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									CMS Certified Network Specialist:
          Expert Track

            Duration : 460 Hrs.

          Lecture Plan
                                 CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Module: 1                                                          PC Engineering
Duration:                                                                       120 Hours

1 session = 2 hours
 Book Title:                                              PC Engineering Vol-1 & Vol-2

    Sessions   Chapters                    Topics to be covered                  Remarks

                          Introduction to PC                                     Theory &
               Chap 1         Block dig and explanation of a computer system,     Demo
                              Introducing the computer system,
                          Introduction to OS
               Chap 2         Function of OS, Operating system & BIOS              Theory
                              Classification of OS, Types of OS
                          Microsoft Disk Operating System
       2       Chap 3        Brie f history of DOS, Microsoft DOS (MS-DOS)         Theory
                             DOS Structure, DOS Commands.
                          DOS Commands & Important files of DOS
                             Internal DOS Commands, DIR, CD, MD, RD,
                             COPY, REN, TYPE, DEL, CLS                            Demo &
       3        Chap4
                             External DOS Commands, EDIT, XCOPY,                  hands-on
                             DELTREE, ATTRIB, FORMAT
                             Files of DOS, CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT
                          Microsoft Windows 98
                             Understanding Windows 98, Different Versions of
                             Windows, Features of Windows 98, Network
                             Neighborhood, Desktop
                                                                                  Demo &
       4       Chap 5        My computer, Explorer, Creating, copying, moving     hands on
                             of files/folders
                             The start menu – Programs, Documents, Settings,
                             Find, Help, Run, Changing Date & Time, Setting
                             screen saver etc.
                          UNIX Introduction
                            History of UNIX, Features of UNIX
                            Comparison of DOS & UNIX, Starting and
               Chap 6       Shutdown,                                              Theory
                            UNIX Modules, Processes, UNIX File System, Home
       5                    Directory & Path Names

                             Brief history of Linux, Linux package and Linux
               Chap 7        Distributions                                         Theory
                             Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, Debian GNU/Linux,
                             Mandrake Linux, SCO Linux

                          CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                   UNIX Commands
                      Intro, Standard input & output                          Demo &
    6    Chap 8       Commands CAT, CHDIR/CD, CLEAR, CP, FIND,                hands on
                      LN, LS, MKDIR, MORE, MV, PWD, RMDIR, WC,
                      WHO, WHO AM I, HEAD, TAIL, CAL, DATE
                   Sub-Module Exam & feedback session
                   Topics covered till Chap 8                                   Exam
                   Getting Familiar With PC
                      Demonstration & explanation of a Computer,                Demo
         Chap 9
                      Demonstration of Mother board, HDD, FDD and
                      other peripherals
                   8088 Microprocessor
                      Block Diagram explanation, Memory segmentation,
         Chap 10                                                              Self Study
                      Operating modes of 8088
                   Peripheral chips
         Chap 11      Brief overview of 8284, 8288, 8255, 8253, 8259 &        Self Study
                   Booting Sequence
    8    Chap 12      Bootstrapping, post sequence, beep sequences             Theory
                      Booting sequence
                   Serial, Parallel,PS/2 & USB Interface
                       Different Ports in PC, Serial Interface, RS232          Theory,
    9                  Standard,                                              Demo &
                                                                              hands on
                       NS16550 UART, Serial Loop back testing
                       Parallel port, Centronics Interface, Signals from PC
    10                 to Printer, Parallel Port Types                         Theory
         Chap 13
                       PS/2 Port, Overview & pin Configuration
                       USB: USB introduction and brief history,
                       8x930 USB Microcontroller, USB Cable,                   Theory,
    11                 Architectural Overview, Advantages of USB,             Demo &
                        Hubs and Functions                                    hands on
                       Lab Exercise 13. Testing of different ports
    12   Chap 14     Memory types, ROM,PROM, Flash Memory,
                     RAM working, Packages of RAM, Types Static                Theory
                     Dynamic RAM, DRAM types                                     &
                     FPM,EDO,SDRAM,DDR,SGRAM,VRAM,RDRAM                         Demo
    13               Static RAM, Cache Memory, Layers of Cache, Write
                     through, Write back Cache

                          CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                      DOS memory management concepts, Conventional
                      & Reserved Memory, Expanded Memory, Shadow
    14                Memory, UMB, HMA and Extended Mmeory
                      Lab Exercise 14. Memory identification & checking,
                      DOS Memory Management
                      8086 CPU Fmaily,,386,486, clock doubling
    15                technique, Sockets, Pentium CPU, Processor
                      Packages, Processor types, CISC,RISC,CRISC,
                      Pentium Competitors like AMD K5,Cyrix 6x686,           Theory &
         Chap 15
                      Overdrive Processor, Pentium MMX , AMD K6,
                      Celeron, Pentium II, Pentium III, Xeon , Athlon,
    16                Duron, Pentium IV,
                      64 bit CPUs- Opteron & Itanium2

                   Mother Board
    17               Motherboard Form Factors, Bbay AT, Full Size AT,
                     LPX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Flex-ATX, ATX Riser,
                     NLX & WTX.
                     Motherboard Components- Processor sockets0,
    18               Chipset, Intel Chipsets, Athlon/Duron Chipsets,
                     North/South Bridge Architectures, Hub Archiectures,
                      Intel 810, 810e, 815, 815e, 840, 850, 860, 875          Theory,
    19   Chap 16      Sytem Bus Types, FSB, Memory Bus,                      Demo &
                                                                             hands on
                      Expansion Buses: PC, ISA, MCA, EISA, Local
    20                Buses, VESA local Bus, PCI, Plug and Play operation,
                      AGP, AMR, CNR
                      System Resources, BIOS Basics, Motherboard BIOS,
                      ROM BIOS manufacturers, CMOS Setup
                      Lab Exercise 16 Expansion Bus Identification &
                      CMOS Settings
                   Floppy Disk Drive
                      Inside a Floppy Disk Drive, Read/Write Head,
                      Recording formats, Head loading mechanism,
                      motor drive assembly, Block diagram of a FDD,           Theory,
         Chap 17                                                             Demo &
                      Interfaces of Floppy , Floppy Disk Drive Cable,        hands on
                      Troubleshooting Floppy Disk Drive ,
    23                Creating a DOS/windows98 bootable Floppy,
                       Preventive Maintenance
                      DOS error messages and possible cause

                          CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                   Hard Disk Drives
                      Brief history of HDD, The Platter, R/W Head,
    24                Carriage actuator, voice coil actuator mechanism,
                      Hard Disk Encoding/Decoding FM, MFM, RLL,
                      PRML, EPRML
                      Hard disk Geometry, Interleave factor, Physical &
                      Logical Geometry, LBA, INT13 Extensions,
                      Different Hard Disk Interfaces – ST506, ESDI, ATA,
                      ATAPI, Serial ATA

                      IDE/ATA Transfer Modes, DMA, UDMA, ATA                  Theory,
         Chap 18      Controllers, Configuration,                            Demo &
    26                Hard disk Logical Structure & File systems, FAT,       hands on
                      FAT16, VFAT, FAT32, NTFS.

                      Partitioning, Primary, Extended, Boot Managers,
                      Troubleshooting hard disks
                      Lab Exercise 18: Partitioning using FDISK
                      Formatting a Disk, Disk Compression, Scan Disk,
                      Defragmenting Disk
                      Working with 3rd party Disk Utilities like PQ Magic,
                      HDD disaster management using Norton Ghost
                   Sub-Module Exam & Feedback Session
    28                   Topics covered from Chap 9 to Chap 18

                   Backup Devices
                      Tape Drives, Types of drives and Media,
    29                Digital Linear Tape, Quarter Inch Cartridge(QIC)
                      Drive                                                   Theory,
         Chap 19                                                             Demo &
                      DAT drive, 4mm & 8 mm, Deciding Factors for            hands on

    30                selecting tape drive,
                       ZIP Drive, Zip Drive Types and Cartridges.

                   Optical Storage Devices
                      CD-ROM Technology, Reading operation of CD-
                      ROM, Drive Mechanical Operation, CD-ROM File            Theory,
    31   Chap 20      systems -High Sierra, ISO 9660, Joliet, UDF.           Demo &
                      Interface Types, Media Types-CD-R, CD-RW,              hands on
                      Physical Characteristics of drives, Recording

                          CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                      DVD Introduction & brief history, Comparison of CD
                      Vs DVD, Recordable DVD (DVD-R), DVD Video,
                      Sizes & Capacities of DVD’s
    32                Optical drive troubleshooting tips
                      Lab Exercise for chap.20: Install and configure
                      CDROM /DVD on Windows98 & burning a CD
                      using Nero

                   Electrical and Electronic Concepts
                     Understanding electricity and Electrical Energy
    33   Chap 21     Personal Computers and Electrical Power
                     The Multimeter

                     Electronic Components
                     Electrostatic Discharge
                     Integrated Circuits
    34               Basic Number Systems
                     Binary number System
                     OCTAL Number System
                     Logic Gates
                     Evolution, Linear and Switching Power Supplies,
    35               Basic Principles & Operational characteristics, Block
                     diagram, Interface signals, Power Supply Form
                     Factors- AT, Baby AT/LPX, ATX/NLX, WTX
                                                                              Theory &
         Chap 22     Connectors-Molex, Mini, ATX, ATX12V, power                Demo
                     Power Management, APM, ACPI, Troubleshooting
    36               Power Supplies.
                     Lab Exercise 35 : Identification of connectors as well
                     as Power management features.
    37               Concepts and types of UPS                                 Theory
         Chap 23
                     On-line & Off-Line UPS
                     Parameters to decide the UPS requirements
                   Computer Mouse
                     Type of Mouse – Optical mouse, trackball, Bus            Theory &
    38   Chap 24     mouse, Mechanical, Infrared Wireless mouse,               Demo
                     Troubleshooting tips.
                     Configuring Mouse on DOS & Windows 98
                      Types of keyboards, Types of key switches, function     Theory &
    39   Chap 25      of K/B, K/B Interface, 101-key enhanced keyboard,        Demo
                      104-key Windows Keyboard, Cordless keyboards &
                      Multimedia/Internet Keyboards

                          CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                       Troubleshooting Keyboards
                        Lab Exercise 38: Identification of different types of
                       keyboards & their connectors.

