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					                                                                  LineRunner DSL NetGate
                                            Bridge and router functionality for LAN connections

                                                                                              Systems with integrated
                                                     e  rne                                   transmission technology for
                                                                                              Ethernet transmission via:
                                                                                              - Copper pairs
                                                                     T                        - 2 Mbps connections
                                                                                              - ISDN PRA
  Eth                                                                             ner te      Applicable as router or bridge
                                                         rs                   Run tGa
                                                 er                        ine L Ne
                                                                          L S
                                            co                              D
                                         r2                              SH
                                      1o                                                      Long ranges
                                                                                              Scaleable transmission rates of
                               er   e
                                                                                              up to 2 Mbps
                            unn Gat
                         neR Net
                       Li SL
                         D                                                                    Desktop housing or line card
                                                                                              for subrack

                                                                                              Simple configuration and

Bridge/router and DSL transmission technology in a single device:
Ethernet extension with LineRunner DSL NetGate

    Connecting local networks                     Flexible and safe

Safe, fast and comfortable access            Desktop housings and line                     Configuration is made very easy
from branch offices to the central           cards for the use in subracks                 by the integrated installation
LAN as well as the connection of             are available for the different               wizard. A safe connection is
teleworkers are important factors            utilisation purposes.                         ensured by authentification
for your company. LineRunner                                                               via PHP or CHAP, as well as by
NetGate offers a functional,                 The adjustable symmetrical                    number comparison (in case
easily operable solutions for                bandwidth for the Ethernet                    of dial-up connections).
the connection of Ethernet and               connection may be up to
IP-based local networks.                     2 Mbps. Management and                        The LineRunner NetGate systems
                                             configuration of the LineRunner               are independent from computer
Data transmission can be                     NetGate can be effected with a                architectures and operating
effected via leased lines, with              serial connection, via IP from the            systems and run with other PPP
LineRunner DSL transmission                  local or the remote network, or               compatible routers, too.
technology, or as remote access              via SNMP.
via ISDN dial-up connections.
   DSL NetGate desktops                      Ordering information
                                             LineRunner HDSL NetGate DT 10BT (LT/NT)                                             378 513 22
   Router/bridge and                         LineRunner FDSL NetGate DT LT 10BT                                                  378 513 73
                                             LineRunner FDSL NetGate DT NT 10BT                                                  378 513 81
   transmission technology
                                             LineRunner SHDSL-2 Classic NetGate 10BT (LT/NT)                                     378 509 54
   in a single device
                                            applications, as e.g. video                    If a guided configuration is
   Scaleable transmission rate
                                            conferences and for Fast                       desired, the integrated
   from 64 kbps to 2 Mbps                                                                  installation wizard of a HTTP
                                            Internet/Intranet access.
                                            Of course, the transmission rate               browser can be used.
   WAN transmission via copper
   wire and optical fibre with              can be decreased by 64 kbps
   SHDSL, HDSL or FDSL                      steps, e.g. in order to connect
                                            subscribers over particularly long                  Applicable as router or bridge
   LAN interface: 10BaseT                   distances.
                                                                                           According to the application
                                                                                           chosen, the router or bridge
DSL NetGate is a functional,                                                               function may be used.
easily operable solution for local              Flexible network management
network connection.                                                                        All Ethernet protocols (TCP/IP,
                                            The transmission systems can be                IPX, AppleTalk...) are transmitted
The integration of router/bridge            administered locally or from the               in bridge operation. The TCP/IP
and DSL transmission technology             remote network via a comfortable               protocol is supported in router
in a single device eliminates the           user interface. The management                 operation.
need for aseparate router. On the           software ASMOS offers a flexible
subscriber side, LineRunner DSL             management concept allowing
NetGate is connected directly               configuration and administration                    Further informationen
to the local Ethernet. On the               of all LineRunner systems with a
WAN side, the connection is                 single management software.                    For detailled information on
established using SHDSL, HDSL               Furthermore, management is                     technology and accessories
or FDSL transmission.                                                                      please refer to the separate data
                                            possible via SNMP.                             sheets LineRunner SHDSL, HDSL
                                                                                           and FDSL.
                                            The bridge/router function is
   Scaleability                             managed with SNMP via the IP
                                            network. The menu-supported
The symmetrical 2 Mbps                      configuration is effected via a
transmission offers sufficient              serial connection or via the
power for data-intensive                    network using Telnet.

