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                              Table of Contents

 An Action Plan for a Successful Home Based Business
                 making money online

The following Action Plan is for you to use, to help you earn some
money online. I have not said “to earn millions”, because it depends
on how you, and you alone, use the information.

However, if you follow the steps, and take the appropriate action, you
will see results!

What are these magical steps:-

       1. Introduction
       2. The Correct Attitude
       3. Find Your Niche
       4. Find the Right Product
       5. Setting up a Website
       6. Designing a Good Web Page
       7. Getting Traffic to your Website
       8. Building a Mailing list
       9. Joint Venture
       10. Residual Income
       11. Final Thoughts


In the Beginning

It usually begins with a dream! You want to earn lots of money, but an
online ‘home based business’ is not something you want to start on a

It takes a lot of work, and planning to make it successful.
And even then, a lot don't make it.

Ask yourself these serious questions:-

Do you honestly have what it takes?

Are you willing to risk your time, effort and money on a venture that
may, or may not succeed?

Do you have the patience and skills needed to plan and execute an
actual business?

Can you stick it out when the going gets tough?

Can you come up with a better product than your competitor?

And….if you fail despite all your efforts, can you pick yourself up, dust
yourself off, and soldier on?

So, you ask, why am I trying to make it sound so difficult to start, and
run a successful online business?

Because it is.

It has been estimated that the chances that an online business will
fold, within the first 5 years, is normally put at around 90%. That's
very low.

The online world is global in nature. With the changes in the world
economy, more and more people are looking to start a business. And
where do they look? The Internet.

So, you will have a lot more competitors in an online business, and
the success rate will continue to drop.
I hope you are convinced that it is going to be a struggle to start, and
run a successful online business. Not impossible, but hard work,
perseverance and ingenuity are required.

The key is perseverance.

Most, if not all, Internet millionaires did not succeed right away, in fact
nearly all of them had serious setbacks, and it was only perseverance
that kept them going.

Not only that, it took all of them several months, to several years, to

Do not think that you will be rich in just a few months!

But if you are prepared, let's continue.

Basically, “The Home Business Professor’s Action Plan” is simple,

   1. Sell your own product or
   2. Sell someone else’s product, through your affiliate link.

It’s actually so simple it makes you wonder what all the fuss is

In fact, I can see, and hear, some of you rolling your eyes back and
saying, "I already know that!"

Well, if you're rolling your eyes, then my question to you is... "ARE
YOU DOING IT... or are you just sitting there THINKING about
DOING it?"

My guess is, no, you’re not doing it!

Or, if you are doing it, you’re not doing it enough, to build up the
momentum and achieve the income you want, or need to get out of
the rut you’re in.

So if you aren’t doing it (but you already know this "pattern" as old
news), why aren’t you doing it?

Well, I guess I know the reason!
You’re not doing it because it’s so simple and non-sexy that most
people are too busy chasing the "teach me something new" train to
see the REAL opportunities staring them straight in the face.

Everybody’s looking for something new to “think about” doing, instead
of just “doing” what works!

(Re-read that sentence a couple of times, and see if it ever applies to
you. I know it applies to me from time to time)

You know that I am right, it really is that simple.

The first thing to do, is to get into the correct frame of mind!

This is extremely important! Without it, you will have a difficult time
finding success.

You can have the best tools and strategies at your disposal. But if
you have a poor mindset, those tools and strategies will not do you
much good.

If you want to succeed, you have to pull out all the stops and use all
that you have to achieve that goal. Do not forget your mind is the
greatest asset you possess.

Focus on what you are really passionate about, and do that!

There are people out there with much less intellect and resources
that have created amazing successes on the Internet. If they can do
it, you can definitely do it!

All you need is to take action, and persist!

You've got the entire Internet at your disposal! And as if that were not
enough, you've got public libraries full of information and knowledge.
It's yours for the taking. Put it to use! Everything you need is there.