                      Introduction to Scanners, Flatbed Scanner,
    40                Hand-held scanners, PEN Scanners, COREX
                      Cardscan                                                     Theory,
         Chap 26                                                                  Demo &
                       Installing and configuring a scanner on Windows 98         hands on
                       Lab Exercise 25: Configuring as well as scanning
    41                 Using scanning softwares such as HP Precision Scan

    42                Introduction to Printer, Classification of printers,
                      Daisy wheel Printers, Dot Matrix Printer (DMP), Dot
                      Matrix working, Parts of DMP, Line Printers,
                       Ink-Jet Printer, Parts of Inkjet , Laser printers, Parts
    43                 of Laser Printer, Working of Laser Printer,
         Chap 27                                                                  Demo &
                       Troubleshooting Printers
                                                                                  hands on
                      Printer Setup & Configuration of Printers on
    44                Lab Exercise 26: Identification of different parts in
                      the major type of printers & Configuring printers in
                      Windows 98
                   Display Interfaces & Monitor
    45                Display terminology- resolution, color, video
                      standards, Study and identification of CGA, VGA,
                      SVGA & AGP cards,
                      Study of Monitor, SVGA Desktop Monitor, LCD
                      Monitors                                                     Theory,
         Chap 28      Installing & Configuring Display card on Windows            Demo &
                      98                                                          hands on
                      Installing & Configuring Monitor on Windows 98
                      Monitor Setting, Changing the monitor type,
    47                Multiple monitor support on Windows98
                      Lab Exercise 27: Adjusting the resolution and
                      configuring dual monitor display in Windows 98

                          CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                     Multimedia card, Microphone & Speakers
                     Installation & Configuration of Multimedia on
    48               Windows98
                     Multimedia tools, CD Player, Sound Recorder,
                     Volume Controller
         Chap 29                                                               Demo &
                       Web Camera: Basic theory, Installation of Web cam       hands on
                       on Windows 98
                       TV-Tuner Card: Installation & Configuration
    49                 Installation of third party Multimedia software
                       Lab Exercise 28: Configuring the sound card, web
                       camera and T.V. tuner card as well as third party
                       multimedia software.

                      What is computer virus, what can virus do
    50                How virus get into the system, spreading of viruses
                      Different classification of viruses, Partition Viruses
                      Boot Sector Virus, System Virus, File virus, Trojans
                      etc                                                      Demo &
         Chap 30                                                               hands on
                       Antivirus software, Different steps involved in
                       cleaning an infected machine
                       Different antivirus software from different vendors
                       Lab Exercise 29: Detecting and Cleaning Virus using
                       Antivirus software

                     Study of modem, working, types of modems -Internal
    52               & External Modems.
                     Modulation standards, broadband technologies (DSL,
                     cable modems)
         Chap 31       Installation and Configuration of Modem on              Demo &
                       Windows98                                               hands on
                       Setting Up Internet Connection, Configuring Hyper
    53                  terminal, Connecting to Internet & Web browsing
                       Lab Exercise 30: Configuring a modem in Windows
                       98 as well as setting up an Internet Connection
                       configuring Hyperterminal
                   Laptop & Palmtop Computers
    54   Chap 32      Introduction to Laptop computers                         Theory
                      Different Laptop brands

                          CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                      Difference between laptop & Desktop PCs
                      Introduction to Palmtop & PDAs

                   Installation of Windows 98 SE
    56                 System requirement, demonstration of Installation,
                       Configuration files, Dual Booting, Upgrade to
                       Windows 98, Uninstalling windows 98                  Demo &
         Chap 33                                                            hands on
                       Lab Exercise 32: Installation of Windows 98 along
    57                 using the different setup switches as well as
                       uninstalling Windows 98

                   Managing Application on Windows98
                     Installing and configuring windows Components          Demo &
    58   Chap 34
                     Installing Office 2000 on Windows 98                   hands on
                     Installing Winzip, configuring outlook express
                   PC Assembling Practicals
                      Preparing for PC Assembling
                      Getting familiar with PC connectors & switches        Demo &
         Chap 35                                                            hands on
                      Guidelines for PC Assembling
    60             Lab Exercise 34: Assembling & Disassembling of PC

                   Trouble Shooting
                      Hardware Troubleshooting
                      Operating system Troubleshooting
                      System Monitor tools, Virtual Memory setting, Add
                      new hardware Wizard                                   Demo &
    61   Chap 35
                      Device Manager, Installing & Un-installing device     hands on
                      sysedit / msconfig, registry
                      Booting steps of Windows 98, F8 options, Shutting
                      down Windows 98
    62             Module Exam & Feedback

                               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Module: 2                                                                Network +
Duration:                                                                         35 Hours

1 session = 2 hours
Book Title:                                The Novell’s guide to Network+ Certification

Sessions      Chapters                   Topics to be covered                     Remarks

                         Basic Networking Knowledge
                               Define Computer Networking, Features of the
                               Computing Models,
                               Compare Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide
    1                          Area Network (WAN)                                  Theory
                               Identify Basic Networking Elements and
                               Describe the Roles of
                               Clients, Servers, Peers, Transmission Media, and
                         Basic Networking Knowledge (cont..)
                               Describe Network File Services, Print Services,
                               Message Services,
                               Electronic Mail, Application Services &
                               Database Services.
    2                          Centralized and Distributed Network                 Theory
                               Architectures, Transmission Media
                               Cable & Wireless Media, Network Devices,
                               Network Interface Boards
                               Modems, Repeaters, Hubs, Bridges,
                         The Physical Layer
                              Seven Layers of the OSI Reference Model,
                              Identify the Relationship
                              between the OSI Reference Model and
                              Computer Network Protocols
    3          Chap2          Topologies, Bus Topology, Ring Topology, Star        Theory
                              Topology, Mesh Topology
                              Cellular Topology, Identify the Difference
                              between Digital and Analog Signals
                              Analog Encoding, Bit Synchronization &
                              Bandwidth Use Methods
                         The OSI Data Link Layer
                            Media Access Methods - Contention Systems,
                            Token-Passing Systems &
                            Polling Systems, Synchronization Techniques used
    4          Chap3        at the Data Link Layer                                 Theory
                            Asynchronous, Synchronous & Isochronous
                            LLC-Level Flow Control & Error Control, IEEE


                 The OSI Data Link Layer (cont..)
                    IEEE 802.x Series Standards & Protocols, Ethernet
                    Describe the IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet Standard,
                    IEEE 802.5 and Token Ring Standard,
                    Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) Standard    Theory &
                    WAN Protocols, The Serial Line IP Protocols          Demo
                    (SLIP) and Point-to-Point (PPP),
                    The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP),
                    Frame Relay, ISDN and B-ISDN & ATM

                 The OSI Network Layer
                    Basic Purpose of the OSI Network Layer, Identify
                    the Uses of the
                    Addresses Defined at the Network Layer,
                    Switching Methods
    6               Circuit Switching, Message Switching & Packet        Theory
                    Route Discovery Methods- Distance Vector
                    Method & Link-State Method
                    Dynamic Route Selection & Static Route Selection

                 The OSI Network Layer (cont..)
                    Network Layer Connection Services, Gateways
        Chap 4
                    Describe the Function of Ethernet and Token Ring
                    Function of Bridges, Three Types of Bridges, How
                    a Source Routing
                    Bridge Works, Route Determination, Switching        Theory &
                    Hubs- Classifying Switches,                          Demo
                    Virtual LANs, Token Ring Switches Work,
                    Routing, Routing Protocols
                    Routing Protocols and Algorithms, Distance
                    Vector Routing, Link State Routing
                    Load Balancing, Brouters, Comparing Bridges,
                    Switches, and Routers

                 OSI Transport Layer
                    Identify the Purpose of the OSI Transport Layer,
    8   Chap5       Resolution Methods Used at the Transport Layer,      Theory
                    Primary Functions of Segment Development,
                    Connection Services- End-to-End Flow Control,
                    End-to-End Error Control, Segment Sequencing


                 Upper Layers of the OSI Model
                    Session Layer-Dialog Control Methods- Simplex
                    Half-Duplex Dialog, Full-Duplex Dialog,
                    Elements of Session Administration
                    Presentation layer- Characteristics of the
         Chap6      translation Methods Implemented at the                Theory
                    Presentation Layer, Bit Order Translation, Byte
                    Order Translation, Character Code Translation
                    Application layer- Identify the Characteristics of
                    the Two Service Advertisement,
                    OS Call Interception, Remote Operation,
                    Collaborative Computing
                 TCP/IP Fundame ntals
                   TCP/IP Fundamentals, IP Address Structure,
                   Identify Network Classes
                   IP Address Types, Special IP Addresses, Obtain a
                   Registered IP Address
    9                                                                     Theory
                   The role of InterNIC, Register a Domain Name,
                   Assign Addresses to Hosts
         Chap7     Describe How Host Names, Host Tables, and DNS

                 TCP/IP Fundamentals (Cont..)
                   Windows Internet name Services (WINS), How
                   Ports are Used                                         Theory
                   Purpose of Subnets, Subnet Mask.

                 The TCP/IP Protocol Suite and Utilities
                      Identify the Components of the TCP/IP Protocol
                      Suite, Distance
                      Vector Routing with IP, RIP, Link State Routing
                      with IP, Open Shortest
                      Path First (OSPF), OSPF Compared to RIP
    10                List the Protocols That comprise TCP/IP,
                      Internet Protocol (IP)
         Chap8        Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), The      Theory &
                      Address Resolution Protocols: ARP and RARP          Demo
                      or BOOTP, Dynamic Host Configuration
                      Protocol (DHCP)
                      Host-to-Host Layer Protocol,
                      Process/Application Layer Protocol
                      IPX/SPX Protocol Suite and the OSI Reference
                      Model, IPX Network Address Elements,
                      Describe routing with RIP/SAP, Utilities Used in
                      a Windows NT Network,
                      NetBEUI Protocol, NWLink IPX/SPX Protocol

                    CCNS-PROFESSIONAL TRACK

    11             Hands -on on TCP/IP Protocol Suite and Utilities       Hands-0n

                   Implementing the Network
                      Plan the Network and Install the Network Cabling,
                      Crimping Network Cables
                      Install and Configure Network Interface Boards,     Demo &
                      Configuring the Network                             Hands-on
                      Board with Software, Configuring Plug-n-Play
                      Network Boards,

                   Implementing the Network (cont..)
                      Install and Configure Hard Disk Drives, Disk
         Chap9        Interface Types
                                                                          Demo &
    13                Installing SCSI & IDE Hard Disks                    Hands-on
                      Prepare Hard Disks for Use, Creating Partitions,
                      Performing High-Level Formatting

                   Implementing the Network (cont..)
                      Install Workstation Operating Systems, Install
                      Network client Software                             Demo &
                      Loading & configuring Client Software and           Hands-on

                   Network Security
                       Network Security Models - Share-Level Security
                       Model & User-Level
                       Security Model, Implementing a Password
                       Security Policy & User Account
    15   Chap 10       Security Policy, How Encryption Works,             Theory
                       Encryption Schemes, Digital Signatures
                       How Firewalls Work, Filtering by IP Address,
                       Filtering by Port Number
                       Proxy Servers

