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Hit the Ground Running


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									                                           Mary Shadd P.S.
Sept 27, 2007                          135 Hupfield Tr, Scarborough, Ontario                         Telephone # 396-6450

Great Start to 2007-08                                                               School Council 2007-08
          It has been a very busy yet rewarding positive start to   Nominations for parent representatives for the 2007-08 Mary
the new school year. We’ve already had our Curriculum               Shadd School Council closed on September 14. There were
Night (which included pizza and a Community link), Photo            12 positions and 10 names were submitted. There was no
Day, HEP B inoculations for Gr. 7, a presentation for all           election. The 2007-08 members will meet next week to
students about bullying called the “Power of One” and our           establish their roles and responsibilities. At the time of
first fire drill and school lockdown. School routines and           publication, positions were not known. The names and
practices have been re-established. Ms. Reilly and I visited all    positions of this year’s members are listed below and are
the grade 1-8 classrooms to discuss safety and our school code      posted on the school council bulletin board. The first School
of conduct. Teachers and support staff are focussed on              Council meeting will take place October 3, 2007 at 7:00 pm in
providing strong curriculum programs and maintaining high           the library. The agenda for this meeting will be posted on the
standards of responsible and respectful behaviour.                  bulletin board just outside the main office.
          Cross-country, slo pitch, flag football, and junior                           Judy Mohammed
girl’s Bordenball teams are already in progress. The grade 7                            K. Kathirkamanathan (Nathan)
and grade 8 bands have been established.                                              Shan Rajadurai
          Today, the whole school participated in the “Terry                          Sujatha Surendran
Fox Walk” and donations of a twoonie for Terry were                                   Mahalakshami Mahadevan
collected to be given to the Canadian Cancer Society.                                 Pooja Gulati
          Our “Curriculum Night” September 20th was well                              Komathy Santhiramohan
attended. It was a pleasant evening with Pizza and informative                        Kevin Regelous
displays from various community resources on hand. We had                             Upendra Patel
the Police come out but unfortunately the fire truck we were                          R. Mathebaharan
expecting was called to an emergency. A huge thank you to all
the student and parent volunteers who made this event               Dates of Meetings (7:00-8:30pm) in library:
possible. The hallways were filled with smiling faces that           All parents are welcome.
reflected your interest and involvement in the children’s           Wed., Nov. 7, 2007
education.                                                          Wed., Dec. 5, 2007
          Our school enrolment is stable and thus there will be     Wed., Jan 23., 2008
no changes in classroom structuring. We were asked to reload        Wed., Feb 27., 2008
our grade 1-3 classes to reflect ministry expectations. This did    Wed., Apr .9 2008
impact a few students being switched to different classrooms.       Wed., May 14, 2008
          We are looking forward to another collaborative and       Wed., June 11, 2008
learning-filled school year.
G. Morrell, Principal
                                                                             Parking Lot Safety
               Parent Concern Protocol                              Use of the parking lot as a “Kiss and Drop” and pedestrian
There is a TDSB Parent Concern Protocol. A copy is                  access to the school causes serious safety concerns. Students
available on the TDSB website (www. tdsb.on.ca) as well as          and parents should not be in the parking area.
on our school council bulletin board. One of the goals of           The number of parking spots is limited and is barely enough
this protocol is to ensure that parent concerns about               for our staff, thus the parking lot is not open to public access.
classroom-based and/or school-based matters are addressed to        We expect that community residents and parents will refrain
the appropriate school personnel, and co-operatively resolved       from using the parking lot. All unauthorized vehicles are
at that level. In short, your child’s teacher is the first person   subject to being tagged and towed. For safety reasons, staff
you should contact about a classroom matter, whereas a              and authorized visitors are asked to back cars into parking
concern about a school policy, activity or situation should be      spaces.
brought forth to the Vice-Principal or the Principal. Parents       A special thank you to our grade 8 students who have
will be re-directed, as needed, to the appropriate person,          diligently been out on Safety Patrol duty. Their dedication to
depending on the nature of their concern and its                    maintaining safety at entry and exit times is greatly
circumstances.                                                      appreciated.
                                                                    Ms. Morrell, Principal
                                                                  Sports Update
                                                                  We are well underway with our school sports teams this year.
                                                                  Thank you to our coaches:
                                                                  Co-ed Flag football ,Mr Siriram
                                                                  Slo Pitch Mr. Siriram & Mr. Lynch
                                                                  Gr 3-8 Cross Country: Mr. Lynch , Mr Siriram, Ms. Kidd,
                                                                  Ms. Manning
                                                                  Gr 4,5 & 6 Girls Borden Ball: Ms. Gibson & Ms. McCann

           PA Day No School, September 28th
A reminder to parents that teachers and office staff will
be participating in a variety of professional development
opportunities locally and across the city. There will be
NO classes for students that day.

