Gaspari Halodrol MT 60ct Expiration AUG 2012

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					  Gaspari Halodrol MT 60ct [Expiration AUG 2012]

HALODROL® MT is the latest evolution of Gaspari Nutrition's original Halodrol-50®, a dietary
supplement that was unquestionably one of the most successful of its kind in the sports nutrition
industry. Under the direction of Rich Gaspari, the research and development team continues to follow
one simple mandate; "develop products for the sports nutrition market that actually work and actually
deliver on the promises the company makes." That's the difference you can find in a company with a
CEO that actually walked the walk on the bodybuilding stage and knows what it takes to bring your
physique to an elite level. This is why Gaspari Nutrition has yet again redefined the category of
myotrophic testosterone boosters with one of the most scientifically advanced and research supported
sports nutrition products ever to be seen in the sports nutrition industry HALODROL® MT

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