                   Implementing Remote Connectivity
                        Explain the capabilities and Requirements for
                        Remote Access
                        Evaluate the Current Network and User
                        Data Transmission Technology – ISDN, POTS,         Theory,
    16   Chap11         XDSL                                              Demo &
                        Design a Secure Remote Access Solution            Hands-on
                        Configure Windows 95/98 or Windows NT
                        clients for remote access
                        Connect Remotely to a Server Using a Modem-
                        Equipped Win dows Client

                   CCNS-PROFESSIONAL TRACK

                  Maintaining the Network
                      Choose a Backup Strategy- Backup & Restore,
                      Assigning Backup
                      Responsibility, Strategies for Anti-Virus
                      Protection, Types of Viruses
                      Characteristics of Virus Infection, Preventing
                      Virus Infection
    17   Chap12       Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Three      Theory
                      Types of UPS
                      RAID and Define Each of its Levels, The Six
                      Levels of RAID
                      Use Patches to Maintain Workstations and
                      Disaster Recovery Options, Recovering from a
                  Troubleshooting the Network
                      List and Describe Tasks Related to Providing
                      Service and
                      Support on a Network, Describe the Six-Step
                      Troubleshooting Model
                      Describe Record-Keeping Practices-
                      Components & History of the LAN                   Theory,
    18   Chap13       Troubleshoot Network and Workstation             Demo &
                      Problems,                                        Hands-on
                      Using Troubleshooting Tools
                      Network Equipment Problems, Crossover cable,
                      Hardware Loop back
                      Tone Generator, Tone Locator (Fox and Hound),
                      Documentation Sources

                  Module Exam & Feedback Session

                               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Module:3               Windows 2000/XP Professional Admin.
Duration:                                                                         35 Hours

1 session = 2 hours
Book Title:                           Windows 2000/XP Professional Administration

Sessions    Chapters                      Topics to be covered                     Remarks

                       Introduction to Windows 2000/XP Professional
                              Windows 2000 Operating Systems.
                              Features and Enhancement of windows 2000
                               Introduction to Windows XP Professional
                              Features and Enhancement of windows XP
    1         Chap1           professional.                                         Theory
                              Introduction to Microsoft Active Directory
                              Introduction to Administrative Tools i.e. Control
                              Panel, Event Viewer, Windows Task Manager,
                              Disk Management, Backup Manager, Security
                              Management, Microsoft Management Console.

                       Installing or Upgrading to Windows 2000/XP
                                Preparing for Installation.
                                Installing Windows 2000 Professional from a
                                Compact Disc.
                                Installing Windows 2000 Professional from a        Demo &
    2         Chap2
                                Server.                                            Hands-on
                                Upgrading to Windows 2000 Professional.
                                Installing Windows 2000 Using the Setup
                                Manager Wizard.
                                Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Setup.

                               Planning an Installation of Microsoft Windows
                               XP Professional.
                               Installing Windows XP Professional from a
                               Product CD.
                               Installing Windows XP Professional from a           Demo &
    3         Chap2
                               Server.                                             Hands-on
                               Upgrading to Microsoft Windows XP
                               Using the File and Settings Transfer Wizard to
                               Transfer Settings.

                        CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                        Troubleshooting Failed Installations.

                 Configuring Desktop & Network Environment
                        Configuring and managing hardware.
                        Working with Drivers.
                                                                        Demo &
    4    Chap3          Using Hardware Profile.
                        Configuring Display Options.
                        Configuring System Settings.

                        Configuring the Desktop Environment.
                        Configuring Internet Options for Local
    5    Chap3                                                          Demo &
                        Configuring Local Security Policies.
                        Configuring Dial up Connections.

                        Windows 2000/XP Connectivity.                    Theory,
    6    Chap3          Connecting to a Microsoft Network.              Demo &
                        Connecting to a Novell NetWare Network.          Theory,
         Chap3          Using Offline Folders and Files.                Demo &
                    .                                                   Hands-on
    7            Creating & Managing User & Group Accounts
                        Introduction to User Accounts.
         Chap4                                                          Demo &
                         Guidelines for New User Accounts.              Hands-on
                        Creating Local User Accounts
                        Customizing User Settings with User Profiles.
                        Introduction to Windows 2000/XP Groups.
                        The Strategy for Using local Group in a          Theory,
    8    Chap4                                                          Demo &
                        Creating a Local Group.
                        Adding or Removing Members to a Group.
                         Deleting Local Group.

                        Built-In local Group & Built-In System Group.
                        Logging on to Windows 2000/XP.                   Theory,
    9    Chap4          Windows 2000/XP Authentication Process.         Demo &
                        Configurin g Logon Options in Windows XP.       Hands-on

                 Managing Data Using NTFS                                Theory,
    10   Chap5         Introduction to NTFS File System.                Demo &
                       NTFS Permissions, Folder & File Permissions.     Hands-on

                        CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                        How Windows 2000/XP Applies NTFS
                        NTFS Permissions Inheritance.
                        Using NTFS Permissions.

                        Using Special NTFS Permissions.
                        Granting NTFS Permissions.
                        Using Effective Permissions (only Windows XP).     Theory,
    11   Chap5          Compressing Data on an NTFS Partition.            Demo &
                        Configuring Disk Quotas on NTFS Partitions.       Hands-on
                        Securing Data by Using EFS.

                        Introduction to Shared Folders.
                         Creating Shared Folders.
                        Shared Folders Permissions.
    12   Chap5          Combining NTFS and Shared Folders                 Demo &
                        Permissions.                                      Hands-on
                        Using Administrative Shared Folders.
                        Converting File System.

                 Configuring and Managing Disks
                        Windows 2000/XP Disk Types.
                        Creating Partitions on a Basic Disk.
    13   Chap6          Creating Volumes on a Dynamic Disk.               Demo &
                        Performing Common Disk Management Tasks.          Hands-on
                        Using Diskpart Utility (only in Windows XP).
                        Using Defrage.exe (only in Windows XP).

                        Implementing Disaster Protection.
                        Fault Tolerance by Using RAID.
                        Configuring an Uninterruptible Power Supply.      Demo &
    14   Chap6
                        Backing Up and Restoring Data.                    Hands-on
                        Using Disaster Recovery Tools.

                 Managing Printers
                       Introduction to Printer Terminologies.
                       Adding Printer.                                     Theory,
    15   Chap7         Configuring Printer Properties.                    Demo &
                       Configuring Network Printing in Workgroup.         Hands-on
                       Configuring Advanced Printer Properties.
                       Security Properties Managing Printer permission.

                        CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                        Managing Printers and Print documents.

                 Optimizing Windows 2000/XP Performance &
                        Monitoring Event Logs.
                        Using Task Manager to Monitor System         Demo &
    16   Chap8
                        Resources.                                   Hands-on
                        Using System Monitor to Monitor System
                        Troubleshooting Assess your Situation
                        Creating an Emergency Repair Disk in
                        Windows 2000 Professional.
                        Using Automated System Recovery in           Demo &
    17   Chap8
                        Windows XP Professional.                     Hands-on
                        Maintaining Boot Configuration.

                        Understanding Window s 2000/XP Registry.
                        Registry Editor Overview.
                        To Find and Modify in Registry.
                        Troubleshooting TCP/IP.
                                                                     Demo &
    17   Chap8          Troubleshooting Printers.                    Hands-on
                        Troubleshooting Permissions Problems.
                        The Boot.ini File.
                        ARC Path, Boot.ini Switches, and
                        Modifications to Boot.ini
                 Enhanced Troubleshooting in Windows XP
                       Examining the Windows XP Professional Boot
                       Controlling System Settings During the Boot   Demo &
         Chap9         Process.                                      Hands-on
                       Configuring Program Compatibility.
                       Restoring Computer to a Previous State.

                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Module 4:                                                                       CCNA
Duration:                                                                       30 hours

1 session = 2 hours
 Book Title:                                            Cisco certified Network Associate

    Sessions   Chapter                    Topics to be covered                  Remarks

                                  Internetworking Basic
                                  Internetworking Models                        Self Study
       0       Chapter 1          OSI Reference Model
                                  Ethernet Networking and Cabling
                                  Wireless Networking
                                  Cisco Three-layer Hierarchical Model
                           Internet Protocol
                                  TCP/IP and DoD Model
       0       Chapter 2          IP Addressing                                 Self Study
                                  Broadcast Addresses
                                  Introduction to NAT
                           IP Subnetting and Variable Length Subnet Masks
       0       Chapter 3          Subnetting Basics                             Self Study
                                  Subnetting Class C Addresses
                                  Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSMs)
                                  Troubleshooting IP Addresses
                           Introduction to the CISCO IOS
                                  The Cisco Router User Interface               Theory &
       1                           Cisco IOS                                     Demo
                                   Connecting to Cisco Device
                                   Command line Interface.
                                  Hands On Lab 4.1 Logging into a Router
               Chapter 4          Hands On Lab 4.2 Using the help and Editing
                                  Hands On Lab 4.3 Saving a Router
       2                                                                        Hands On
                                  Hands On Lab 4.4 Setting your Passwords
                                  Hands On Lab 4.5 Setting the Hostname,
                                  Descriptions, IP Address and Clock rate
                           IP Routing
                                  Routing Basics
                                  Configuring IP Routing                        Theory &
       3                          Routing Protocol Basics                        Demo
                                  Configuring Routing Protocol RIP
               Chapter 5          IGRP
                                  Verifying Routing Protocol Configuration
                                 Hands On Lab 5.1 Creating Static Routes
       4                         Hands On Lab 5.2 Dynamic Routing with RIP      Hands On
                                 Hands On Lab 5.3 Dynamic Routing with IGRP

                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                                              Cisco certified Network Associate

    Sessions   Chapter                     Topics to be covered                     Remarks

                           Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP) and Open Shortest Path
                           First (OSPF)
                                   EIGRP Features and Operation
                                   Using EIGRP to Support Large Networks
                                   Configuring EIGRP                                Theory &
                                   Verifying EIGRP                                   Demo
                                   Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Basics
               Chapter 6           Configuring OSPF
                                   Verifying OSPF Configuration
                                   OSPF and Loop back Interfaces
                                   Hands On Lab 6.1 Configuring and Verifying
       6                           Hands On Lab 6.2 Enabling the OSPF process       Hands On
                                   Hands On Lab 6.3 Configuring Neighbors
                                   Hands On Lab 6.4 Verifying OSPF Operation
                           Layer 2 Switching
                                   Switching Services                               Theory &
       7                           Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)                      Demo
               Chapter 7           LAN Switch Types
                                   Configuring Catalyst 1900 and 2950 Switches.
                                  Hands On Lab 7.1 Switch Basic Administrative
       8                          Hands On Lab 7.2 Verifying the Switch             Hands On
                           Virtual LANs (VLANs)
                                    VLAN Basics                                     Theory &
       9                            VLAN Memberships                                 Demo
                                    Identifying VLANs,
               Chapter 8            VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
                                    Routing Between VLANs
                                    Configuring VLANs                               Theory &
                                    VTP, and Switching.                              Demo
                                  Written Lab 8
                           Managing a Cisco Internetwork
                                  The Internal Component of a Cisco Router
                                   Router Boot Sequence
                                   Managing Configuration Registers
                                   Backing and Restoring the Cisco IOS              Theory &
       11      Chapter 9
                                   Backing and Restoring the Cisco Configurations    Demo
                                   Using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
                                   Using Telnet
                                   Resolving Hostnames
                                   Checking Network Connectivity.

