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                                 Review of Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey, OCT-DEC, 2009

Questions 1-5, QVR1, and QVR2
RESPONSES                                                                                 APR-JUN      JUL-SEP       OCT-DEC   JAN-MAR   LAST 4
                                                                                          09           09            09        10        QUARTERS
Q1: Overall satisfaction with services provided                                           91%          79%           78%       84%       84%
Q2: Extent to which services have met expectations                                        87%          71%           74%       83%       80%
Q3: Comparison with “ideal” set of services                                               88%          78%           70%       83%       80%
Q4 Satisfied that counselor (staff) understood customer’s needs                                                      88%       88%       89%
Q5: How satisfied are you with the time it usually took to get your answer                                           78%       79%       78%
QVR1: Satisfied that customer given enough info to make good choices on                   88%          88%***                  85%       86%
employment plan
QVR2 Satisfied that customer had an active role in decisions about services               93%          92%***                  94%       91%
Items marked (***) are for April through September rather than July through September.

Annual Performance on MnCSI, Rolling Results
CUSTOMERS SERVED                    APR08-MAR09                JUL08-JUN09               OCT08-SEP09            JAN09-DEC09     APR09-MAR10
MNCSI                               72.9                       74.4                      73.0
N                                   282
OEQ4: What would you like [SSB] to START doing?
COMMENTS   APR-SEP 2009 (103)                   OCT-DEC 2009 (40)              JAN-MAR 2010 (50)
Highest    Misc. 35% (39)                       Help finding job 48% (19)      Help finding job 30% (15)
2nd        staff improvement 22% (35)           Staff improvements 33%(13)     Staff improvements 30% (15)
3          Help finding job 21% (24)            Misc. 30%(12)                  WFC(SSB) related improvements20% (10)
4          WFC(SSB) improvements 12% (14        Education/classes 20%(12)      Provide education/classes 10% (5)

OEQ5: what would you like [SSB] to STOP doing?
COMMENTS   APR-SEP         OCT-DEC           JAN-MAR 2010
           2009 (89)       2009 (31)         (51)
Highest    Misc. 54%       Misc 63%(19       Misc 41% (21)
2          staff issues    Gen. finding      Gen. Job search
           18% (17)        job 27%(8)        issues 29% (15)
3          process         Staff issues      Staff issues 18%
           issues 6% (6)   27%(8)            (9)
4          job leads 1%    Process issues    Process issues
           (1)             7%(2)             10% (5)

OEQ6: what would you like [SSB] to KEEP doing?
COMMENTS   APR-SEP 2009 (115)              OCT-DEC 2009(34)              JAN-MAR 2010(82)
Highest    help finding job 20% (29)       Staff strengths 46%(18)       Staff strengths 23% (19)
2nd        Staff strengths 20% (29)        Help find job 28%(18)         Help finding job 23% (19)
3          misc. 18% (26)                  Info and resources 26%(10)    Education/training 17% (14)
4          Ed. training/classes 10% (14)   Ed. training/classes 18%(7)   Info and resources 12% (10)
    This report is derived from the survey data provided to the committee as follows:
1. Responses to questions 1-3 are given on a scale of 1-10 with 10 as the positive. The percentages shown here are determined by
    adding the percentages of those responding 6 or above on each question. Note that Question 1 is used to measure SSB’s
    performance on the goal and priority to increase the overall annual satisfaction with SSB’s services to at or above 85%.
2. SSB's results on the Customer Satisfaction Survey are also computed by DEED utilizing the Minnesota Customer Satisfaction
    Index (MnCSI). Simply put, this index summarizes overall satisfaction with services by applying a formula the responses to
    Questions 1, 2, and 3 on the survey. Using the MnCSI makes it possible to compare the customer satisfaction ratings of SSB with
    those of other agencies in Minnesota and with industry in general.
3. responses to questions 4 and 5 are either “Very Satisfied”, “Satisfied”, “Dissatisfied”, or “Very Dissatisfied.” Percentages on this
    report are derived from adding the percentages of those responding “Very Satisfied” and “Satisfied.”
4. Beginning in April 2009, SSB customers surveyed were asked two additional questions, QVR1 and QVR2. Responses are
    tabulated in the same manner as with Questions 4 and 5 described above.
5. Beginning in April 2009, the two open-ended questions previously asked on this survey were replaced with three new questions,
    referred to in this report as OEQ4, OEQ5, and OEQ6. Now, each customer responding to the survey is asked two of the three
    Questions, and the questions are rotated so that all are asked a relatively similar number of times. Strategic Research Group, who
    conducts the survey, categorizes the verbatim comments into the following groupings. It should be noted that “WFC” refers in
    these groupings to SSB in its role as part of the Workforce Center System:
OEQ4                                  OEQ5                                                       OEQ6
Help finding or searching for a job   General issues related to finding or searching for a job   Help finding/searching for job
Staff improvements                                     Staff improvements                        Staff strengths
Provide more education, classes                           Process Issues                         Education, training, classes
Job leads                                                    Job leads                           Job leads
Financial help                                             WFC issues                            Financial help
Miscellaneous                                             Miscellaneous                          Miscellaneous
The committee tracks the groups of comments receiving the four highest percentages from quarter to quarter. The numbers in
   parentheses on the chart indicate the actual number of responses that fell into a given category. In addition, the members of the
   committee also read the verbatim comments to determine if trends or issues specific to SSB arise which may not be apparent from
   these categories.
  The survey year ends March 31. The committee tracks year-end averages annually.
Please note that there is much more information available from this survey data, including comparisons of SSB to other departments.
For the complete Customer Satisfaction Survey results see:

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