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					             Survival & Outdoor Equipment Resources (Updated Feb 10)
                           Courtesy of Emergency Response International and OutdoorSafe

 Key Organizations & Suppliers
  Emergency Response International, Inc.                     OutdoorSafe
  319 Olive Street                                           P.O. Box 62039
  Cashmere, Washington 98815                                 Colorado Springs, CO 80962-2039
  (509) 782-4832, (800) 353-9953                             (719) 593-5852
  Email: or         Email:
  Web:                                    Web & store:
                                                             Consulting, presentations, survival kits and kit
  Survival, SAR, and Emergency Preparedness                  components - whistles, mirrors, metal matches,
  education. Publication and equipment sales, including      match safes, plastic shelter bags, survival manual,
  Pre-Mac water filters.                                     survival video, etc.
  Corporate Air Parts, Inc.                                  Recreational Equipment Incorporated
  7641 Densmore Ave.                                         (REI) – Major catalog & online retailer
  Van Nuys, CA 91406                                         (800) 426-4840
  (818) 997-0512 and (800) 227-7811                          Web:
  Web: and

  Land Shark emergency survival bag, survival                Storm proof matches and outdoor products. One of
  equipment & training, Part 135, life raft sales, service   the largest and most complete outdoor clothing and
  and repair.                                                equipment retailers in the USA.
  Wilderness Medical Society                                 Equipped to Survive
  2150 S 1300 E, Suite 500                                   Doug Ritter, Founder
  Salt Lake City, Utah 84106                                 Email:
  (801) 990-2988, Email:                         Web:

  To advance healthcare, research, and education             Critical reviews of survival equipment and extensive
  related to wilderness medicine.                            resource lists
  ACR Electronics                                            Aerial Machine and Tool Corp.
  5757 Ravenswood Road                                       4298 JEB Stuart Highway, PO Box 222
  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312                                  Vesta, Virginia 24177-0222
  (954) 981-3333                                             276-952-2006
  Web:                                Web:

  ELT’s, EPIRB’s, PLB’s, strobe lights, survival radios
  and the “The Science of Survival”                          Makes Air Crewman Survival Vests and Flotation.
  Aqua Lung                                                  Chinook Medical Gear Inc.
  2340 Cousteau Ct.                                          120 Rock Point Drive, Unit C
  Vista, CA 92081, USA                                       Durango, CO 81301
  (760) 597-5000                                             (800) 766-1365

                                                             Medical equipment, backcountry medical kits, survival
  Well known for scuba diving equipment & supplies.          equipment and other outdoor equipment

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             Survival & Outdoor Equipment Resources (Updated Feb 10)
                           Courtesy of Emergency Response International and OutdoorSafe

  Coghlans Camping Gear                                     Eastern Aero Marine
  JHL Supply                                                5502 NW 37 Ave
  28 W. First St South                                      Miami, FL. 33142
  Fulton, NY 13069                                          (305) 871-4050
  (315) 592-4794, (800) 592-4796                            Web:

  One of the largest suppliers of outdoor items to
  retailers such as Walmart, Target and sporting goods
  stores. Signal mirrors, match containers, metal           Manufactures and sells life preservers, survival
  matches, etc.                                             equipment, life preservers, etc.
  Garmin International, Inc.                                Greatland Laser
  1200 East 151st Street                                    P.O. Box 221407
  Olathe, Kansas 66062                                      Anchorage, Alaska 99522-1407
  (913) 397-8200                                            (866) 889-3425
  Web:                                       Web:

  GPS receivers & mapping systems. Garmin’s goal: To        Laser signaling devices, rescue laser flares, survival
  create navigation and communication devices that can      & more. Ranges up to 20-30 miles at night; 1-5 miles
  enrich our customers’ lives.                              during the day.
  Life Support International, Inc.                          MASSIF Mountain Gear Company, LLC
  200 Ritterhouse Circle, Bldg. 4 West                      415 Williamson Way, Suite 1
  Bristol, Pennsylvania 19007                               Ashland, OR 97520
  (215) 785-2870                                            (541) 201-0023
  Email:                            Email:
  Web:                              Web:

  Sells pyrotechnics, rafts, parachutes, survival           NOMEX fleece jackets, pants, pullovers, underwear
  equipment, radios and beacons                             and other outdoor clothing

  Mustang Survival                                          Orion Safety Products
  3870 Mustang Way                                          3157 N. 500W
  Bellingham, Washington 98226                              Peru, Indiana 46970
  (360) 676-1782                                            (800) 851-5260
  Email:                     Web:

                                                            Pyrotechnics commonly used in life rafts, aerial
  Aviation dry suits), survival suits, flotation jackets,   flares, smoke signals, sea dye markers, signal
  LPUs, water safety gear, survival vests.                  mirrors
  Ultimate Survival                                         Winslow LifeRaft Company
  14428 167TH Avenue SE                                     11700 Winslow Drive
  Monroe, WA 98272-2915                                     Lake Suzy, Florida 34269
  (206) 965-960                                             (800) 838-3012
  Web:                             Email:
  Manufacturer of BlastMatch, StikeForce, Sparkie fire
  starters plus JetScream Whistle, StarFlash Signal
                                                            Manufactures life rafts, emergency drop pacs, sea
  Mirror, WetFire Tinder and the SaberCut Saw
                                                            survival equipment & supplies