                                 CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                                              Cisco certified Network Associate

    Sessions   Chapter                     Topics to be covered                    Remarks
                                  Hands on lab 9.1 Backing up your router IOS
                                  Hands on lab 9.2Upgradiningor restoring router
                                  Hands on lab 9.3 Backing up router
       12                         configuration
                                  Hands on lab 9.4Using the Cisco Discovery
                                  Hands on lab 9.5 Using Telnet
                                  Hands on lab 9.6 Resolving Host names
                            Managing Traffic with Access Lists
                                   Introduction to Access Lists
                                   Standard Access List                             Theory
       13      Chapter 10          Extended Access List                            Demo &
                                   Named Access List                               Hand On
                                   Monitoring Access List.
                                  Hands on lab 10.1Standard IP Access List
                                  Hands on lab 10.2 Extended IP Access List
                            Wide Area Networking Protocols
                                  Introduction to WAN
                                  Cabling the WAN
                                  High-level Data-Link Control (HDLC) Protocol     Theory &
       14                                                                           Demo
                                  Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
                                  Frame Relay
                                  Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
               Chapter 11         Dial-on-Demand Routing (DDR)
                                  Hands on lab 11.1Configuring PPP
                                  Hands on lab 11.2 Configuring and Monitoring
       15                         HDLC                                             Hands On
                                  Hands on lab 11.3Configuring frame relay and
                                  Hands on lab 11.4Configuring ISDN and BRI

                               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Module: 5 Microsoft Windows 2000 & 2003 Admin
Duration:                                                                    80 Hours

1 session = 2 hours
Book Titles:                              Windows 2000 Server Administration Vol-1

   Sessions       Chapters                Topics to be covered                Remarks

                               Windows 2000 Introduction
                                    Introduction to Windows 2000
                                    Windows 2000 Operating Systems             Theory
                      Chap 1        Introduction to Microsoft Active
                                    Directory Services
       1                            Windows 2000 Implementation of
                               Installing Windows 2000 Advance Server
                                    Preparing for Installation
                      Chap 2        Installing Windows 2000 Advance Server      Demo
                                    from a Compact Disc
                                    Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Setup
                               Installation Windows 2000 Advanced
       2              Chap2                                                   Hands-on
                               Basic Administration In Windows 2000
                                    Introduction to Administrative tasks
                                    Control Panel                              Theory
       3              Chap3         Administrative Tools: Event Viewer,       Demo &
                                    Task Manager, Disk Management,            Hands on
                                    Backup Manager, Security Management,
                                    Introduction to Windows 2000 Groups
                                Introduction to Microsoft Windows 2000
                               Networking Infrastructure
                                    Overview of the Windows 2000 Network
       4              Chap4                                                    Theory
                                    Introduction to Intranets, Identifying
                                    Remote Access Methods,
                                    Communicating with Remote Offices,
                                    Providing Internet Access
             CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

             Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration
     Chap5       Overview of DHCP,
                                                          & Demo
                 Installing the DHCP Service,
                 Authorizing DHCP Service,
                 Creating and Configuring a Scope,
                 Customizing DHCP Functionality,
                                                          Demo &
5    Chap5       Configuring DHCP in a Routed Network,    Hands -
                 Supporting DHCP                            on

             Implementing DNS
                Overview of the DNS Query Process,
                Installing the DNS Server Service          Theory &
6    Chap6
                Configuring Name Resolution for Client      Demo
                Creating Zones,
                Configuring Zones,
7    Chap6      Configuring DNS for Internal Use,          Demo &
                Integrating DNS and DHCP, Maintaining Hands on
                and Troubleshooting DNS
             Implementing Name Resolution by Using
                Connecting to NetBIOS-Based Networks,
                WINS Overview,                              Theory
8    Chap7      Configuring WINS Servers and Clients,      Demo &
                Configuring Support for                    Hands on
                Non-WINS Clients, Enabling WINS
                Database Replication,
                Maintaining the WINS Server Database
             Configuring Network Security by Using
             PKI & IPSec.
                 Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure Theory &
9    Chap8      (PKI), Deploying Certificate Services,      Demo
                Using Certificates, Managing Certificates,
                Configuring Active Directory for
                Certificates, Introduction to IPSec,
                Implementing IPSec,
10   Chap8      Configuring TCP/IP for Server Security,    Demo &
                Troubleshooting Certificate Services &     Hands on
               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

               Configuring Remote Access Service
                  Examining Remote Access in Windows
                  2000, Configuring Inbound Connections,
                  Configuring Outbound Connections,
                                                              Theory &
11   Chap9        Configuring Multilink Connections,           Demo
                  Configuring Authentication Protocols,
                  Configuring Encryption Protocols,
                  Configuring Routing and Remote Access
                  for DHCP Integration,
               Configuring Remote Access Service
     Chap 9                                                   Hands 0n
               Configuring a Windows 2000–Based Server
               As a Router
                   Overview of Routers and Routing Tables,
                   Configuring Network                        Theory &
                   Connections, Enabling Routing by Using      Demo
                   Routing and Remote Access
                   Configuring Static Routes, Configuring a
                   Routing Inte0rface,
                   Implementing Demand-Dial Routing,
                   Configuring the Routing Information,
                   Configuring Internet Access by Using a     Demo &
13   Chap 10
                   Router,                                    hands On
          Configuring Internet Access by
                   Using NAT
               Configuring Web Server
                    Overview of Microsoft Internet
                   Information Services (IIS),                 Theory
14   Chap 11       Preparing for an IIS Installation,         Demo &
                   Installing IIS,                            hands On
                   Configuring a Web Site,
                   Administering IIS
               Managing Windows 2000 Network
                   Windows 2000 Management Strategy,
                   Configuring & Using terminal Service for
                   remote administration,                       Self
     Chap 12
                   Simple Network Management Protocol          Study
                   (SNMP) Operation, Implementing the
                   Windows 2000 SNMP Service
               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

               Configuring NetWare Gateway Service
                    Configuring Network Connectivity
                    between Operating System,                   Theory &
     Chap 13                                                     Demo
                    Installing Gateway service for NetWare,
                    Configuring Windows 2000 based Server
                    Gateway Services for NetWare.
               Ins talling and Configuring Terminal
15             Services
                    Introduction to Terminal Services,
                    Planning the Installation,
                    Installing Terminal Services, Configuring   Theory &
     Chap 14                                                     Demo
                    Terminal Services,
                    Establishing a Terminal Session,
                    Configuring Session Settings,
                    Installing Applications on a Terminal
               Installing and Configuring Terminal
     Chap 14   Services                                         Hands On

               Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Network
                   Troubleshooting Network Problems,
                   Identifying the Symptoms and Causes of
                   Network Problems,
                   Resolving TCP/IP Problems,                    Theory
     Chap 16       Resolving Name Resolution Problems,          Demo &
                   Troubleshooting Network Services,            Hands on
                   Monitoring the Network
                   Troubleshooting Routing,
                   Troubleshooting Network Problems by
                   Using Network Monitor

               Remote Installation Service
                  Installing and configuring RIS                 Theory
17   Chap15                                                     Demo &
                  Authorizing and Managing RIS server           Hands on
                  Setting up RIS Client
                          CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Titles:                         Windows 2000 Server Administration Vol-2

   Sessions    Sessions                    Sessions                     Sessions
                          Introduction to Active Directory
                              Active Directory logical structure &
                              physical structure,
                              Methods for administering a Windows
                              2000 network,
                              Introduction to the role of DNS in Active
                              DNS and Active Directory, DNS name
      18       Chap 1         resolution in Active Directory,
                                                                         & Demo
                              Active Directory integrated zones,
                              Installing and configuring DNS to support
                              Active Directory,
                              Naming identifying, and accessing Active
                              Directory objects,
                              Active Directory naming strategies,
                              DNS deployment strategies for Active
                          Creating a Windows 2000 Domain
                              Introduction to creating a Windows 2000
                              Installing Active Directory,                Theory
      19       Chap 2         The Active Directory installation process, Demo &
                              Examining the default structure of Active Hands on
                              Performing post Active Directory
                              installation tasks,
                              Publishing Resources in Active Directory,
                              Setting up and administering published
      20       Chap 2         Implementing printer locations,            Demo &
                              Setting up and administering published     Hands on
                              shared folders,
                              Comparing published objects and shared
                          Active Directory Administration
                                                                         Theory &
      21        Chap3         Object security in Active Directory,
                              Controlling access to Active Directory
              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                  Delegating administrative control of
                  Active Directory objects, Secure access to
                  Active Directory,
                  Developing a plan to delegate
                  administrative authority,
22   Chap3       Customizing MMC consoles                      Demo &
                 Taskpads                                      Hands on
              Group Policy
                 Introduction to Group Policy, Group
                 Policy structure,
                 Working with Group Policy objects,
                 How Group Policy settings are applied in       Theory
23   Chap 4      Active Directory,                             Demo &
                 Modifying Group Policy inheritance,           Hands on
                 Delegating administrative control of
                 Group Policy,
                 Monitoring and troubleshooting Group
                 Using Group Policy to Manage User
                 Introduction to Administrative Templates,
                 Using Administrative Templates in Group
                 Assigning scripts in Group Policy,
                 Using Group Policy to redirect user
                 folders,                                       Theory
24   Chap 4      Using Group Policy to secure the user         Demo &
                 environment,                                  Hands on
                 Using Group Policy to Manage Software,
                 Windows Installer technology, Deploying
                 Configuring software deployment,
                 Maintaining deployed software,
                 Removing deployed software,
                 Troubleshooting software deployment
              Creating and Managing Trees and Forests
                 Introduction to trees and forests, Creating
25   Chap 5                                                    Demo &
                 trees and forests,
                                                               Hands on
                 Trust relationships in trees and forests,
              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                  The global catalog, Strategies for using
                  groups in trees and forests,
                  Planning for a multip le-domain tree,
                  Planning for a multiple-tree forest,
                  Planning for multiple forests,
                  Troubleshooting creating and managing
                  trees and forests
              Active Directory Replication
                  Introduction to Active Directory
                  Replication components and processes,
                  Directory replication versus directory
                  Active Directory replication model,
                  Replication topology,
26   Chap 6                                                   Demo &
                  Using sites to optimize Active Directory    Hands on
                  Implementing sites to manage Active
                  Directory replication,
                  Monitoring replication traffic,
                  Adjusting replication
                  Troubleshooting Active Directory
              Operation Master
                  Introduction to Operation Master,
                  Operation Master Roles,                      Theory
27   Chap 7       Operation Master Default Locations,         Demo &
                  Schema Master, Domain Name Master,          Hands on
                  PCD Emulator, RID Master,
                  Infrastructure Master & Global catalog
              Maintaining the Active Directory Database
                  Active Directory data store model, Active
                  Directory data store process,
                  Introduction to maintaining the Active
                  Directory database,                          Theory
28   Chap 8       The process of modifying data in Active     Demo &
                  Directory,                                  Hands on
                  The garbage collection process,
                  Backing up Active Directory,
                  Restoring Active Directory,
                  Moving the Active Directory database,
                         CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                             Defragmenting the Active Directory

