How To Be An Adventurer by MalcolmSnook


Discover how to live a less conventional life and push the edge of the envelope.

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									How To Be An Adventurer In The 21st Century

The entire globe has been mapped and explored and the budgets and technology for
space exploration are so extreme that it may seem there's not a lot left for those of an
adventurous bent, even given the likelihood of, very expensive and exclusive inner
space tourism in the near future.

However, adventure can take many forms as Malcolm Snook's book, 'Of Land, Sea
And Sky' makes clear. In fact the world is as fascinating as it ever was and
adventures, like beauty are in the eye of the beholder. Being an adventurer is actually
a state of mind that says I'm going to live life to the full and accept no fear or
impediment, I'll take risks in sport, business, love and everything I do.

This particular adventurer has experimented with sailing, skydiving, car racing,
motorcycle racing, dancing and acting. Not to mention a number of entrepreneurial
and business adventures. 'Of Land, Sea And Sky' is in effect an autobiography or
memoir, but it has information for would be car and motorcycle racers, dancers,
sailors, new entrepreneurs and even romantics. Although advice that's more of the
what not to do variety in the latter example!

Biographies are an interesting subject in their own right, a biography of someone
famous is a sure fire top seller, even if the someone famous is a footballer in his
twenties whose experience of life amounts to school and football and whose book is
written by someone else. For a refreshing change read a book written in the words of
the man who experienced it all. Discover inspirational characters he's met along the
way and enjoy a wide range of topics that changes throughout the narrative.

Self published and not yet a best seller 'Of Land, Sea and Sky' has received accolades
from as far afield as New Zealand and Sweden.

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