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*Please read Information for Applicants prior to completing this form
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Applicant Information        (Please have the Project Manager complete this section)

Are you applying as a (please check one):

   Society #                          Charity #                        Registered Business #                        Agency            Individual
                                                                                                                  (DFO, WLAP, etc.)

Applicant’s Legal Name:

GST # : _______________________________ WCB # : _______________________________ Applicant is in good standing with WCB                Yes     No

Mailing Address:                                                         Address for Courier Deliveries: ________________________________

City: ____________________ Prov: _____ Postal Code: _____________ City: ____________________ Prov: _____ Postal Code: _____________

Project Manager:                                                          Title:

Phone:                                                Fax:                                          Email:

Project Identification

Project Name:

Primary Watershed:                                                         BC Hydro Generation Facility Name:

This project is of most benefit to:                   Fish   or        Wildlife (check only one)

General Project Funding Information

Total Project Value:                 x 0
(enter $ amount from Budget Summary table)

Amount Requested from the BCRP:                   x   0
(enter $ amount from Budget Summary table)

Is this project a result of a previous BCRP:              Seed Grant in _____ yr. or      Regular Grant in _____ yr.        No

If yes, please list BCRP File #(s):                                      Amount (s) of Funding Received:

Is this grant application a resubmission of a past application                     Yes, when _____ yr.       No

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Who is the landowner(s)?

List the permits and approvals required:                                                  Permit or letter of approval attached (Yes/No)

e.g. Landowner Permission, collection permits, permits from agencies, etc.                Yes

                                                                                           Select Yes/No
                                                                                           Select Yes/No

                                                                                           Select Yes/No
                                                                                           Select Yes/No

                                                                                           Select Yes/No

Start and Completion Dates

Project Start Date:                                                   Project End Date:

List Specific Project Deliverables:

Will this project require longer term maintenance?                Yes        No

If yes, who will be responsible for this?


Break the project into discrete sequential tasks, and provide the expected task completion date.
Task                                                                                                   Completion Date

e.g. Site preparation and contracting                                                                  May 30 200X

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Project Budget

•    Budget should include all components of project (e.g. start up, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, etc.)
•    Provision of data, technical drawings etc. from BC Hydro and other organizations should not be assumed. Costs associated for such requests
     should be included in the project budget (e.g. $500/day).
•    Please provide as much detail as possible
•    In-kind and volunteer contributions are expressed as standard charge out rates for professionals, $200/day for skilled labour and $80 for unskilled
     labour (Standard day = 8 hours)

•    Please specify if the service is provided by employee, contractor or volunteer.
                                                                                                       Total # of                           BCRP
                         Service                             # of People         Daily Rate                             Total Cost
                                                                                                         Days                            Contribution
e.g. Coordinator (volunteer)                                       1                    200               20              4,000                 0

e.g. Engineer (contractor)                                         1                    600                1               600                600

                                                                                               Labour Sub-Total A                    0                 0

Materials & Equipment
•    Items may include site equipment, site materials and supplies, vehicles or other transportation rental or charter, travel, expenses, maintenance,
     permits, etc.
               Item                                  Details                     # of Units          Unit Cost            Total Cost
e.g. Helicopter & fuel                 1 helicopter for 7 hours                         7 hr            950/hour          6,650               5,000

e.g. generator                         1 generator for 1 week                          1 week          500/week            500                500

e.g. shovels                           10 shovels                                       10                 5                50                  0

                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
                                                                                         Select Unit        Select                   0
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               Item                                   Details                      # of Units          Unit Cost          Total Cost
                                                                                         Select Unit         Select                       0
                                                                                         Select Unit         Select                       0
                                                                                         Select Unit         Select                       0
                                                                                         Select Unit         Select                       0
                                                                                         Select Unit         Select                       0
                                                                                         Select Unit         Select                       0
                                                                                         Select Unit         Select                       0
                                                                         Materials & Equipment Sub-Total B                                0                0

Administration Costs
•   Administration Costs include payroll processing, contracting, project budgeting, invoicing, office space, insurance, office supplies, office equipment
    rental or purchase, camera, telephone, fax, computers, software, printers, cell phones, photocopies, printing, training, courier, postage, etc.
Item                                                                            # of Units           Unit Cost          Total Cost
e.g. Rental of computer                                                            4.5 months           450/month               2,025             1,000

                                                                                         Unit                 Unit                        0
                                                                                         Unit                Unit                         0
                                                                                         Unit                 Unit                        0
                                                                                         Unit                 Unit                        0
                                                                                         Unit                 Unit                        0
                                                                                         Unit                 Unit                        0
                                                                                         Unit                 Unit                        0
     Administration (Total BCRP Contribution to Administration is not to exceed 5% gov't and 10% non-gov't of the BCRP
                                                                                   Contribution's for A+B) Sub-Total C                    0                0

TOTAL EXPENSES                                                           TOTALS (calculated from Lines A+B+C)             D               0   E             0

•    The term revenue is defined here to include cash, in-kind and volunteer contributions.
                                                                Letter of
Non-BCRP Revenue Sources                                      Confirmation            Cash              In-Kind               Volunteer           TOTAL
e.g. Y Corporation                                                 Yes                3,000                                                       3,000

                                                            No                                                                                              0
                                                            No                                                                                              0
                                                            No                                                                                              0
                                                            No                                                                                              0
                                                            No                                                                                              0
                                                            No                                                                                              0
                                                            No                                                                                              0
                                   Non-BCRP Totals                                               0                    0                   0                0
                                                                                              BCRP Funding Revenue (from Box E)               +            0
                                                                      Total Revenue (should equal Total Expenses from Box D)                               0