                         Faculty Feedback & Exam

Book Title:                               Windows Server 2003 Administration

   Sessions   Chapters              Topics to be covered               Remarks

                         Introduction to Microsoft Windows Server
                         2003 Core Functionality
                             Scalability Improvements: - Hardware
                             Scalability & Windows System Resource
                             Deployment Improvements:- Remote
                             Installation Services & Automated
                             Deployment Services
      30       Chap 1        Application Server Improvements :- IIS     Theory
                             6.0, web Services, Application
                             Verification and Compatibility,
                             Background Intelligent Transfer Service
                             Manageability Improvements:-
                             Remote Desktop for Administration,
                             Headless Operation, Emergency
                             Management Services
                             Terminal Services Enhancements
                         Improvements to Active Directory and
                             Forest and Domain Functional Levels
                             Security Improvements: Improvements in
                             Default Security Descriptors, Audit and
                             SACL Policy, Trust Improvements
                             Implementation Enhancements:
                             Redirecting Users and Computers           Theory &
      31       Chap 2
                             Containers, Creating Replica domain        Demo
                             controllers from a backup, Inter-Site
                             replication improvements, Prevent
                             Overloading Domain Controllers
                             Active Directory Administration Tools
                             DNS Enhancements: Conditional
                             Forwarding, Stub Zones, Application
              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                 Partitions for DNS, DNS Configuration
              Improvements to Group Policy
                 New Group Policy Features and Settings
                 Group Policy Management Console            Theory &
32   Chap 3      (GPMC): Introduction to GPMC,               Demo
                 Managing Group Policy Objects,
                 Managing GPO Assignments, GPMC
                 Results and Modeling, Importing,
                 Exporting and Backing Up GPOs

                 Windows Management Instrumentation
33   Chap 3                                                 Demo &
                 (WMI) Filtering
                                                            Hands On
                 Scripting Group Policy
              Upgrading and Restructuring
                 Upgrading from Windows 2000: ADPrep,        Theory
34   Chap 4      Active Directory Migration Tool v2         Demo &
                 Restructuring & Renaming Domains           Hands On
                 Forest Trusts
              Command Line and Administration
                 Administration Tools: Adminpak.msi,
                 Managing servers remotely, Management
35   Chap 5                                                 Demo &
                 Tool Strategy,
                                                            Hands On
                 Command Line Standards: CMD.EXE,
                 Top Command Line Tools
              Terminal Services Enhancements
                 Terminal Server Benefits
                 Terminal Services Client and Server Side
                 Terminal Services Permissions               Theory
36   Chap 6      Enterprise Deployment: Installation and    Demo &
                 Provisioning                               Hands On
                 Upgrading from Windows 2000
                 New Group Policy Support for Terminal
                 Licensing Improvements and Models
                 Distributed File System (DFS)              Theory &
38   Chap 7      Implementing DFS
                 Configuring DFS                            Hands on
              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

              Windows Server 2003 as an Application
              Server - IIS 6.0 and Web Services
                  Application Server Features and Roles
                  Installing and Configuring the              Theory
     Chap 8       Application Server Role
                  IIS 6.0 Reliability Features: Fault
                  Tolerance Architecture, HTTP.sys,
                  Application Pools, WWW Service,
                  Worker Processes
                  IIS 6.0 Manageability Features:
                  Configuration Metabase, Server Backup
                  and Restore, Software Patch
                  Management, Web Admin Service
                  (WAS), Logging
                  IIS 6.0 Performance and Scalability         Theory
39   Chap 8       Features                                   Demo &
                  IIS 6.0 Security Features: Configuration   Hands On
                  Metabase, Locked Down Server by
                  Default, Application Isolation, Network
                  Service Account, SSL and Passport
                  Integration, Authorization Improvements
                  Web Services
              Secure Connected Infrastructure in
              Windows Server 2003
                  Introduction to Secure Connected
     Chap 9       Authentication Enhancements                 Theory
40                Smart Card Enhancements
                  Virtual Private Networks
                  Faculty Feed back & Exam                    Exam
                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Module 6:                                               RHCE Certification
Duration:                                                                        80 Hours
                                Sub-module 1: RH033
                          Introduction to Red Hat Linux I, II
Duration:                                                                        20 Hours

1 session = 2 hours
Book Title:                                                      Red Hat Linux Essentials

Sessions      Chapters                   Topics to be covered                    Remarks

                                UNIX History
                                UNIX principles
                                GNU Project / FSF
                                GPL - GNU General Public License
                                Linux Origins
                                Why Linux?
    1         Unit 1            Red Hat Enterprise Linux                          Theory
                                Recommended Hardware Specifications
                                Local Logins
                                Virtual Consoles
                                Running Commands
                                Command Example: Date, Time and Calendar
                                Changing Your Password
                                Linux Graphical Environments
                         Command Line Filesystem Browsing
                                Linux File Hierarchy Concepts
                                Current Working Directory
                                Changing Directories
                                Listing Directory Contents
                                The Home Directory
                                Absolute Pathnames
                                Relative Pathnames
                                File Names
                                Copying Files and Directories
                                Copying Files and Directories: The Destination    Theory,
    2         Unit 2            Moving and Renaming Files and Directories        Demo &
                                Moving and Renaming Files and Directorie s:      Hands On
                         The Destination
                                Removing and Creating Files
                                Creating and Removing Directories
                                Determining File Content
                                Viewing an Entire Text File
                                Viewing Files One Screenful at a Time
                                Getting Help: man pages
                                Other Help utilities
                                Lab: Command Line Filesystem browsing

                               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                                                    Red Hat Linux Essentials

Sessions      Chapters                  Topics to be covered                 Remarks

                         GNOME and dKDE Desktops
                                 The X Window System
                                 Starting XFree86
                                 Switching Between GNOME and KDE             Theory &
              Unit 3             nautilus
                                 Graphical Terminals
                                 Graphical Editors
                                 Web Browsers
                                 OpenOffice .org Office Suite
                                 Useful Keystrokes in X
                                 Useful Keystrokes in X: Copy and Paste
                         The bash Shell
                                 bash Introduction
                                 bas Heritage
                                 Command Line Shortcuts                       Theory
              Unit 4             Command Line Expansion                      Demo &
                                 Protecting from Expansion                   Hands On
                                 History Tricks
                                 Command Editing Tricks
                                 Lab: Exploring the bash Shell
                         Users, Groups, and Permissions
                                 The root User
                                 The Linux Security modek
                                 Linux File Security
                                 Linux Process Security
                                 Examing Permissions                          Theory
    4         Unit 5             User Categories                             Demo &
                                 File Permission Types                       Hands On
                                 Examining Directories
                                 Examining User Permissions
                                 Examining Group Permissions
                                 Examining Other Permissions
                                 Changing Permissions - Symbolic Method
                                 Changing Permission - Numeric Method

                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                                                       Red Hat Linux Essentials

Sessions      Chapters                   Topics to be covered                   Remarks

                         vi and vim Editor and Printing
                                 Overview of vi and vim
                                 Starting vi and vim
                                 Three Modes of vi and via
                                 Cursor Movement
                                 Entering Insert Mode
                                 Leaving Insert Mode: <Esc>
                                 Change, Delete, and Yank
    5                            Put (paste)
              Unit 6             Undoing Changes
                                 Searching for Text
                                 Saving and Exiting: ex mode
                                 A Few Tricks
                                 Printing in Linux
                                 Printing Commands
                                 Printing Utilities

                         Lab: vi and vim Editor Basics
    6                                                                           Hands On

                         The Linux Filesystem
                                Partitions and Filesystems
                                cp and Inodes
                                mv and Inodes
                                rm and Inodes
                                Symbolic (or solft) Links
                                Hard Links
                                The Seven Fundamental Filetypes
                                Checking Fire Space
                                find                                             Theory
    7         Unit 7            Finding and Processing Files                    Demo &
                                Mounting Removable Media                        Hands On
                                Formatting a Floppy
                                Why Archive Files?
                                Creating an Archive
                                Extracting an Archive
                                Why Use File Compression?
                                Compression Utilities
                                Using Compression
                                Compressing Archives
                                tar to Unformatted Floppies
                                Lab: The Linux Filesystem

                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                                                       Red Hat Linux Essentials

Sessions      Chapters                   Topics to be covered                     Remarks

                         Configuring GNOME, KDE, and X-based Tools
                                 A Layered Vision of the X Windows System
                                 Window Managers
                                 The GNOME Control Center
                                 The KDE Control Center                            Theory
    8         Unit 8             The panel Application                            Demo &
                                 Configuring nautilus
                                                                                  Hands On
                                 Configuring gnome-terminal
                                 Saving Desktop Configuration Across Logins
                                 X-based Email Clients
                                 Configuring evolution
                                 Lab: Configuring the X Window System
                         The bash Shell and Configuration
                                 The bash Shell and Configuration
                                 Configuring the Shell: Local Variables
                                 Common Local Variables
                                 The PS1 Local Variable
                                 Other Shell Configuration Methods
                                 Configuring Commands: Environment
                                 Common Environment Variables
    9         Unit 9                                                              Demo &
                                 The TERM Environment Variable
                                                                                  Hands On
                                 The PATH Environment Variable
                                 How the Shell Expands the Command Line
                                 Shell Startup Scripts
                                 Login Shells
                                 Startup Scripts: Order of Execution
                                 -/ .basg_profile and-/ .bashrc
                                 -/ .bash_logout
                                 Lab: The bash Shell and Configuration
                         Advanced Topics in Users, Groups, and Permissions
                                 User and Group ID Numbers
                                 /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, and /etc/group Files
                                 System Users and Groups
                                 Changing Your Identity                            Theory
    10        Unit 10            User Information Commands                        Demo &
                                 Default File Permissions                         Hands On
                                 Special Permissions
                                 Special Permissions for Executables
                                 Special Permissions for Directories
                                 Lab: Switching Users and Setting a unmask

