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					                                             Lifestyle Expo in Warsaw 2010 (Exhibitors' Profile)

          Company's Name              Company's Name        No. of
No                                                                     Company's Website            Brands                    Descriptions
             (English)                   (Chinese)          Booth
                                                                                                                             Lady handbags
1      A & D INDUSTRIAL LTD          聯創實業(股份)有限公司              1        www.adind.com.hk                          (PU handbags, wallets, non-woven,
                                                                                                                              clutch bags)
2             A B United                   n/a                 1      www.abunited-hk.com                          Nylons, stockings, knee highs etc
                                                                                                     aba,           Caps, hats, winter sets (i.e. with
3             A Cap Ltd.              一心帽業有限公司                 1         www.acapchina.com          Aubrey         scarves), embroidery, wristbands,
                                                                                                     Rene                applications (pins etc)
                                                                                                                  Home appliances - heaters, coolers,
                                                                                                                   cookwares, hair dryers, blenders,
      Alexon Electrical Products
4                                     東盈電器有限公司                 1        www.alexon.com.hk                              kettles, irons, ovens, etc;
                                                                                                                  Audio products - radios, cd players,
                                                                                                                      alarm clocks, walkie-talkies
5         Ample Life Limited          豐晟生活有限公司                 2                                                            Kids' crafts items
6      Andrea Palama Limited           珀厲瑪有限公司                 1       www.andreapalama.com                                     Watches
7    APD / Hong Kong Company           香港APD公司                 1                                                  TVs, Audio System, Speakers, etc
                                                                                                                  Women's clothes: business suits,
8     Art Star Industries Limited     藝昇實業有限公司                 1
                                                                                                                             tops, dresses
                                                                                                                   Keychains, cufflinks, medallions,
      Asian Glory Development
9                                     亞譽發展有限公司                 1       www.agd-asian.com                         money clips, police badge, clips, PVC
                                                                                                                           items, souvenirs
      B.K.Z. International (H.K.)     寶克振國際(香港)
10                                                             1      www.dgbaokezhen.com                                Plugs, outlets, switches
          Enterprise Limited           企業有限公司
                                                                                                   JSPORT,       Outerwear, sportswear, winter jackets,
11       Best Gain Asia Ltd.               n/a                 1        bestgain-asia.com
                                                                                                    CHILLI                  fleece, trousers etc
                                                                                                                   Design items: keychains, luggage
12         Blue Square Ltd             藍方有限公司                  1     www.bluesquare.com.hk
                                                                                                                    tags, desk accessories, umbrellas
                                                                        www.bonjet.com /                         Pins, enamels, medallions, soft PVCs,
13   Bonjet International Limited     普時國際有限公司                 1
                                                                        www.bonjet.com.hk                                  windchimes, lanyards
                                                                                                                 Pets Products: clothes, carriers, bags,
     Brilliant Champ Consultants                                                                    JJ Pets
14                                    翹俊顧問有限公司                 1         www.jj-pets.com                            beds, feeders, accessories, toys,
            Company Limited                                                                         products
                                                                                                                                 collars etc
                                                                                                                     Ladies' evening dresses, babies'
15   Brilliant Industrial Company       標緻實業公司                 1                                      SWI
                                                                                                                   Talking Multi Language Translator,
16     Brilliant System Limited         樂程有限公司                 1     www.brilliantsystem.com         Brilliant     PDAs & organisers, some novelty
17    Cartex Garment Company             成大製衣                  1        www.quart.com.hk                                Middle & High-end fashion
                                                                                                                      PVC & polyester tableclothes,
     Casa Arte (H.K.) Enterprise
18                                   嘉御(香港)企業有限公司              1      www.casaarte.com.cn                         curtains, tablemats, faucets, washing
            Co., Limited
                                                                                                                        machine covers, oven mitts
                                                                                                                 Tin gift boxes with design - characters,
19 Chiu Luen Metal Works Co Ltd      超聯五金制品廠有限公司               1      www.chiuluen.com.cn
                                                                                                                                patterns etc
                                                                                                                 LCD TV, Portable DVD Player, Digital
                                                                                                                  Photo Frame, Netbook, MP3/MP4
20   Coby Manufacturing Co., Ltd.          n/a                 1          www.cobyusa.com             Coby
                                                                                                                  Player, Clock alarm radio, Pocket