               Volunteer’s Police Check
We value the tremendous contributions of our parent and
community volunteers who give so much of their time and                          Cross Country Runners
effort to make our school a better place. Ms. Reilly is in        This year we have a very large Cross Country Team ranging
charge of monitoring our volunteers. The Provincial               from Grade 3-8. Cross country is a unique team sport that
Government recently enacted legislation (Regulation 521/01)       anyone interested may participate in without a tryout or cuts.
requiring school boards to collect police reference checks on     Our team of students have been training hard in the mornings
employees and service providers that come in contact with         and after school to get ready for the Area Meet October 2nd at
students. The TDSB is requiring that volunteers who have          Thompson Park. Please come out to the meet and cheer on
regular and ongoing contact with students (such as teams,         our runners. You are also welcome to come and run with us in
clubs, individual classroom support) must also have a police      the morning.
reference check. Volunteer forms must be completed at the         Congratulations to all our Cross Country Team members for
office and witnessed on the premises. The cost for a police       working so hard at the practices!
check is $15.90.
                                                                  Good luck at the Area Meet on Oct 2, 2007
Forms, Forms and More Forms                                       FUTURE ACES
You have received several forms to complete over the last few     Last spring we introduced the
weeks. We greatly appreciate your diligence in completing         philosophy of Future Aces to
them and getting back to us in a timely fashion. Board Policy     Mary Shadd P.S. . We have a
has changed over the last few years. It is crucial that forms
the school sends home (e.g., participation in physical
                                                                  display in the case outside the
education, medical information, on line code of conduct,          library in the primary hallway,
walking excursion and forms for participation in tryouts and      inside it we have proudly
practices for school teams) be filled out properly and returned   displayed the framed Future Aces Creed developed by
to the school in a timely fashion. It may seem that you are       Herb Carnegie, the founder of Future Aces. It was
asked for the same information, but the forms are standard        presented to the school by Bernice Carnegie, when she
policy across the city and have been designed centrally to        visited our school last spring during a student assembly.
meet specific criteria. Incomplete or non-returned forms may      Along with the poster in the display, we have a newly
mean that your child will miss out in activities.                 acquired Future Aces Mascot, a fluffy Train, named
                                                                  We are continuing to hand out Mini Alerts to students as
                                                                  they model behaviour that display a positive Attitude,
                                                                  Cooperation, set or model a good Example, demonstrate
                                                                  Sportspersonship or other Future Aces values. We will
                                                                  be having a school assembly in October 26th to celebrate
                                                                  students who have displayed Future Aces values of
                                                                  exemplary “example setting”. Please ask your kids
                                                                  about what's happening with Future Aces.
                       Terry Fox Run
This year the teachers, students and parents participated in the                Student Emergency Information
27th annual “Twoonie for Terry Fox Walk” on Septemer 27th.           We cannot stress enough the importance of having up-to-date
The event raised money and awareness for cancer research.            emergency information cards. If there is an emergency, it is
The event also encouraged students to stay active and be             imperative that we are able to contact a parent or an
healthy. Great work Mary Shadd P.S.(Once the money has               “emergency contact person.” Information sheets have gone
been counted we’ll let you know the amount). Thank you to            home. Please update them and have your child be sure to
all who participated, volunteered and donated.                       return it. So many people change their cell phone numbers
                                                                     and your child may not be able to remember that number in an
                                                                     emergency situation. If you have any medical information
                                                                     about your child that you feel the office should know about,
                                                                     please inform us. If your child uses an epi-pen, please ensure
                                                                     that it has not expired.
                                                                     Students that need to take regular medication during the
                                                                     school day must complete “Administration of Medication”
                                                                     forms. If your child is taking medication for a short term and
                                                                     needs to take it during school time, the school must have
  Power of ONE. Students at Mary Shadd P.S.,                         written permission and instructions from the parent.
            sign an oath not to bully.
On Tuesday, September 11th JK to grade 8 students
participated in a presentation about bullying. This                                         Thanksgiving
presentation was meant to educate not entertain.                     It’s turkey time! Remember to make a note on your calendar
                                                                     for Monday, October 8th , the Thanksgiving holiday.
Students were presented with a variety of drama skits to
expose students to various examples of bullying
(physical, verbal, excluding and cyberbullying).
Students were also presented with strategies to deal with                                  Lost and Found
                                                                     If your child has lost something at school, please check our
these situations. Roles of the bully, the bullied and the
                                                                     lost & found bin (on the first floor near washrooms). For
bystander were also highlighted. During the rest of the              small or valuable items please check with our office staff.
week students in grade 1-8 were asked to sign an oath:               Please remember that expensive toys and electronic equipment
not to bully, not to standby and not let bullying happen             are to be left at home.
and at to report bullying whenever they see it. These
charts are now posted just outside the main office.                                         READY OR NOT!
                                                                                         (Toronto Public Health)
              Halloween Costume Parade                               Talking to your child can be difficult but it is the key to a good
                Wednesday, 1:15 p.m. October 31                      relationship. Open communication demonstrates respect of
There will be a costume parade during the afternoon of               one another. It can help deal with difficult situation such as
October 31st at Mary Shadd P.S. Weather permitting all grade         teaching children ways to say no to alcohol and other drugs.
JK – 5 students are invited to participate in the parade, while      READY OR NOT! Is a 6 week parenting program designed to
students will walk around the block. The parade lasts                support parents of children ages 8-12 to build on and improve
approximately 30 minutes. We’d welcome seeing you watch              their parenting skills. The READY OR NOT! Program
our parade. (Please remember that any weapons associated             provides information on drugs and on developing positive
with costumes, such as knives, swords, guns, pitchforks, etc.        parent and child communication.
should be left at home and not brought to school. The safety         Dates: Thursdays Oct 18 – Dec 6. 1:30-3:00pm at the
of our students always comes first.) Students who decline to         Malvern Library.
take part, for religious or other reasons, may watch the parade      Please call Mary Shadd P.S. at 416-396-6450 to sign up.
or engage in a different classroom activity until the parade is
over. If it is raining, only the JK - 2 students will do an inside                  Dates to Remember
classroom to classroom parade.
                                                                     Sept 28   PA Day, no school for students
                                                                     Oct. 2    Cross Country Meet Gr. 3-8 Thompson Park
Grade 6-8 students will have an in-school dance from 1:00-
                                                                     Oct 3     First School Council 7:00-8:30pm
3:15 pm.                                                             Oct. 8    Happy Thanksgiving , NO SCHOOL
                                                                     Oct 10    Election Day (Gym 1 closed)
                                                                     Oct. 31   Halloween Parade 1:15pm & Gr. 6-8 Dance 1:00pm
                                                                     Nov 2     Next Newsletter

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