                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                                                      Red Hat Linux Essentials

Sessions      Chapters                   Topics to be covered                  Remarks

                         Advanced Uses of the vi and vim Editors
                               File Repositioning
                               Screen Repositioning
                               ex mode: Search and Replace                      Theory
              Unit 11          Advanced Reading and Saving                     Demo &
                               Configuring vi and vim                          Hands On
                               Expanding you Vocabulary
                               A Peak at the Appendix
                               Lab: Advanced Use a of the vi and vim Editors

                         Standard I/O and Pipes
    11                          Standard Input and Output
                                Redirecting Input and Output
                                Redirecting Output
                                Redirecting Standard Output
                                Overwriting or Appending
                                Redirecting Standard Error
              Unit 12                                                          Demo &
                                Redirecting Both Standard Output and Error     Hands On
                                Redirecting Input
                                Using Pipes to Connect Processes
                                Piping into the mail Command
                                Lab: Standard I/O and Pipes

                         Introduction to String Processing
                                 Head, tal, wc, sort, quni, cut
                                 Other String Processing Tools                  Theory
              Unit 13            Version Comparison with diff                  Demo &
                                 Spell Checking with aspell                    Hands On
                                 Formatting Tools
                                 Lab: Introduction to String Processing
                         String Processing and Regular Expressions
                                 Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
                                 Wildcard Characters
    12                           Modifiers, Anchors
                                 regex Combinations
                                 Regular Expressions - Examples
                                 Quote your regex's!
              Unit 14            Grep, sed
                                 less and slocate
                                 Regular Expressions in vi and vim
                                 Extended Regular Expressions
                                 Extended regex Syntax
                                 Lab: String Processing with Regular

                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                                                       Red Hat Linux Essentials

Sessions      Chapters                   Topics to be covered                     Remarks

                         Introduction to Processes
                                 What is a Process?
                                 How Processes are Created
                                 Process Ancestry
                                 Process States
                                 Viewing Processes
                                 Sending Signals to Processes
                                 Terminating Processes
                                 Altering Process Scheduling Priority
                                 Running a Process in the Foreground
    13        Unit 15
                                 Running a Process in the Background
                                 Suspending a Process
                                 Listing Background and Suspended Jobs
                                 Resuming Suspend Jobs
                                 Compound Commands
                                 Scheduling a Process to Execute Later
                                 Scheduling Periodic Processes
                                 Using cron
                                 crontab File Format
                                 Lab: Process Control
                         - bash Shell Scripting
                                 Scripting Basics
                                 Creating Shell Scripts
                                 Generating Output
                                 Handling Input
                                 Using Positional Parameters
                                 Using Functions in Shell Scripts
                                 Exit Status
    14        Unit 16            Control Structures, Conditional Execution
                                 Selection Structures: Using the if Statement
                                 File Tests, String Tests
                                 Selection Structures: Using if/else Statements
                                 Selection Structures: Using the case Statement
                                 Repetition Structures: The for loop
                                 Repetition Structures: The while loop
                                 continue and break
                                 Shell Script Debugging
                         Basic Networking Clients
                                 ssh: Secure Shell, sco: Secure Copy
                                 telnet and the 'r' Services
              Unit 17
                                 links Web Client
                                 mutt, rsync, wget
    15                           Network Diagnostic Tools
                                 Lab: Basic Networking Clients
                         Programming and Administration
                                 Programming Tools & Languages
              Unit 18            Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
                                 System Administrator Duties
                                 Red Hat Administration Classes

                                   CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                                  Sub-module 2: RH133
                         Red Hat Linux System Administration I, II
Duration:                                                                          30 Hours

1 session = 2 hours
Book Title:      Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration

Sessions      Chapters                       Topics to be covered                  Remarks
                           Hardware, Device Configuration, and Installation
                                  Initial Installation
                                  Hardware Overview
                                  Hardware Compatibility
                                  General Hardware Resources
                                  CPU and Memory
                                  Filesystem Device Nodes
    16                            System Bus Support                                Theory
                                  Hotswappable Bus Support
                                  Disk Partitioning
                                  Sample Partition Structure
                                  Block Devices and Filesystems
                                  Filesystem Schemes
              Unit 1              The Red Hat Installer
                                  Installer Features
                                  Red Hat Linux Installation
                                  Partitioning Hard Drives
                                  Software RAID
                                  LVM: Logical Volume Manger
                                  Network Configuration
                                  Firewall Setup                                    Theory
    17                            Package Selection                                Demo &
                                  Validating Installation                          Hands On
                                  Serial Console Installation
                                  noprobe Mode and Driver Disks
                                  Post-Install Configuration
                                  System Configuration
                                  Lab: Hardware and Installation

                           Linux Filesystem Management
                                    System Initialization: Device Recognition
                                    Disk Partitioning
                                    Managing Partitions
                                    Managing Data: Filesystem Basics
                                    Managing Data: Filesystem Creation
                                    Journaling for ext2 filesystem: ext3
                                    ReiserFS and JFS
                                    Managing Data : mount
                                    Managing Data : mount options                   Theory
                                    Managing Data : mount by example
    18        Unit 2                Managing Data : Connecting Network Resources   Demo &
                                    M anaging Data : Unmounting Filesystems        Hands On
                                    Managing Data : The Auto-Mounter
                                    ext2/ext3 Filesystem Attributes
                                    Virtual Memory Files
                                    Filesystem Maintenance
                                    Filesystem Maintenance (cont.)
                                    Determining Filesystem Usage
                                    Adding a Drive
                                    Lab: Using autofs And Adding Swap

                                 CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:      Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration

Sessions      Chapters                      Topics to be covered                Remarks
                         System Initialization and Services
                                  Boot Sequence
                                  BIOS Initialization
                                  Boot Loader
                                  Kernel Initialization
                                  init Initialization
                                  Run levels
                                  Daemon processes                               Theory
    19        Unit 3              /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit                          Demo &
                                  /etc/rc.d/rc                                  Hands On
                                  System V run levels
                                  Virtual Consoles
                                  Controlling Services
                                  System Shutdown
                                  System Reboot
                                  Lab: Managing Startup
                         User Administration
                                  User Policy Considerations
                                  The User Account Database - /etc/passwd
                                  Adding a New User Account
                                  Modifying / DeletingAccounts
                                  Password Aging Policies
                                  Authentication Configuration
                                  NIS Configuration
                                  Group Administration                           Theory
                                  Switching Accounts
    20        Unit 4                                                            Demo &
                                  File Ownership
                                  Linux File Permissions                        Hands On
                                  SUID / SGID Executables
                                  The Sticky Bit
                                  The Setgid Access Mode
                                  Default File Permissions
                                  User Private Groups
                                  User Environment
                                  The Linux Quota System
                                  Lab: User and Group Administration
                         Network Configuration
                                  Device Recognition
                                  Network Interfaces
                                  Address Resolution Protocol
                                  mii-tool                                       Theory
    21                            ifconfig
                                  ifup/ifdown                                    Demo
                                  Interface Configuration Files
                                  Configuration Utilities
                                  Multiple NICs
              Unit 5              Binding Multiple IP Addresses
                                  Allowing User Control of Network Interfaces
                                  Basic Ip Routes
                                  Default Route                                  Theory
                                  IP Forwarding
    22                            Global Network Parameters
                                                                                Demo &
                                  Name Resolution                               Hands On
                                  DNS Client Configuration
                                  Network Diagnostics
                                  Lab: Static Network Settings

                                 CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:      Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration

Sessions      Chapters                      Topics to be covered               Remarks
                         System Administration Tools
                                   Using alternatives
                                   Print System user Interface
                                   CUPS Overview
                                   CUPS Configuration Files
                                   CUPS Queue Management
                                   /etc/printcap and redhat-config-printer
                                   Task Automation
                                   Using at
                                   Controlling Access to at
                                   Using cron
                                   crontab format
                                   System crontab Files                         Theory
                                   Controlling Access to cron
    23        Unit 6                                                           Demo &
                                   Using tmpwatch
                                   System Log Configuration                    Hands On
                                   System Logging
                                   Maintaining Logs
                                   Monitoring Logs
                                   Managing what is
                                   System Monitoring and process Control
                                   Backup to Tape
                                   Controlling Tape Drives
                                   Using tar
                                   Using dump/restore
                                   Using cpio
                                   Remote Backups
                                   Other Backup Software
                                   Lab: System Administration Tools
                         Unit 7 - RPM, Boot Loaders, and Kickstart
                                   The RPM Way
                                   RPM Package Manager
                                   Installing and Removing Software
                                   Updating a Kernel RPM
                                   RPM Queries
                                   RPM Queries and Verification
                                   Other RPM Utilities and Features
                                   Red hat Network (RHN)
                                   Automatic Dependency Resolution
                                   RHN in the Enterprise                        Theory
                                   RHN Registration
    24        Unit 7                                                           Demo &
                                   The up2date utility
                                   Remote Administration                       Hands On
                                   Boot Loader Components
                                   GRUB and grub.conf
                                   Starting the Boot Process: GRUB
                                   Multiboot Systems
                                   Red Hat Linux Network Installation Server
                                   Using Kickstart to Automate Installation
                                   Kickstart : Commands section
                                   Kickstart: %packages
                                   Kickstart: %pre, %post
                                   Lab: RPM and Kickstart

                                 CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:      Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration

Sessions      Chapters                     Topics to be covered            Remarks
                         Kernel Services and Configuration
                                  Kernel Modules
                                  Kernel Module Configuration
                                  The /proc filesystem
                                  /proc/sys configuration with sysct1       Theory
     25       Unit 8              Software RAID Configuration              Demo &
                                  Software RAID Recovery                   Hands On
                                  Creating Logical Volumes
                                  Resizing Logical Volumes
                                  Logical Volume Snapshots
                                  Lab: Logical Volumes and RAID
                         The X Window System
                                  The X Windows System
                                  The X Protocol
                                  Network - Transparent
                                  X Security
                                  xauth with ssh
                                  X Modularity                              Theory
     26       Unit 9              Window Managers                          Demo &
                                  Display Managers                         Hands On
                                  XFree86 Startup (startx)
                                  XFree86 Startup (prefdm)
                                  X Server Configuration
                                  X Server Design
                                  The X Font Server
                                  Things to Check: X
                                  Things to Check: Services
                                  Things to Check: Networking
                                  Things to Check: Booting                  Theory
                                  Filesystem Corruption
     27       Unit 10                                                      Demo &
                                  Filesystem Recovery
                                  Recovery Run-levels                      Hands On
                                  Boot Floppies
                                  Rescue Environment
                                  Rescue Environment Utilities
                                  Rescue Environment Details
                                  Lab: System Rescue and Troubleshooting