                                                                                                                   Radio, CD Player and Boombox
                                                                                                                 Massage Equipment, USB disks,
                                                                                                   Conrad &   clock radios, educational electronics,
21 Conrad Computronics Limited        廣域電子有限公司                 1      www.conradchina.com
                                                                                                    Kandga     household stuff like gloves, cleaning
                                                                                                               Home decorations, jewellery boxes,
22     Creative Pioneer Limited        鴻力有限公司                  1         www.zsyzm.com                YZM
                                                                                                                   costume jewellery, brooches
                                                                                                               Men's fashion - suits, shirts, leather
     Design Logistic International
23                                    詩泓國際有限公司                 1       www.fashionshk.com                      jackets, polo shirts; Ladies' - formal
          Company Limited
      Direct International Hong                                                                                 Tea sets, aluminum cooking pots,
24                                                             1
               Kong Ltd                                                                                                       cookware
                                                                                                              Decorative furniture, lamps, paintings,
25    DOMINIC'S ART LIMITED          多名利洋行有限公司                 1       www.dominicart.com
                                                                                                                      etc (a trading company)
         Dong Shing Glass                                                                                      Glass patterns, tiles, stone products
26                                    東成玻璃工程公司                 1      www.dongshing.com.hk         Dong Shing
        Engineering Company                                                                                          (wash basin), toilet bowls
     Dragon Force (International)                                                                   Dragon
27                                   龍勇(國際) 有限公司               1      www.dragonforcekids.com                        Babies & children's wear
          Industrial Limited                                                                       Force Kids
                                                                                                                 Handbags, wallets, sports bags,
28   Eastway Corporation Limited      東方股份有限公司                 2      www.eastwaycorp.com
                                                                                                                         travelling ones etc
                                                                                                                Masks, Halloween costumes, party
29      ETAS AND COMPANY                 怡達公司                  1
                                                                                                                  items, cell phone accessories
         Company's Name               Company's Name   No. of
No                                                                 Company's Website               Brands                    Descriptions
            (English)                    (Chinese)     Booth

      EUROPA Products (H.K.)                                                                                       Chocolate fountains, buffetware,
30                                   歐陸製造(香港)有限公司        1         www.hyperlux.com.hk                            holloware, table top items, high-tea
            Limited                                                                                                          sets, barware
31   Evergrowth Industrial I/E Ltd   永發實業進出口有限公司         1          www.evergrowth.cn             TRY-ME               T-shirts, blouses, lingerie
                                                                                                         Aromatic products, hooks, hangers for
32         Fair Come Ltd.              顯悅有限公司            1                                       AROMABE
                                                                                                                  kitchen & bathroom
      Far East (Wu's) Industrial                                                                             Executive stationery, golf sets, game
33                                   遠東(胡氏)實業有限公司        1          www.fareastwu.com              private
          Company Limited                                                                                     sets, houseware, jewellery sets etc
                                                                                                 labels like
                                                                                                                    Fashion accessories: bracelets,
34      Fiesta Global Limited         飛達環球有限公司           1         www.u-love-this.com                             necklaces, pocket watches, luxury
                                                                                                 MZI; Anat
                                                                                                 and others
35       Foreverank Limited             松聯有限公司           1          www.crystocraft.com                                       Crystal gifts
                                                                                                                      Medium end quartz analogue
                                                                                                                       watches; high-end watches,
     Genco Industrial Company
36                                         n/a           1       www.gencoindco.com.hk              Taipan          chronographs, digital for selected
                                                                                                                 clients according to their requirements
                                                                                                                                 (i.e. OEM)
                                                                                                                  Vaccum cleaner, electric toothbrush,
37 Goldluck Electronics Company        金禧達電子公司           1          www.goldlucky.com                            electric pedicare device, mini karaoke
        Goodmark Products                                                                                           Stainless steel kitchenware: pots,
38                                    優良產品國際有限公司         1      www.goodmarkproducts.com
        International Limited                                                                                         pans, kettles, trays, cultery etc
     Goodwill Telecommunication                                                                                     Mobile transceivers (amateur &
39                                   高域電訊工程有限公司          1          www.gwcom-hk.com
