The Beekeeper and the bonus track "Garlands". The limited
edition package groups the 19 songs into 6 different gardens- Roses and Thorns, Herbs and Elixers,
The Desert Garden, The Greenhouse, The Orchard and The Rock Garden. To complement this garden
theme the package includes a "Beekeeper" mix of flower and plant seeds.
After Scarlet's Walk, Tori Amos' 2002 ambitious sonic travelogue that took her to all 50 states, penning
love letters to America along the way, the fiery earth-sprite has fashioned another high-minded concept
album, tying her 19 songs--and one not-so-hidden track--into a garden motif that's part a retelling of
Alice In Wonderland, another A Little Shop of Horrors. The Beekeeper chronicles her rather
autobiographical protagonist's journey through what seems to be an overgrown labyrinth of the
subconscious as she experiences a series of life-altering events and emotions. In addition, living in
Cornwall for the past decade has certainly had an effect on Amos, she even takes inspiration from
Daphne Du Maurier's classic novel Jamaica Inn, which takes place on that rugged seacoast, but the
greatest change is the grit in her voice; on a song like "Hoochie Woman," she sounds like she's
channeling Chrissie Hynde--a welcome change from some of the preciousness of her earlier work. She
also surprises with the steely, eloquent resolve on a song like "Goodbye Pisces" one of the better
break-up songs in recent memory. The Beekeeper returns the quirky singer to the same whimsical
terrain of 1992's Little Earthquakes, but with much stronger storylines, and a much more assured and
nuanced voice. Her best yet. --Jaan Uhelszki Recommended Tori-phernalia
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