                               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                              Sub-module 3: RH253
               Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration
Duration:                                                              30 Hours

1 session = 2 hours
Book Title:      Red Hat Network Services & Security Administration

Sessions      Chapters                 Topics to be covered            Remarks

                         Introduction to System Services
                                Service Management
                                Services Managed by init
                                System V Service Management
     28       Unit 1                                                   Demo &
                                xinetd Managed Services
                                                                       Hands On
                                The xinetd Daemon
                                The /etc/sysconfig/ files
                                Fault Analysis
                                Lab: Introduction to System Services
                         Organizing Networked Systems
                                Domain Name System(DNS)
                                Zones, Domains & Delegation
                                Name Server Hierarchy
                                The DNS Server
                                Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND)
                                Service Profile: DNS
                                Configuring BIND
                                Global Options
                                Address Match Lists and ac1
                                Master and Slave Zones,
                                Reverse Lookup Zones, Special Zones
                                Zone Files                              Theory
     29       Unit 2            Resource Records (RR)                  Demo &
                                SOA (Start of Authority)               Hands On
                                NS (Name Server)
                                Main Record Types
                                Example Zone File
                                Round robin Load Sharing through DNS
                                Delegating Subdomains
                                BIND Syntax Utilities
                                caching-only Name Server
                                BIND Utilities
                                Advanced BIND Features
                                DHCP Overview
                                Service Profile: DHCP
                                Configuring a DHCP Server
                                Lab: Organizing Networked Systems

                               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:      Red Hat Network Services & Security Administration

Sessions      Chapters                  Topics to be covered               Remarks

                         Network File Sharing Services
                                NFS File Service (NFS)
                                Service Profile: NFS
                                NFS Server
                                Client-side NFS
                                Service Profile: FTP
                                Samba Services
                                Samba Daemons
                                Service Profile: SMB                        Theory
     30       Unit 3            Configuring Samba                          Demo &
                                Overview of smb.conf Sections              Hands On
                                Configuring File and Directory Sharing
                                Printing to the Samba Server
                                Authentication Methods
                                Samba Client Tools: smbclient
                                Samba mounts in /etc/fstab
                                Lab: Network File Sharing Services
                         Electronic Mail Services
                                Sendmail Features
                                Security and "Anti-Spam" Features
                                An Email Review
                                Server Operations
                                Service Profile Sendmail
                                Main Configuration Files
                                Other Configuration Files
                                Sendmail Configuration with the m4 Macro
                                Sendmail m4 Macro File: Introduction
                                Sendmail m4 Macro File: Features
                                Sendmail and Client Configuration           Theory
                                Other Valuable m4 directives                Demo
              Unit 4            Additional Sendmail Configuration Files
                                Blacklisting Recipients
                                Debugging Sendmail
                                Using alternative
                                Service Profile: Postfix
                                Configuring Postfix
                                Additional Postfix Configuration
                                Enhanced Postfix Configuration
                                Procmail Delivery
                                Lab: Electronic Mail Services
     32                                                                    Hands On

                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:      Red Hat Network Services & Security Administration

Sessions      Chapters                   Topics to be covered         Remarks

                         Unit 5 The HTTP Service
                                 Apache Overview
                                 Apache Server Configuration
                                 Virtual Hosts
                                 Apache Namespace Configuration        Theory
     33                          Apache Access Configuration          Demo &
              Unit 5
                                 Using .htaccess Files
                                                                      Hands On
                                 Notable Apache Modules
                                 Squid Web Proxy Cache
                                 Service Profile: Squid
                                 Lab: The HTTP Service
                         Unit 6 - Security Concerns and Policy
                                 Definition of Security
                                 Attacks from the Network
                                 Principles of Security
                                 Security Practices
                                 Diagnostic Utilities
                                 Which Services Are Running?
     34       Unit 6             Remote Service Detection              Theory
                                 Isolate Vulnerabliities
                                 Security Policy: the Systems
                                 Security Policy: the People
                                 Response Strategies
                                 Additional Resources
                                 Lab: Security Concerns and Policy

                         Unit 7 - Authentication Services
                                 Authentication basics
                                 Service Profile: PAM
                                 PAM Operation
                                 Core PAM Modules
                                 Authentication Modules
                                 Miscellaneous PAM Modules
                                 Password Security
                                 password Policy
                                 Resource Limits
     35       Unit 7                                                  Demo &
                                 User Access Control
                                                                      Hands On
                                 Single user Mode
                                 Authentication Troubleshooting
                                 NIS Overview
                                 Service Profile: NIS
                                 NIS Server Topology
                                 Configuring an NIS Server
                                 NIS Client Configuration
                                 NIS Troubleshooting
                                 Lab: Authentication Services

                               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:      Red Hat Network Services & Security Administration

Sessions      Chapters                  Topics to be covered          Remarks

                         Unit 8 - System Monitoring
                                 Introduction to System Monitoring
                                 File System Analysis
                                 Set User and Group ID Permissions
                                 Typical Problematic Permissions
                                 EXT2 Filesystem Attributes
                                 System Log Files                      Theory
     36       Unit 8             syslogd and klogd configuration      Demo &
                                 Advanced syslogd configuration       Hands On
                                 Log File Analysis
                                 Monitoring and Limiting Processes
                                 Processes Monitoring Utilities
                                 System Activity Reporting
                                 Process Accounting Tools
                                 Lab: System monitoring
                         Securing Networks
                                 Routing Principles
                                 Netfilter Overview
                                 Netfilter Architecture
                                 Netfilter Tables and Chains
                                 Netfilter Packet Flow
                                 Rule Matching
                                 Rule Targets
     37       Unit 9                                                  Demo &
                                 Simple Example
                                                                      Hands On
                                 Basic Chain Operations
                                 Directional Filtering
                                 Connection Tracking
                                 Network Address Translation (NAT)
                                 Rule persistence
                                 The "Bastion Host"
                                 Lab: Securing Networks
                         Securing Services
                                 SystemV Startup Control
                                 Securing the Service
                                 tcp_wrappers Configuration
                                 Daemon Specification                  Theory
     38       Unit 10            Client Specification                  Demo
                                 Advanced Syntax
                                 Securing xinetd-managed services
                                 Host Patterns
                                 Advanced Security Options

                                CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:      Red Hat Network Services & Security Administration

Sessions      Chapters                   Topics to be covered         Remarks

                         Securing Data
                                The Need for Encryption
                                Cryptographic Building Blocks
                                Random Numbers
                                One-Way Hashes
                                Symmetric Encryption
                                Asymmetric Encryption I
                                Asymmetric Encryption II
                                Public Key Infrastructures
     39       Unit 11           Digital Certificates
                                Generating Digital Certificates
                                OpenSSH Overview
                                OpenSSH Authentication
                                The OpenSSH Server
                                Service Profile: SSH
                                OpenSSH Server Configuration
                                The OpenSSH Client
                                Protecting Your Keys
                                Applications: RPM
                         Module Exam & Faculty Feedback
     40       Exam                                                     Exam

                               CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

                   Sun Solaris 9.0 Administration
Duration:                                                                       80 Hours

1 session = 2 hours
Book Title:                                                 UNIX Fundamentals 20 Hrs
   Sessions      Chapters                  Topics to be covered            Remarks
                            Introduction to UNIX
                               Features of UNIX OS, History of UNIX,
      1          Chap1         Comparison of UNIX and other OS.                  Theory
                               The Kernel, Feature of kernel, Block Diagram
                               Explanation of system kernel
                            Introduction to UNIX Contd..
                               The Shell, Features of Shell, Various types of
      2          Chap1         shell – Bourne shell, C Shell, Korn Shell,        Theory
                               Restricted Shell & Visual Shell, standard
                               input and output, shell variables & advanced
                               features of shell
                            The File System,
                               Characteristics of UNIX Filesystem,
                               Ordinary files & directory files,
      3          Chap2         Structure of the UNIX Filesystem,                 Theory
                               Boot block, super block, I-node block & data
                               UNIX file permissions, Security features
                            The Process
                               The structure of process, process state
      4          Chap3         transition, Parents & Child process, ps          Theory &
                               command,                                          Demo
                               System processes, wait command, kill
                               command & the time command.
                            Memory Management
      5          Chap4         Disk Swapping, Allocation of swap space,          Theory
                               Swapping process in & out,
                               Demand paging & the UNIX scheduler
                            UNIX Commands
                               File Management Commands – pwd, cd, ls,          Demo &
      6          Chap5         cat, pg, mv, cp, copy, ln, mkdir, rm, rmdir,     Hands on
                               File Searching & Modification Commands -
                               wc, find, du, df, cmp, comm., diff
                            UNIX Commands
                               Redirection, Pipes and Filter Commands-Input
                               & output Operator, pipes, tee, head & tail
                               commands, cut & paste, sed, grep, sort, File     Demo &
      7          Chap5
                               Permission and Encryption Commands –             Hands on
                               crypt, Multiuser, Multiprocessing &
                               Timesharing Commands – who, who am I, ps,
                               chmod, chown, umask, &(background),

                             CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                                                      UNIX Fundamentals 20 Hrs
  Sessions     Chapters                    Topics to be covered                 Remarks
                              Utilities – date, bc, spell, cal, banner etc

                          vi Editor
                              Introduction to text editors, setting the
                              terminal types, Three                                  Demo &
       8        Chap6         modes of vi, vi shortcuts and function keys,           Hands on
                              adding editing,
                              replacing, deleting text using vi editor, vi
                              editor options.
                          Shell Scripting
                              Shell script basics, how shell script works,
                              Special characters,                                    Demo &
       9        Chap7         system shell variables, .profile file, interactive     Hands on
                              shell scripts, shell
                              script arguments, positional parameters and
                              sets, command
                          Shell Scripting Contd..
                              Substitution, scripts, pipes & redirection,
                              command grouping,                                      Demo &
      10        Chap7         Conditional execution, command terminators,            Hands on
                              Special shell variables,
                              Inserting comments, Looping, Conditional
                              looping & sample shell scripts

Book Title:                    Solaris 9.0 S ystem Administration : 60 hours
    Sessions   Chapters                     Topics to be covered                     Remarks
                          Introduction to Solaris 9
                              What is UNIX?
                              The History of UNIX
                              The Solaris Advantage
                              Hardware Support (SPARC and x86)
                              Cross-Platform Interoperability
                              What’s new in Solaris 9
                              Resource Manager
       1        Chap1         Linux Compatibility Tools                               Theory
                              iPlanet Directory Server
                              Volume Manager
                              Live Upgrade
                              Smaller Installation Footprint
                              Virtual Memory Sizing
                              New Multithreading Library
                              Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
                              Open Secure Shell (OpenSSH)
                              Web-Based Enterprise Management
                          System Concepts
                              The Kernel                                           Theory Demo &
       2        Chap2
                              The Shell                                              Hands on
                              The File System