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Multiyear Project
If applicable, estimate budget requirements for future years. Provide details of future year estimate on separate page
                                                     BCRP              (Other) Cash            In-Kind              Volunteer
             Budget Details                                                                                                           Total Cost
                                                  Contribution         Contribution          Contribution          Contribution
1.   Current Year                                                                                                                                  0
2.                                                                                                                                                 0
3.                                                                                                                                                 0
4.                                                                                                                                                 0
5.                                                                                                                                                 0
6.                                                                                                                                                 0
7.                                                                                                                                                 0
Total                                                             0                     0                    0                    0                0

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Performance Measures

Using the performance measures applicable to your project, please indicate the amount of habitat anticipated to be restored/enhanced for each of the
specified areas (e.g. riparian, tributary, mainstream). The same table will be used in the final report to summarize project results.

                                                     Performance Measures – Target Outcomes

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lowland Coniferous
                                                                                                                                                 Reservoir Shoreline

                                                                                                                                                                                  Lowland Deciduous
                                                                                                                In-stream Habitat –

                                                                                                                In-stream Habitat –
                                       Primary habitat benefit             Primary Target
       Project Type

                                     targeted of project (sq.m.)              Species





Impact Mitigation
                                   Area of habitat made available to
Fish passage technologies
                                   target species
Drawdown zone
                                   Area turned into productive habitat
Wildlife migration                 Area of habitat made available to
improvement                        target species
                                   Area of wetland habitat created
Prevention of drowning of
                                   outside expected flood level (1:10
nests, nestlings

Habitat Conservation
                                   Functional habitat
Habitat conserved – general        conserved/replaced through
                                   acquisition and management
                                   Functional habitat conserved by
                                   other measures (e.g. riprapping)
Designated rare/special
                                   Rare/special habitat protected
habitat (subset)

Maintain or Restore Habitat forming process
                                   Area of stream habitat improved
Artificial gravel recruitment
                                   by gravel placement
Artificial wood debris             Area of stream habitat improved
recruitment                        by LWD placement
Small-scale complexing in          Area increase in functional habitat
existing habitats                  through complexing
Prescribed burns or other
                                   Functional area of habitat
upland habitat enhancement
for wildlife

Habitat Development

New habitat created                Functional area created

I certify that the information provided in this application, including all attachments, is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I am authorized to
sign on behalf of the stated organization.

Signature:                                                                                      Date:
                                (Authorized Signator)

                                  (Print Name)
For more information visit:

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Part II – Project Proposal
Project Proposal                                              Part III – Supporting Documentation
Items 1 – 3 below must not exceed six pages.                  1. Map & Site Sketch
Proposals exceeding this length will not be considered.
All proposals must be typed and contain the following:        Include a map (8 ½ x11 inches) that shows the project
                                                              site in relation to known geographic features and a
1. Site Description                                           sketch that describes the proposed works.
    a) Specific location of the project site.                 2. Letters of Support
    b) Habitat and/or biophysical description.
                                                              Letters stating support of the proposed project are
2. Project Description                                        required as an attachment to the application from:
                                                                  1) The First Nations whose territory the project is
    a) General Description                                           located in.
                                                                  2) The agency(ies) who have regulatory authority
    Briefly describe the proposed project, the rationale             over the management of the target species (e.g.
    for undertaking it and how it will be accomplished.              Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian
                                                                     Wildlife Service, Ministry of Water, Land and Air
    b) Applicability to Program Objectives.                          Protection, etc.).
    Describe how the proposed project will:                       3) A respective public or community organization
                                                                     who may be directly affected.
    1. Address the footprint impact and limiting              These letters must be on letterhead if applicable, be
       factor(s) identified by the Strategic and              signed, and dated the same year as the application. The
       Watershed Plans.                                       letters should clearly state whether or not the party has
    2. Includes the value-added criteria of: community        read the application and visited the site. Letters of
       outreach, co-funding partnerships, in-kind             support will no longer be accepted under separate cover
       contributions and volunteer involvement.               or after the deadline. Only with valid written justification
                                                              received one month in advance of the deadline, will
    c) Monitoring Plan                                        exceptions be made to this rule.

         A short-term monitoring plan is required within      3. Safety Plan
         the proposed project time frame. Describe how
         you will determine and report on whether project     If the proposed project includes field work, then the
         objectives have been achieved for Program            application must include a Safety Plan. See Safety
         Objectives 1 and 2 in b) above.                      Precautions, Suggested Safety Plan Contents and
                                                              Safety Protocol.
    d) Risks and Benefits
                                                              4. Credentials and Qualifications
         Include a statement of the risk of potential
         negative impacts and potential positive benefits     Submit credentials and/or qualifications of all persons
         on non-target environmental components (fish,        involved with the proposed project (e.g. project manager,
         wildlife and their habitats) and heritage            administrator, site supervisor, contractors, etc.).
         resources.                                           Maximum of 5 lines/person.
                                                              If you have not received BCRP funding in the past,
    e) Literature Cited
                                                              please list the last 3 projects for which you (the
         Include any literature cited in the preparation of   Applicant) have received funding (if any).
         your proposal.

3. Communication Plan                                         For more information visit:
    State how you intend to communicate information
    about your project (e.g. press and other news
    media, publications, signage etc.). See Application
    for Funding sign and logo guidelines.

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