                        The Correct Attitude

You have to believe that you CAN get whatever results you're after. If
Your goal is to earn a million dollars, you have to convince yourself
that you can do it.

The easiest way to do it is to spend time looking at the successes
and millionaires around you. Read stories and case studies about
others who have already earned a million dollars. Let the stories
motivate you and make a believer out of you.

FOCUS on success, and spend time around like-minded people.

The reality is that whatever it is that you want in your life, you can
have it, IF you first believe that you can have it. It's that simple.

The level of success of a person depends greatly on your beliefs.

It depends greatly on how you view the world, through your beliefs.
We perceive the world based on our beliefs. As we walk through life,
we begin to realize that a lot of what we learned growing up was not
very useful, or even true.

We begin to realize that life is really about "choices." That we can
choose to believe whatever we want. And if a certain belief is not very
useful, we can change it.

You have done it before. It takes courage to be willing to look at your
current beliefs, and then decide whether to keep them, or get rid of
them. But you have that choice.

The only difference between a person who's thinking about starting a
business and another who is running a business is just that. One of
them is doing, what the other is only "thinking" of doing.

They both had the same ideas and dreams. They both probably had
the same doubts and fears as well. But one of them decided to start

Getting your business started and running does require work. There's
no way around that.

Enough of getting into the right mindset, let’s get to the ‘Action’ part.

                          Find Your Niche

Now it is time to choose the area, you wish to enter. The more clear
you are on what you are going for, the better your chances will be of
getting there.

Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing, all of your interests and
hobbies, all of your passions.

Spend several hours on really getting this RIGHT.

Think of what your ideal jobs or careers you have enjoyed doing.

What are your hobbies?

Add everything to the list. Don't worry about how you're going to
make money doing those things yet. Just put together as thorough a
list as you can.

Only after your list is done, should you think of turning those
hobbies/interests/passions into a business.

Pick the top 5 choices of your list, and think of how you can help
others by doing them.

My belief is that when you do something you really enjoy doing and
you find a way to help others while doing it, making money is just a
natural end result.

The next task is to check to see if there's a demand for the subject
you have chosen, before you go any further.

A simple way is to go to and do a search for
whatever it is you've decided to do.

The reason I picked Yahoo to search on, is this: getting a good listing
on Yahoo is not easy. It can also get very expensive. That means, if
there are companies who have gone through the trouble of getting
good listings on Yahoo, they have probably done so for very good

In other words, there is money to be made with that niche!

You can also run a search on for your subject,
and/or even step into your local bookstore to check out their front

Most new marketers tend to start by selling marketing products. And
whilst there is still money to be made in marketing products, it's not
like it used to be. These days, the competition in the marketing field is
fierce and I don't see it letting up anytime soon.

You will have a much easier time succeeding with non-marketing
products. In other words, "niche marketing" - doing what you love,
what you enjoy, what you have a passion for.

If you're still having a hard time trying to figure out which niche
market to go into, then go here for more information and great
business ideas:-

                       Find The Right Product

Next, find or create your product(s) for the niche chosen. Creating
your own products is not difficult. However, it does take a little time to
get it done, create a sales letter for it, work on the site, test it out, etc.

If you are short of money, then you could probably start by looking for
existing products that you could acquire resell rights to, or become
an affiliate.

(if you are unsure of what an affiliate is, or does, then go here for
further information:-

You can go to and browse through their
Marketplace for a product you can affiliate with.

I like clickbank because they automatically (and instantly) transfer
your commissions into your account. You don't have to depend on
the product owner's schedule to receive timely commissions. And,
you can become an affiliate of all of their products at no charge.

You could also go to (or even Yahoo) and search
for sites selling your type of niche product, and look for sites you
could affiliate with. It would be to your advantage to work with
sites/products that offer a generous commission (at least 50%.)

Tip: As you look through these sites, pay attention to how
professional the sites look, how convincing the sales letter is, and
also how soon after the sale they send out commissions.

Okay, you have now found a product, which is either your own, or you
are selling someone else’s.