                              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                     Solaris 9.0 S ystem Administration : 60 hours
    Sessions   Chapters                      Topics to be covered                 Remarks
                              Multiuser vs. Multitasking
                              Client/Server Networks
                              Basic Networking Terminology
                              System Configuration
                              Naming Services
                              Server-Side Java
                              SPARC Hardware
                              Intel Hardware
                              Devices Supported Under Solaris Intel
                                   Exercise 2-1
                          The OpenBoot PROM
                             The OpenBoot PROM Monitor
                             Analyzing System Configuration
                             Changing the Default Boot Device
                             Testing System Hardware                            Theory Demo &
       3        Chap3        Creating and Removing Device Aliases                 Hands on
                             Troubleshooting Booting Problems
                             Using eeprom
                             Halting a Hung System
                             STOP Commands
                             Boot Commands
                          Solaris 9 Installation
                              Preinstallation Planning
                              Disk Space Planning
                              Device Names
                              Intel Preinstallation
       4        Chap4         Boot Manager                                      Theory & Demo
                              Web Start Wizard Installation
                              Software Selection
                              Network Installation
                              Suninstall Installation

                Chap4     Exercise 4.1 Solaris 9 Installation                     Hands on

                          System Run Levels
                              Startup and Shutdown
                              Run Levels
                              Control Scripts and Directories
                              Boot Sequence                                     Theory Demo &
       5        Chap5
                              System Startup & Shutdown                           Hands On
                              Writing Kill Scripts
                              Displaying eeprom Variables
                              Shutting Down the System
                              Changing init States
                          Managing Users
                             User Characteristics                               Theory demo &
       6        Chapt6
                             Adding Users, Modifying User Attributes              Hands On
                             Deleting Users

                              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                    Solaris 9.0 S ystem Administration : 60 hours
    Sessions   Chapters                     Topics to be covered                 Remarks
                              Group Characteristics
                              Adding Groups, Managing Groups
                              Pwck, Grpck, Pwconv
                              Managing users and Groups with admintool
                              Exercise 6-1 Create a user
                              Exercise 6-2 Delete a User
                              User and Group Security
                              Protecting the Superuser Account
                              The /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow Password Files
                              Remote Access Tools
                              Remote Access Risks
                              Using Remote Access Tools
                              Monitoring User Activity
       7                      Service Security                                 Theory & Demo
                              Security Architecture
                                   Physical Security
                                   Disabling IP Ports
                                   Symmetric Key Cryptography
                              Security Auditing
                                   TCP Wrappers

       8       Chap 6&7   Managing Users & Security                              Hands On

                              Process Concepts
                                  Sending Signals
                                  Listing Processes
                                  Using the top Program
                                  Using the truss Program
                                  Automating Jobs                              Theory Demo &
       9        Chap 8                                                           Hands On
                              Managing Processes
                                  Using proc tools
                                  Using the Isof Command
                                  The ps command
                                  Kill & Pgrep
                          Introduction to File Systems
                              File System Structure
       10       Chap 9        Monitoring Disk Usage                            Theory & Demo
                              Fixing Problems with fsck
                                   The Phases of fsck
                                   Fsck Examples
                          Files, Directories and Scripts
               Chap 10        The Shell                                          Self Study
                              File Permissions
                                   Symbolic File Permissions

                              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                    Solaris 9.0 S ystem Administration : 60 hours
    Sessions   Chapters                       Topics to be covered                 Remarks
                                   Octal File Permissions
                                   Setting Default Permissions (unmask)
                                   Octal File Permissions
                                   Setting Default Permissions (unmask)
                                   Setuid and setgid Permis sions
                                   Sticky Bit Permissions
                                   Access Control Lists
                              Setting Environment Variables
                              Shell Commands
                                   Source ( . ), Basename, Cat, Cd, Chgrp
                                   Date, Grep, Head, Less, Ls, Mkdir, More,
                              Pwd, Rmdir, Tail
                          Booting and Initialization
                             The Shell
                             The .profile Script
                             Wiriting Startup Scripts
                                  Processing Shell Arguments
                                  Testing File Properties
                                  Using Shell Variables
                             Package Management
                                  Getting Information About Packages             Theory Demo &
       11      Chap 11            Viewing Package Information with pkginfo         Hands On
                                  Viewing Package Information with admintool
                                  Installing a Solaris Package Using the CLI
                                  Uninstalling a Solaris Package Using the CLI
                                  Installing a Solaris Package with admintool
                                  Uninstalling a Solaris Package Using
                                  Solstice Launcher
                                  Package Commands
                                  Exercise 11-1
                          Disk Configuration and Naming
                              Physical and Logical Device Names
                              The format Command
                              The /etc/path_to_inst File                         Theory Demo &
       12      Chap 12
                              The dmesg Command                                    Hands On
                              The prtconf Command
                                  Mkfile, Mkfs, Newfs, Lofiadm, Sync,
                          Disk Partitions and Format
                              Hard Disk Layout
                                  Mounting Local File Systems                    Theory Demo &
       12      Chap 13
                                  Unmounting Local File Systems                    Hands On
                                  Configuring /etc/vfstab
                          Backups                                                Theory Demo &
       13      Chap 14       Understanding Backups                                 Hands On
                                  Why Do You Ned Backups?

                              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                     Solaris 9.0 S ystem Administration : 60 hours
    Sessions   Chapters                      Topics to be covered                 Remarks
                                  Determining a Backup Strategy
                              Selecting Backup Media
                                  Hard Drives
                                  Zip/Jaz Disks
                                  CD-Rs and CD-RWs
                              Backup and Restore
                                  Using tar, cpio, dd
                                  Using ufsdump and ufsrestore
                          Basic Command Syntax
               Chap 15        Text Processing Utilities                           Self study
                              Sed and awk
                              Installing Patches

               Chap 16    Editor                                                  Self Study
                              Visual Editor (vi)
                          Remote Access
                             Internet Access
                                  Testing Service Connectivity
                                  Using Remote Access Tools
                             Modem Access
       14      Chap 17            Port Monitors                                 Theory & Demo
                                  The Servic e Access Facility (SAF)
                                  Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
                                  Setting Up Port Listeners
                                  Adding a Serial Port
                                  Adding a Modem
                                  Setting Up PPP
                                  Using ttymon
                                  Connecting to an ISP
                                  Pmadm, Sacadm

       15      Chap 17    Remote Access                                           Hands On

                          Device Management
                              Device Files
                                  /dev and /devices Directories                 Theory Demo &
       16      Chap 18            Storage Devices                                 Hands On
                                  CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs
                                  Adding Devices
                                  Checking for Devices
                          The Solaris 9 network Environment
                              Hostnames and Interfaces
                                   Internet deamon
                                   FTP Administration
       17      Chap 19        Network Configuration Files                       Theory & Demo
                                   Configuring Network Interfaces
                                   Modifying Interface Parameters
                                   Configuring inetd

                             CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                    Solaris 9.0 S ystem Administration : 60 hours
    Sessions   Chapters                     Topics to be covered                 Remarks
                                 An Example FTP Transaction
                                 Troubleshooting FTP
                                 Checking If a Host Is Up
                                 Enabling FTP Access
                             Using ndd
                          System Logging, Accounting, and Tuning
                              System Logging
                                  Examining Log Files
                                  Logging Disk usage
                                  The syslog.conf File
       17      Chap 20            Implementing Quotas                          Theory & Demo
                              System Accounting
                              Collecting Accounting Data
                                  Generating Accounting Reports
                                  Charging Fees Using Accounting
                                  Collecting Performance Data
                                  Performance Tuning
                          Disk Management
       18      Chap 21        RAID                                                Theory
                                 Setting Up RAID
                          Pseudo File Systems and Swap Space
       18      Chap 22           Pseudo File Systems                           Theory & Demo
                                 Virtual Memory
               Chap 21
       19                 RAID & SWAP space                                      Hands On
                & 22
                          Network File System (NFS)
                             NFS Architectures
                                  Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)
                             Configuring an NFS Server
                                  Sharing File Systems                         Theory Demo &
       20      Chap 23
                                  Installing an NFS Client                       Hands On
                                  Checking portmapper Status
                                  Mounting Remote File Systems
                                  Enhancing Security
                             Enabling the Automounter
                             Automounter Maps                                  Theory Demo &
       21      Chap 24
                                  Indirect Maps & Maps, Master Maps              Hands On
                             Automount and NIS+
                             Starting and Stopping the Automounter
                          The CacheFS File System                              Theory Demo &
       22      Chap 25
                             Configuring a CacheFS File System                   Hands On
                             Overview of DNS                                   Theory Demo &
       23      Chap 26
                             DNS Client Tools                                    Hands On
                             Configuring a DNS Server

                              CCNS-EXPERT TRACK

Book Title:                    Solaris 9.0 S ystem Administration : 60 hours
    Sessions   Chapters                     Topics to be covered                 Remarks
                                  Acl, Include, Options, Server, Zone

                          Network Information Service (NIS/NIS+)
                             Basic NIS Concepts
                                 NIS Maps, NIS+ Tables
                             NIS+ Configuration
                                 Setting Up a Root Domain                      Theory Demo &
       24      Chap 27
                                 Populating Tables                               Hands On
                                 Setting Up Clients & Servers
                             Using NIS+
                             NIS+ Commands
                                 Nisdefaults, Nischmod, Nisls, Niscat
                          Role-Based Access Control
                                 Roles                                         Theory Demo &
       25      Chap 28        RBAC Operations                                    Hands On
                                 User_attr, Auth_attr, Prof_attr, Exec_attr
                              RBAC Commands
                                 Smexec, Smmultiuser, Smuser, Smprofile
                          Solaris Management Console
       26      Chap 29        Introduction to SMC                              Theory & Demo
                              Starting the SMC
                              Working with the SMC
                          Advanced Installation and Management
                                 Boot Servers
                                 Boot Clients                                    Theory &
       26      Chap 30
                                 Sysidcfg                                         Demo
                             Resource Manager
                             Trusted Solaris
                                 Asymmetric Key Cryptography
                                 Public -Key Cryptography
                          Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
                              LDAP Overview
                              Installing and Configuring iDS
                                   Supporting LDAP Clients
                                   Creating LDAP entries                       Theory Demo &
       27      Chap 31
                                   Starting a Client                             Hands On
                                   Using the LDAP-NIS+ Interface
                              Using iDS


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