         Engineering Co Ltd                                                                                        professional - i.e. for marine use)
                                                                                                  (served                Bags (sports, ladies,
         Hang Lung (Lee's)
40                                   恆隆(李氏)實業有限公司        1            www.hllees.com             Esso, FILA        executive/briefcase, laptop, waist,
        Manufacturing Co. Ltd
                                                                                                  & other                        wallet)
                                                                                                                    Aromatic products, bath soaps,
41       Hanley Packing Co.            恆利包裝公司            1         www.dass-enterprise.com
                                                                                                                            personal care
     Hondar Umbrella Industrial
42                                    宏達洋傘工業有限公司         1www.globalsources.com/hondarumbrella.co                        All kinds of umbrellas
         Company Limited
                                                                                                                 Handbags, travel goods & umbrellas,
43      Honest (Asia) Limited         萬誠(亞洲)有限公司         1
                                                                                                                            cosmetics bags
                                                                                                                 Audio-visual products: DVD players,
44 Innovision Enterprises Limited      基漢企業有限公司          1
                                                                                                                               stereos etc
                                                                                                                 Electronics: Car CD/MP3 etc players,
45      JC Industries Limited              n/a           1      http://jcindustries.en.alibaba.com Hello Kitty       GPS; F&A: Hello Kitty bags &
46        Kasen Company                  家晨公司            1
                                                                                                  stuff like     School bags, Backpacks, Travel bags,
47       King Bags Company             裕豐實業公司            1          www.hkbags.com.hk
                                                                                                  Batman,                  Ladies handbags
                                                                                                  My Little
                                                                                                                 Household Product (Non-Electrical) -
     Kintech Industrial (HK) Co.,
48                                   建宏實業(香港)有限公司        1                                       Kit's Media      i.e. beer opener, pizza cutter, fruit
     Leaper Industrial Company                                                                                   Multi-function tools, pocket knife, bar
49                                      鯉達有限公司           1
               Limited                                                                                                      tools & flashlight
50        Lim Ying Ying Ltd            林櫻櫻有限公司           1                /                         L.Y.Y.               Men's undergarments
       Longway (Hong Kong)
51                                   龍威(香港)製衣有限公司        1                                        King & Q             Jacket, Tracksuit, Parkas
           Garment Ltd
                                                                                                                   Non-woven storage devices, shoe
52   M & I International Company          秦勢行            1            www.mniintl.com
                                                                                                                       organisers, quill bags etc
53   Mart Asia Company Limited         鈞亞貿易有限公司          1                                                                 Ladies' wear, jeans
      Mei Ko Garment Factory                                                                                      Winter jackets, casual wear, knitted
54                                         n/a           1          www.meikogmt.com              Romexco
               Limited                                                                                                          garments
     Ming Fu Hong International                                                                                   Car DVD, audio system, car alarms,
55                                    明富行國際有限公司          1         www.mingfuhong.com
               Limited                                                                                                   mp3, parking sensors
           Company's Name              Company's Name      No. of
No                                                                     Company's Website           Brands                   Descriptions
              (English)                   (Chinese)        Booth

56          N.K. Design Ltd             永聯設計有限公司              1        www.widefancy.com           KUDOS       Knitwear, woven and fine knitted items

         Neptune International
57                                    海銅國際貿易有限公司              1                                                                  Gifts
           Sourcing Limited
                                                                                                   ART              Flower vases, suction hooks,
58     On Winly Industries Corp.            n/a               1         www.onwinly.com
                                                                                                 COLLECTI             manicure sets, travel kits
                                                                                                                 Babies playsets, kids toys, plush
59    Parkfield Industries Limited      恆輝實業有限公司              2       www.bunfunworld.com          Parkfield
                                                                                                                     items, educational games
                                                                                                               Travel bags, knapsacks, sports bags,
60     Picasso Company Limited         必高信洋行有限公司              2
                                                                                                                       laptop bags, trolley sets
                                                                                                  such as:
61        Pine Hover Limited             歲豪有限公司               1                                              Knitwear, woven and fine knitted items
                                                                                                  Mizuno etc
62        PJ Program Limited                                  1
63   Posand Home Textile Limited        保新家紡有限公司              1         www.posand.com           KOKOROAI                     Bed linen
        Power Guard Industrial
64                                     百力佳實業有限公司              1      www.powerguard.com.hk                      Photo frames (with various designs)
          Company Limited
                                                                                                                    Leather bags, wallets; nylon bags
        Prix-Q International Co.