This is where you know need to let people know about it, and find it!
The main vehicle for this is a web page, on a website, and send
people to it. Easy isn’t it?

Yes and No!

There is still a lot to do before you can actually earn money online.

                         Setting up a Website

Do you know about HTML or XTML?
What is a text editor?
What about FTP?
You need to register for a domain name
You need a web-hosting site
Set up an email account
Learn about Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot of information on the Internet about marketing, but a lot
less about website building and transferring data onto a web page.

Register Your Domain Name

Once you have identified your niche you, you will have identified
possible names linked closely to that niche.

There are several places on the Internet where you can find out if the
name has already been registered.

Before you proceed with the registration, wait to see if your future
web host will register the domain name for you.

Be ready to accept that your possible name has already been taken.

Don’t get disheartened, try putting in dashes, or using different
variations of a theme.

Try using just letters as words. Ie:-‘u’ for ‘you’ etc, or '4' as 'for'.

Web Hosting and Email Account

After identifying your niche and a possible domain name, then the
next thing on the list is somewhere to host your website.
Some offer free hosting (which may suit your first site) but they may
put adverts on your site.

What To Look For In Your Web Host

When looking for a host there are a few important things to keep in

For instance, as you build a website, and it is your first, then you may
need help with basic things, which some hosts simply won't do.

Other things to consider are:-

How much space you will need to store your pages, and images
when building a website ?

How much Bandwidth for transferring data?

When you build a website and it is going to be less than say 200
pages, then 50Mb will be ample, as the average web page should be
between 2Kb and 50Kb.

This would leave plenty of room for any images you may want to use
(200 times 50Kb is around 10Mb).

Bandwidth is also important. Bandwidth is a measurement of how
much data (information) can be transferred over a set period of time.

For instance every time someone looks at a page or image on your
website, this increases your bandwidth use.

The average hosting company offers between 1Gb (1024 Mb) and
20Gb a month.

Work out the size of the pages or images viewed by each visitor, and
multiply by how many visitors visit each month.

Space maybe needed for a CGI-BIN script.
(CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface).
This script allows you to run special scripts that can make your
website more interactive.

Another extra you may need is a database to store and retrieve

The Web host should also offer several email accounts.

If You Do Not Want To Understand All The Techie Stuff

Then look no further.

"Why build JUST a Web site... when you COULD build a Web

I personally use this company, as they take all the hassle out of
website building. After all you are interested in is ‘earning money’, not
the techie stuff of website building!

Site Build It! (SBI!) is the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and
site-marketing product that makes it easy for you to build a
professional, popular, and profitable business. The link below will
take you to ‘Site Build’ from SBI.

SiteSell Website Builder

Ask a question about SiteSell Here

If however, you wish to understand the workings of a web page when
you build a website, then read on:-

Text Editor

A HTML Editor or text editor allows you to make the code, which
makes up the website pages.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
There are lots of different options, and your choice will depend largely
on whether you want to learn HTML, or you just want an easy
program that will let you create a site graphically instead of coding.

There are a few text editors that are free, and make HTML coding
that little bit easier.

One text editor you should already have on your computer is called
Notepad (windows), or Simpletext (Mac).

If you are running something other than Windows or the Mac
operating system, then you will need to use a standard Text Editor.

Every web page gets its own file.

The file name should end with .html (.htm in Windows) .

The Home page usually has the ending index.html

You can launch NotePad in Windows from the Start button: click the
Windows Start Button, select Programs, select Accessories, and then
select NotePad.

There are many sites on the internet that provide tutorials on HTML.
Once you have created a HTML file then save it.

Save the file, just like you would save a word processing file, by
selecting Save from the File menu and typing in the name of the file.

Just remember the location of the folder in which you save it!

Now you can launch your browser and look at your file, just as if it
were a real web page, which it is!
You can use your browser to look at files on your disk as well as
pages on the Web.