                                                                                       eRu ck
                                                                                    Lin subra
                      er   net
                                                                er                                       lloc
                                                            vid                                    (Co
                                                   rk   pro           2M

                                               bps                                          L
                                            2M                                           DS
                         T                    ice                                                                  10B
                  10B                                                                                DS
                                        t S der                                       et           SH DT
                                    ern vi                                        ern
                                 Int Pro                                       Int user
   NetGate line card and                  Ordering information
   Multiport MP4 line card                LineRunner NetGate LC SRS (for subrack SRS2)                            377 103 62
                                          LineRunner NetGate LC SRA (for subrack SRA2)                            377 106 05
                                          LineRunner NetGate MP4 (for subracks SRS HB and SRA HB)                 378 507 41
   NetGate line cards with
                                          LineRunner DSL SRx Kit (Subrack add-on for cabeling)                    378 515 27
   router/bridge function for
   LineRunner subracks
                                         subracks. On the LAN side, it                 (10/100BaseT, self sensing) on
                                         offers a 10/100BaseT interface                one card. NetGate MP4 is the
   Ethernet transmission via
                                         (self sensing).                               bridge/router solution for the
   leased lines
                                                                                       subracks SRS HB and SRA HB.
                                         The combination of LineRunner
   Scaleable transmission rate
                                         transmission technology and                   In combination with the
   of up to 2 Mbps
                                         NetGate line card allows the                  LineRunner SHDSL MP4 line
   Can be combined with DSL              utilisation of copper and fibre               card, it provides 32 »Ethernet-
   line card for transmission            opticpaths for the transmission.              via-SHDSL« connections
   technology                            The subracks SRx2 with combined               (20 connections are possible
                                         population provides 8 connections             with the HDSL MP2 line card).
   LAN interface: 10/100BaseT            for »Ethernet-via-DSL«.
                                                                                       A mixed population of SHDSL
NetGate line cards are the central       An SRx2 with a pure equipment                 MP4, HDSL MP2 and NetGate
side counterparts to the desktop         of NetGate line cards can also be             MP4 is possible, too.
NetGates on the subscriber side.         used as interface converter from
                                         G.703 (120 ohm) to 100BaseT                   Communication between
NetGate line cards can be                (and vice versa). This conversion             transmission line card and
combined with line cards for             works with any G.703 equipment                NetGate is effected by the
transmission technology                  (e.g. with the E1 tributary interfaces        subrack bus – without cabling
(e.g. HDSL, SHDSL or FDSL)               of an add-drop multiplexer) and,              and »Plug & Play«.
in the subrack.                          of course, with LineRunner DSL
                                         transmission units.
                                                                                          Further information
   LineRunner NetGate LC 100BT
                                              LineRunner NetGate MP4                   For detailled information about
The NetGate line card 100BT,                                                           the subracks and the transmission
with the 2 Mbps G.703 interface          NetGate MP4 is a Multiport line               technology please refer to the
(120 ohm), is the bridge/router          card, combining four ports and                separate data sheets LineRunner
solution for the LineRunner SRx2         an internal switch for 4 channels             SHDSL, HDSL and FDSL.


                                               r                   (HD
                                            nne (LT)         per           DS
                                        eRu ck           Co
                                                                        (SH                                         s
                                     Lin subra                     er            SL)                              NT
                                                                pp                                            NL ing
                                     HB                    Co                 (HD                          SL   s
                                                                       er                               r D hou
                                                                    pp                               nne e«
                                                                                                  eRu eEy
                                                                                               Lin »Blu

          of e
    Po esenc )
     Pr (POP
Technical specifications
Bridge mode: Transmission of all Ethernet protocols (TCP/IP, IPX, Apple Talk …)
Transparent bridging (ANSI/IEEE 802.1D)/Spanning Tree
Routing: Static IP routing/dynamic routing
NAT (Network Address port Translation protocol)
RIP (Routing Information Protocol version 1)
Transmission protocols
PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
PAP (Password Authentification Protocol)
CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentification Protocol)

                                                                                                                  Our products are subject to continuous development and we reserve the right to amend specifications without notice (May 2004)
Frame relay (ITU-T Q.933, Annex A)
MLP: PPP Multi-Link Protocol
Administration and management
Telnet, VT 100
HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Java GUI
TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
Serial interface
Enviromental conditions
Protection class desktop housing                               IP20
EMC                                                            ETS 300 386 and ETSI ES 210 468 (Test level 2)
Safty standard                                                 EN 60950
CE label                                                       yes
Temperature range (Line card in subrack)                       -5 … +45 °C (acc. to ETS 300 019-1-3, class 3.2)
Relative humidity                                              5 % … 95 %
Temperature range (Desktop housing)                            -5 … +45 °C (acc. to ETS 300 019-1-3, class 3.2)
Relative humidity                                              5 % … 95 %

HEADQUARTERS                                 LOCAL CONTACT
Austria                                      Germany

KEYMILE AG                                   KEYMILE GmbH
Leberstrasse 20                              Wohlenbergstrasse 3
1110 Vienna                                  30179 Hanover
Phone: +43 1 610 20-0                        Phone: +49 511 67 47-0
Fax:     +43 1 610 20-2356                   Fax:    +49 511 67 47-450                                       

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Description: HDSL (High-speed Digital Subscriber Line) is a relatively early XDSL family development, a broader application, the use of echo suppression, adaptive filtering and high-speed digital processing technology, using 2B1Q coding, using two pairs of twisted-pair data two-way symmetrical transmission, transmission rate 2048Kbps/1544Kbps (E1/T1), each of the telephone line transmission rate 1168Kbit / s, use 24AWG (American Wire Gauge American cable regulations) twisted pair (equivalent to 0.51mm) when the transmission distance up to 3.4KM, can provide E1/T1 interface and V.35 standard interface.