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					Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin GPS MAP 60 CSx. The GPS MAP 60 CSx is one of the most popular GPS models for outdoor and
marine use. It incorporates a barometric altimeter for extremely accurate elevation data and an electronic
compass that displays an accurate heading while standing still. The 60CSx also features a removable
microSD card for detailed mapping memory and a waterproof, rugged housing. The microSD card slot is
located inside the waterproof battery compartment. You can load map data and transfer routes and
waypoints through the fast USB connection. In addition, the GPS MAP 60C Sx has a new, highly sensitive
GPS receiver that acquires satellites faster and lets you track your location in challenging conditions, such
as heavy foliage or deep canyons. Electronic compass displays accurate heading while standing still;
Barometric altimeter with automatic pressure trend recording; New high-sensitivity WAAS-capable GPS
receiver by SiRF; Built-in quad-helix receiving antenna with remote antenna capability; Supports English,
Spanish, Portuguese and French languages; MicroSD card slot allows for storage of optional Map Source
detail (64 MB microSD included); LED backlit display and keyboard; Up to 18 hours of battery life from 2
AA alkaline batteries; Includes a built-in Americas autoroute basemap with automatic routing capabilities,
including highways, exits and tide data (U.S. only); Internal memory is preloaded with a marine point
database Enough memory for 1,000 user waypoints with n.