65                                      鉑可國際有限公司        http://www.alibaba.com/member/hk104297069.html
                                                                1                                               trimmed with leather, PU bag trimmed
                                                                                                                                with leather
                                                                                                                  Multiple: gifts, fashion accessories,
     Quart International Company
66                                      敏和國際有限公司              1           www.quart.com.hk                        electrical appliances & AV systems,
                                                                                                                        stationery, plush toys, etc
                                                                                                                     Consumer Electronics and ICT
67    Ramsons Corporation (H.K.)                              1                                        SASHA
68     Rimmic Trading Company             立新公司                1            www.rimmic.com                                  LED lights, lightbulbs
                                                                                                                     Electrical fans, cordless kettles,
69         Sagaright Limited             耀正有限公司               1   http://www.hkproducts.net/sagaright/            cutleries, hotdog maker, knife sets,
                                                                                                                  irons, blenders, ovens, rice cookers
70    SEMK (Hong Kong) Limited         昇晨(香港)有限公司             1                                                                  Silk flowers
      Silver Creation International                                                                   MegaBuySt Multi-media cell phones, flashlights,
71                                      銀創國際有限公司              1       www.megabuystore.com
                   Ltd.                                                                                  ore                speakers, GPS, etc
72       Silver Mine Jewelry Ltd      利金龍(香港)首飾有限公司           1     www.silvermine-jewelry.com                           Fashion silver jewellery
                                                                                                                    Steam-related home appliances:
      Sincere Home International                                                                       Sincere
73                                    盛熙國際實業有限公司              1        www.sincere-home.com                        garment steamers, mops, coffee &
           Industrial Limited                                                                           Home
                                                                                                                                cup cleaners
                                                                                                                 Fashion accessories: belts, earrings,
      Star Company International
74                                                            1           www.starcointl.com                          bracelets, bangles, rings, ties,
              Group Ltd
                                                                                                                      cufflinks, hair accessories etc
     Sunrise Garment International
75                                    新昇制衣國際有限公司              1                                                                 Jeans
                                                                                                               Fashion accessories: buttons, buckles
76     SWF International Limited       新榮發國際有限公司              1          www.swfbtn.com
                                                                                                                    & fashion jewellery, lingerie
     Time Industrial Manufactory
77                                                            1         www.timeindl.com.hk        Time In       All kinds of watches & some clocks
78      Viewkin Industrial Ltd          榮景實業有限公司              1                                                          T-shirts, polo-shirts
                                                                                                               Collectibles - monkey toy that can be
79      Vision Products Limited         域迅製品有限公司              1         www.monskey.com            Monskey
80    Wealthy Industrial Company        永高豪實業公司               1                                                         Accessories watches
      Winley Industries (Far East)                                                                 William       Ceramic tableware & kitchenware,
81                                    永利實業 (遠東) 有限公司          1     www.winleyindustries.com
                  Ltd                                                                              James,       stoneware, porcelain, fine bone china
82     Winner Swimwear Limited                                1                                                              Swimwear
                                                                                                                Stainless steel kitchenware, cutlery,
83         Winson Company                                     1       www.winsonco.com.hk         OX Factor     bar accessories, tableware, tea sets,
                                                                                                                           baking utensils
          Winteam Industrial                                                                                   Metal household products: cookware,
84      Development Company           旭泰實業發展有限公司              1        www.cnwinteam.com                        cutlery, bar ware, bathroom items,
               Limited                                                                                           bins, knives + aluminum products
        Wise Luck International                                                                                   Genuine leather goods: wallets,
85                                      興南國際有限公司              1       www.leathergoods.com.cn    AUCHAMO
               Limited                                                                                           handbags, belts, jewelry cases, etc
         Company's Name          Company's Name   No. of
No                                                         Company's Website     Brands             Descriptions
            (English)               (Chinese)     Booth
                                                                                           Fashion accessories: belts, hair
86   WK Global Company Limited                      1      www.wkglobal.com.hk            accessories, jewellery, keychains,
                                                                                            mobile phone straps, cufflinks


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