NAD PP 2i Phono Preamp

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					NAD PP 2i Phono Preamp

Many of today's stereo and AV amplifiers and receivers have either eliminated the phonograph input
altogether, or included a low cost and low performance circuit for connecting your turntable. The NAD PP2i
phono preamplifier offers superb performance in a clean and simple package for a very reasonable cost.
The NAD PP2i an enhanced version of the very popular PP2, which received wide acclaim worldwide. The
'i' denotes that the power supply has improved efficiency in order to save energy. NAD knows that there
are still many people who want to continue enjoying their cherished record collections. As anyone who
reads audiophile media can attest, there is an increasing demand both for yesterday's LPs and a new
breed of superbly pressed vinyl records of almost incredible quality. In addition its MM Moving Magnet
cartridge capability, the PP2i has a high gain MC Moving Coil cartridge input allowing proper matching to
virtually any high quality turntable and cartridge combination. Other refinements include a grounding
terminal post, plus gold plated input and output connections. The performance of the PP2i's predecessor,
the PP1, was already to a very high standard in the areas of noise, distortion, and RIAA equalization
accuracy. But NAD has managed to improve these specifications still further by careful circuit layout and
improved close tolerance parts. Costly metal film resistors and film type capacitors are used exclusively in
the signal path to give both measured improvement and a more refined and engaging listening experience.
By staying with the original PP1 concept, and improving functionality and performance even further, NAD's
engineering team has once again managed to give music lovers an even better product at a truly amazing