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             Survival & Outdoor Equipment Resources (Updated Feb 10)
                           Courtesy of Emergency Response International and OutdoorSafe

 Alpha List of Additional Organizations & Suppliers
  Adventure Medical Kits                                   Brigade Quartermasters
  5555 San Leandro St                                      1025 Cobb International Dr. NW
  Oakland, CA 94621                                        Kennesaw, Georgia 30152
  800-324-3517                                             (800) 338-4327
  Email:                Web:

  Medical kits, survival shelters (Thermo-Lite 2.0 Bivvy &
                                                           Pocket Chain Saw, outdoor clothing and equipment,
  Heatsheets Emergency Blankets), survival kits, repair kits
  and hygiene products                                     tactical gear
  Brunton                                                  Bug Shirt Company
  620 East Monroe Ave                                      P.O. Box 127
  Riverton, WY 82501-4997                                  Trout Creek Ontario POH 2LO
  (800) 443-4871                                           (705) 729-5620
  Web:                                     Web:

  Compasses, Atlas GPS receivers, backpacking gear         Insect protective clothing
  Cabela's                                                 Campmor
  One Cabela Drive                                         810 Route 17 North
  Sidney, NE 69160                                         Paramus, New Jersey 07652
  (800) 237-4444                                           (888) 226-7667
  Web:                                     Web:

  Large retailer of hunting, fishing and outdoor           Extensive catalog and online sellers of backpacking,
  equipment. Pocket chain saw, etc.                        camping and survival equipment
  Carol Davis Sportswear                                   Clark Outdoor Products
  425 Club Road                                            4637 South 300 West
  Sherwood, AR 72120                                       Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
  (501) 835-6331                                           (800) 468-4635
  Web:                                Web:

  High performance, hydrophobic, anti-microbial body
  sock (one piece thermal underwear)                       High quality hammocks for all environments
  CMC Rescue                                               Counter Assault
  PO Box 6870                                              120 Industry Court
  Santa Barbara, CA 93160 USA                              Kalispell, MT 59901
  800-235-5741                                             (800) 695-3394
  Web:                                   Web:

  Technical rescue equipment                               Bear deterrent pepper spray
  DeLorme                                                  Equinox
  Two DeLorme Drive                                        1307 Park Avenue
  P.O. Box 298                                             Williamsport, PA 17701
  Yarmouth, ME 04096                                       (800) 322-5909
  800.561.5105                                             Email:
  Web:                                     Web:

                                                           Lightweight tarps made from waterproof 1.1oz
  GPS receivers, mapping software                          silicone impregnated ripstop nylon

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             Survival & Outdoor Equipment Resources (Updated Feb 10)
                           Courtesy of Emergency Response International and OutdoorSafe

  Exploration Products                                     GoLite, LLC
  3890 Hammer Drive                                        PO Box 20190
  Bellingham, WA 98226                                     Boulder, CO 80303 USA
  (800) 448-7312                                           (888) 546-5483
  Web:                         Web:

                                                           Lightweight clothing, shelters and camping equipment
  Commercial outdoor safety & survival equipment
  Head Sokz by Gotta Go                                    Kellam Knives Co.
  NJD Specialty Retail / Headsokz                          902 S. Dixie Drive
  2101 Production Dr                                       Lantana, FL 33462, USA
  Louisville , KY 40299                                    (561) 588-3185, (800) 390-6918
  866-427-7933                                             Web:

  Head Sokz head and neck covers                           Inexpensive fixed blade knives
  KIFARU International                                     Kodiak Wildlife Products, Inc.
  4894 VanGordon St., Ste. 305                             P.O. Box 72077
  Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033                              RPO Glenmore Landing
  (800) 222-6139 and (303) 278-9155                        Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H9 Canada
  Web:                                      (866) 356-3425

                                                           Signal flares and cartridges, pepper spray, bear
  Packs, lightweight shelters, clothing, gun gear          safety information
  Lat. 26 Inc.                                             London Bridge Trading Company
  PO Box 3001                                              585 London Bridge Road
  Palmer, AK 99645                                         Virginia Beach, VA 23454
  (800) 305-0036                                           (800) 229-0207
  Email:                            Web:
  Tools to make ground navigation easy using a GPS
  receiver and topo map                                    Packs, web gear, custom made gear
  MapTech                                                  Montana Antler Craft
  10 Industrial Way                                        P.O. Box 281
  Amesbury, MA 01913                                       Fernwood, Idaho 83830
  (888) 839-5551                                           (800) 234-4231, Ext. 56057, or
  Web:                                     (208) 245-8015