In Netscape or Explorer, select Open Page or Open File from the File
menu, locate the folder where you saved it, and open it.

Congratulations! You've just written your first web page.

Rather than dumping all documents and images into one folder, you
should create separate folders for images, text documents and other
related elements.

Now That You Have Mastered HTML, The Real Work Begins

                  Designing a Good Web Page

Whether you're writing a novel, a newsletter or building a website
page, the process should begin with an outline.

An outline presents the main topics, or principal ideas of a given
subject. It is the author's map to his destination.

Home Page
The Home Page, is usually named index.html.
It is the most important page on your site.

Hopefully most of the traffic that comes to your site will enter here.

First impressions are the key to whether or not your readers will stay
or press the back button.
A good page should start with the most important information at the

Try to organize your page so that viewers can scan through it quickly.

Don't forget at the bottom of your page put in the following:
Author , Date revised, Copyright.

Next thing to look at when you build a website is the presentation,
can it be improved?

1. Can the presentation be enhanced with images, sound, or

2. Make a diagram of a template page. Include placement of logos,
navigational aids, footers and other information.

3. Choose an overall structure, and the same basic colours.

4. Try out several template pages first, and then select the best.

5. List of links to and from page

It would need a lot more time, and many written pages to discuss
these topics in more detail, however, it gives you a flavour, and you
can go here for more information:-
                Getting Traffic to your Website

How do you get more Internet Traffic?

There are 4 Types of Internet Traffic

Lots of ebooks, and hype, have been sold to gullible people on the
subject of Internet Traffic. Take it from me that there are basically
only 4 types of Internet Traffic, and they are:-

1.Firstly, people who found your website by mistake.

They have no desire for your product, or service.
The only way you can help them, is by clearly stating what you do
have, so that you do not waste their time, or your money.
Also, by clearly stating what you do offer, you plant in their mindyour
"brand", so, that if they ever have a need for your product in the
future, they will come back.

2.Secondly, people who have a desire, but don’t know what it is
that they need!

It is important to attempt to grab their attention, and clearly explain
what your product, or service does, to fill their desire.
Not only do you have to sell your "brand" of the product, but you also
have to explain how this type of product, actually does what they

3. Thirdly, people who have a desire, and know what type of
thing fills it, and are evaluating alternative solutions.

These are people who know what your type of product is, what they
want, but are comparison-shopping the different brands.
It is your job to clearly explain why they would need your "brand"
more, and how your "brand" does a better job at filling their need.

4. Finally, people who have a desire, know exactly what fills it,
and have their credit card in hand.

These are people who are already sold on your product.
You just need to make everything easy to find, and help them check
out as quickly as possible.
Of this last group,the "Targeted Traffic", they will unbelievably, only
complete the sale, 30% of the time!

How do I get people to buy my product online?

The point is, not only do you need targeted Internet traffic, but you
also need targeted traffic that is ready, able, and willing to purchase
your product online.

They must have a want and desire, but more importantly, they must
have the money, and the ability to buy.
It is not hard - now that we know the different types of Web Traffic -
we know where to concentrate our efforts.

1. Bring more "Targeted Traffic" to your website.
2.Improve your sale processes, to increase conversion (turn browsers
into buyers).

That's it

Don't forget that initially, when you set up your website, you put in the
keywords for your product or service, in a niche market.
Keywords were the important ingredients in getting your increased

They will get internet traffic from people who are interested in your
product or service, but that does not necessarily mean, they will BUY
your product or service.

There is also a brand new Technique currently being used by the top
Gurus. Go here to read more:-

                       Building a Mailing List

There are several methods of building a mailing list.

Put a form on your website and catch the emails of people who visit
your website, and then :-

   1.   Find (Or Create) Some Killer Reports
   2.   Write or buy articles
   3.   Visit forums
   4.   Buy lists
   5.   Pay per Click
   6.   Go to Exchange sites

All have their pros and cons, suffice to say that you should try every
method. There are others, but those are the most common.

