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									The development of a wireless keyboard and mouse has provided a great deal of flexibility and
convenience for computer users. We’ll discuss these products in more detail.

A wireless keyboard and mouse eliminates the need to connect the keyboard and mouse to the
computer through a cord. This enables greater flexibility in placing the keyboard or mouse in a
more convenient spot without having to worry about the cord getting in the way during normal

The wireless connection is made through a transmitter in the keyboard or mouse and then to a
receiver which is connected to the computer through a USB type cable connection. The receiver
can be placed in a convenient spot out of the way of the keyboard or mouse.

These units transmit their signals wirelessly through different wireless formats. A very common
recent wireless format is Bluetooth. This type of wireless format works out well due to its ability
to transmit signals reliably with little degradation due to interference from other wireless devices.

It also has a longer range than many other wireless formats so this provides great flexibility in
terms of the best spot to place the keyboard or mouse. It can even be across the room from the
computer it is supposed to be connected to.

Another advantage of Bluetooth is its ability to extend battery life. This is nice so you won’t
have to replace the battery in the keyboard or mouse as often.

These wireless keyboards and mouse are commonly designed and produced by manufacturers
such as Logitech and Microsoft. Both of these companies have a great deal of experience in
working with input devices and are therefore very skilled at providing good wireless products.

It is now possible to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse combination or you can purchase
them separately. What is nice is that these devices are all compatible so it is not necessary to
purchase separate products for different computers. As far as your computer is concerned there is
a USB connection made to the computer.

And the prices for these units can be quite modest. They may range from $30 to $50 for the set.

The response and sensitivity of the keyboards and mouse is generally quite good although
degradation of signal may occur with significant interference. However it must be understand
that this is a consideration which must be understood.

But for the most a wireless keyboard and mouse can be very convenient for the users and their
price is quite modest given the benefits provided.

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