                                                           Magnum Fire Starters - 3/8", 1/2" & 5/8" Includes
  Terrain Navigator, other mapping software                magnesium bar, flint and serrated scraper
  MyTopo                                                   Northern Outfitters
  One South Broadway                                       4627 Roosevelt Blvd
  Billings, MT 59101                                       Jacksonville, FL 32210 USA
  Phone: (877) 587-9004 and 406-294-9411                   (800) 944-9276
  Web:                                      Web:

                                                           Extreme cold weather clothing, boots, Helly Hansen
  Custom printed topographical maps on waterproof
                                                           rain jacket and pants

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             Survival & Outdoor Equipment Resources (Updated Feb 10)
                           Courtesy of Emergency Response International and OutdoorSafe

  Oklahoma Rope Company                                    Otterbox Products
  P.O. Box 1191                                            Otter Products, LLC
  1405 North Highway 66                                    1 Old-Town Square, Suite 303
  Catoosa, Oklahoma 74105                                  Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
  (800) 241-7682                                           (888) 695-8820
  Web:                                Email:

  Parachute line, webbing, rope, hardware, shock cord,     Waterproof clear or colored boxes/containers for kits,
  tarps                                                    matches, first aid, valuables, etc.
  Outfitters Pack Station                                  PainsWessex - USA Distributor
  2070 West Broadway                                       Coast Marine & Industrial Supply, Inc.
  Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402                                 Jefferson Street
  (800) 657-2644                                           San Francisco, California
  Web:                       (415) 673-1923

                                                           Pyrotechnics, smoke signals, flares, signal rockets,
  Dandy saws, tents, pack supplies                         parachute flares, signaling devices
  Pak-Lite Company                                         Sawyer Products
  512 Humberd Lane                                         P. O. Box 188
  Grants Pass, OR 97527                                    Safety Harbor, FL 34695
  (877) 715-4448                                           (800) 940-4464
  Web:                                  Web:

  LED lights                                               Water filters, insect repellent, etc.
  Silva                                                    SmartWool
  Johnson Outdoors Canada                                  P. O. Box 774928
  (905) 634-0023, (800) 572-8822                           Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477
  Web:                                (800) 550-9665
  Web:                     Email:

  Silva compasses and many other excellent brands of       Smartwool products including sweaters, jackets,
  outdoor gear for diving, fishing, boating & paddling     vests, socks, underwear
  Smoky Mountain Knife Works, Inc.                         Super Cedar
  2320 Winfield Dunn Parkway                               9792 Edmonds Way # 246
  P.O. Box 4430                                            Edmonds, Washington 98026
  Sevierville, TN 37864                                    (866) 468-3973
  (800) 251-9306                                           Web:

                                                           Super Cedar Fire Starters - special wax impregnated
  Frosts “Morakniv” Scout                                  cedar fire starting product.

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             Survival & Outdoor Equipment Resources (Updated Feb 10)
                           Courtesy of Emergency Response International and OutdoorSafe

  Terramar                                                  The Preparedness Center
  10 Midland Ave.                                           Preparedness Industries, Inc.
  Port Chester, New York 10573-8071                         311 East Perkins Street
  (800) 468-7455                                            Ukiah, California 95482
  Email:                            (707) 472-0280
  Web:                               Email:
  Thermasilk - EC2 QWIK-DRI 100% Silk Underwear and
  accessories - gloves, mittens, socks, balaclavas, and     Signals, flares, survival equipment, emergency
  scarves                                                   preparedness supplies and resources
  U.S. Geological Survey                                    UDAP
  Box 25046 Denver Federal Center                           13160 Yonder Road
  Denver, CO 80225, USA                                     Bozeman, MT 59715
  (303) 236-5900                                            (800) 232-7941
  Web:                             Web:
  Topographical maps, map guides                            Bear deterrent pepper spray
  Warden’s Supply Company                                   Wiggy's Inc
  PO Box 357                                                P.O. Box 2124
  Chippewa Lake, Ohio 44215                                 Grand Junction, CO 81502
  (330) 722-8457 or                  (866) 411-6465
  Web:                              Web:

  SDU 5/E Strobe Lights & Battery Adaptors (requires        Cold weather clothing and sleeping bags, Lamalite
  two 123 Lithium batteries), parachutes and military       sweaters, The Hooch - Emergency Action Tarp
  surplus                                                   Shelter

  Wilderness Medical Associates, Inc.                       Witz Sport Cases
  20 Mussey Rd                                              11291 Pyrites Way, Suite A
  Scarborough, ME 04074                                     Gold River, California 95670
  (207) 797-6005                                            (800) 499-1568, (916) 638-0333
  Web:                               Email:
  Wilderness Medical Associates has been setting the
  standard in wilderness medicine and rescue
  training for over twenty-five years offering first aid,
  WFR, and WEMT medical courses.                            Waterproof cases (sold by REI, Cabela’s, others)
  Workrite Uniform
  500 East Third Street
  P.O. Box 1192
  Oxnard, California 93032-1192
  (805) 483-0175

  NOMEX Outerwear, jackets, fleece vests, work coats
  and garments

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