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									       RESPONDING TO                               There is a real art to doing
                                                    well. You may need to get
        ADVERTISED                                  someone to help.
                                                         Funky Far-Out Fashions
Work opportunities come to us in many                           Retail Sales Assistant
different ways. Sometimes a work
opportunity falls in our lap, but most of          Our rapidly expanding chain of clothing stores
the time we‟ve got to go out and find it.          requires an energetic and enthusiastic sales
                                                   assistant for our West Cottesloe store. Suitable
Responding to Advertised positions and             applicants will meet the following selection
vacancies                                          criteria:
Depending on where the advertisement
                                                             Previous retail experience
appears, and what it asks for, here are
                                                             Demonstrated sales ability
some pointers about several possible
                                                             „A‟ class drivers licence
ways to apply:
                                                           Previous experience in the retail
Sending a letter of application plus                        clothing industry
your resume in response to an                              Knowledge of current trends in
advertised position                                         fashion design.

        Make sure you address the                 To apply, please send applications to:
         letter correctly. Think about             The Mnager
         first impression….be clear,               Funky Far-Out Fashion
         tidy and organised in the way             PO Box 90
                                                   South Rottnest 6998
         you put the letter together.
                                                   Applications will only be considered if all
        Your resume should be                     selection criteria are addressed and a copy of
         written relevant to the position          resume is provided.
         and should be up-to-date. The             Closing date of application is 5.00pm Friday
         resume should highlight your              8 Dec 2000.
         relevant skills and qualities for
         the job.                                  No late applications will be considered

        Provide all details the
         advertisement requests in the
         way they want it.
                                             MILLICENT REALISED A
Sending a formal application that            JOB COULD TURN UP IN
involves addressing selection criteria
                                             THE UNLIKELIEST PLACES
        The addressing of Selection
         Criteria is usually required for
         more skilled or responsible
         positions – however this type
         of application is becoming
         increasingly common.
If you are addressing selection        If your phone contact results in a
criteria and so not have the           meeting, take your resume to give
required skills,                       to the person when you meet –
Qualification or quality, don‟t        and don‟t forget their name.
leave it blank! Demonstrate how
you have been able to undertake        Completing an application form
similar challenges in the past, or     to apply for an existing vacancy
explain that you can quickly gain
that new skill, etc.                   Some larger businesses may have
                                       an application form that every
If you needed further assistance       applicant must fill out.
contact your local Joblink or
Employment Service agency.             Fill it out correctly, and check the
                                       back to make sure you don‟t miss
You don‟t have to just use             anything. If they need more
examples from your working life        personal information that you
to address selection criteria. You     don‟t have on your person at the
can also give examples from            time, ask if you can take the form
other aspects of your life!            with you and return it completed
Remember about transferable            as soon as possible.
                                       Applying in person to a notice in
You need to show how you meet          the front window of a shop or
each criteria individually, giving     business
examples of how you‟ve used that
skill or quality, especially when it   These jobs often go very quickly,
uses the term “Demonstrated”.          so chase it straight away. Often
                                       the first person to apply who
Using the telephone to make            seems suitable will get the job.
initial contact and register you
interest                               Don‟t forget it‟s those first
                                       impressions that count! Speak
In this instance you might be          clearly, be polite, dress
responding to the sign on the          appropriately for the occasion,
community notice board at the          and make sure you catch the
shopping centre.                       name of the person you are
                                       dealing with.
First impressions count. Speak
clearly, know and practice what        Take a relevant version of your
you are going to say before you        resume with you in your
ring up and try to arrange to meet     Employment File.

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