Cherry Stone Thermal Pillow

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					  Cherry Stone Thermal Pillow

A natural way to get the relaxation you need. This innovative neck pillow is filled with approximately 2
lbs. of heat-retaining cherry stones supplied exclusively by American orchard growers. Use it hot, cold,
or as it is for all your aches and pains. Neck pillow features include: 100% Cotton pouch, machine
washable All natural Heat in microwave for a soothing, theraputic hot pad Place in freezer for an
instant, invigorating cold compress Supple design curves with your body--use it not only on your neck,
but for backaches, stomach cramps, headaches, puffy eyes...even cold feet! Try infusing with your
favorite scented oil Dust free and non-irritating to allergies Not recommended for children under 3
years of age. Measures approximately 21.5"L x 5"W. Great for soothing arthritsis or carpel tunnel or
just use it to warm up on a cold day. Try it cold for those tough headaches.

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