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					Monthly Meeting
October 18, 2006

Location: Copper Oven, 2409 W. 13th St., Wichita

                Sharon Aislieger       Julie Krehbiel          Angela Paul
                Rhonda Bethel          Nancy Malone            Amy Ramsey
                Gemma Blackburn        Katie Menon             Jack Robertson
                Joe Forte              Kendra Mork             Rita Sevart
                Jean Hatfield

The October meeting was called to order by President Rhonda Bethel.
A list was passed around to all attendees during the meeting for updating email

Old Minutes

After a few typo corrections, Nancy Malone moved to approve the September minutes
with Joe Forte seconding that approval.

Christmas Party

The date of the Christmas party has been set for Friday, December 8, 5:30-8:30pm.
Several locations have been considered. So far Rhonda has eliminated: Botanica (not
available for the 8th), Wichita Public Library (cannot stay open after hours), Wichita Art
Museum (no potluck allowed), Exploration Place (probably too expensive), and the Ice
Sports Center. One possibility is the Sedgwick County Zoo Wetlands Room ($75 for 2
hours, and $40 for each additional hour plus a $10 per hour building monitor fee). Some
other suggestions were Friends University, Goddard Public Library, Gander Mountain,
Law Offices in the Garvey building, and a city park.

Technology Day

Nancy Malone passed out a schedule of sessions for the Technology Day to be held at
Friends University on Thursday, November 2. She also asked for volunteers to host each
room. Anyone interested in volunteering can email Nancy at The
possibility of a WALA membership recruitment table at the event was discussed.

By Laws Review

During November and December Joe Forte and Rhonda Bethel will review the By Laws
with help from Sharon Aislieger, and suggest any changes.
Treasurer’s Report

Joe Forte reports that we have 40 new members this year, which exceeded the
expectations of 35 new members. Also, Park City Library sent a payment of $50 for the
Traveling Show.

Legislative Day/Spring Event

An additional Spring event will be planned for 2007 to replace this year’s legislative day,
which was axed due to time constraints. Rhonda Bethel is looking into ideas.

Fashion Show

A committee was formed to plan the WALA Fashion Show for TriConference 2007, with
Kendra Mork as head and Gemma Blackburn and possibly Amy Ramsey as additional
members. The deadline for TriConference sessions is November 1st. The problem of
selecting clothes was discussed, as the conference will be held in Topeka and Wichita
stores may not be willing to accommodate this. The “Naughty Librarian” Halloween
costume (available at Target) was suggested as an outfit.

Student Project

Amy Ramsey, a SLIM student, is finishing up her repackaging project to redesign the
WALA website. Amy will send the link to the completed site to WALA members so we
can review the site send her suggestions.


Nan Myers is currently working on the next newsletter. Please send all news and
announcements to Nan at

Next Meeting

The next meeting was set for 8am on Tuesday, November 21, at Copper Oven, 2409 W.
13th St. in Wichita.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Gemma Blackburn, Secretary

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