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									  The Organic Whey - USDA Certified Organic Whey Protein

The Organic Whey was started because we couldn't find any other whey protein powder that was
certified organic and was high in all the amino acids needed for lean muscles. Every batch of The
Organic Whey is certified by Oregon Tilth to meet USDA's strict guidelines for organic products. The
Organic Whey contains a near perfect amino-acid profile to maximize the protein utlization co-efficient.
The Organic Whey is unflavored because we ensured that it naturally tastes good without the need to
add any flavors to mask the taste. Ever tasted a real tree-ripened peach, or a garden-fresh ripe red
tomato? If so you'll appreciate that food tastes better when it's grown in its own time. Organically raised
animals grow at their own natural pace, without artificial growth hormones. This means less animal
stress and better tasting food! The Organic Whey comes from cows that have not been treated with
bovine growth hormones (BGH) to increase milk production. This was due to our concern that
hormones in milk could raise the risk of hormone-related cancers, or lead to higher levels of an
insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) linked with cancer. The Organic Whey cows' feed is grown without
synthetic pesticides. This ensures that The Organic Whey doesn't contain any traces of pesticides that
are known carcinogens.

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