If you do have previous writing experience, and can whip out
something good fairly quickly, then a very good method of attracting
visitors is writing some reports or articles of your own.

It's a good idea to tie the report or article into the product you're
planning on selling.

If you would like to write your own articles but don't know how, just
find some good articles/reports and study them. Look at how they're
written, laid out, etc.

Go to the library and pick up a book on writing
It's really not that difficult at all. You could easily whip out an article a

Once you have a mailing list, then you can start generating some

You can develop a series of emails out to your list using an

To find an autoresponder.

Go back to ‘’ and search for 'free autoresponder' and sign
up for one.

Load up your article into the autoresponder and test the system out
(by sending email to it and timing it's response rate, etc.)

If you're satisfied with the autoresponder you picked, add a few more
lines to your message...

Don’t forget to create a signature line (i.e. an advert) for the email that
would promote your product to the readers.

Go through the sales letter of the product you chose, and pick out a
strong benefit that you can use to create a small ad.

The headline of the sales letter usually works well for this.

Expose Your Report (And Advert) To Existing Traffic Pools

Here's another way to get your reports (and affiliate product)
more exposure.

If you're writing your own reports or articles, start submitting them to
other publishers (of ezines or websites) so they can offer it to their
prospects / customers.

You could either look for these sites/publishers on or
simply ask on the forums to see if anyone is interested in free content
for their publications or web sites.

There are usually quite a few people looking for content.

Submit your article to as many publishers/webmasters as you can.

Not everyone will agree to post it, but that's OK. Get as many as you

Note: You can continue to use the above strategy for as long as it
works. When your results start to diminish, get another great free
report, change the signature file for your posts to match and repeat
the process.
Also, submit the new reports to the other ezines and

By now you will start to see some money coming in, and have your
own site set up, you can start working on putting your own group of
products together.

The great thing about your own products is that you get to keep 100%
of the profits, and you have full control over it. That means, you can
offer resell rights to others, start an affiliate program, etc.

Many of us continue to chase after that one million dollar idea and
miss many of the smaller $100,000 projects along the way.

These smaller products are much easier to create, are much easier to
roll out, don't require a large investment of your time, energy or
money, and they greatly reduce your risks.

They are also probably the fastest way to get your name out there
and build credibility for yourself and your business.

You can really do some serious damage with mini ebooks, as long as
you provide valuable information in them.

The bottom line is...when it comes to info-products, size doesn't
necessarily matter! Quality does! You could make just as much
money with a 20-page book, as you could with a 100-page one.

More information on writing ebooks, can be found here:-

  Joint Venture (Form Alliances With Other Marketers)

Once you have mastered the art of producing your own product, the
next logical step is to join up with another Internet Marketer in a joint

Start by contacting those publishers and webmasters who agreed to
post your article to their lists/sites.

Offer them a good percentage of the profits, if they help you get the
word out about your product. i.e. if they endorse your product to their
database of prospects and customers.

Next, contact other webmasters and ezine publishers in your field and
offer to join forces with them as well. (You can find these either at the
Forums, or on search engine.)

The more enticing, beneficial, and unique your offer is, the more joint
venture successes you will create.

If they happen to have a phone number on their site, pick up the
phone and give them a call. If not, send them an email (or even a
postal mail) about your JV offer.

Note: Offer each JV prospect you contact a free copy of your product
so they can review it before they decide to joint venture with you.
Important: Each successful joint venture deal can increase your
profits significantly! Don't be surprised to see a lot of orders pouring
in through joint ventures alone.

Stop There!

Have a break, take a moment to smile, and be thankful for all the
great things that are beginning to happen.

Between the articles, the affiliate program, and now the joint
ventures, things should start rolling pretty well.


From here on, you only need to focus on a few things...

1. Building your mailing list consistently, using the techniques outlined
2. Building a strong relationship with your list members by offering
them great value through free reports, articles, and tips.
3. Finding and forming new positive and mutually-beneficial
relationships with other power players in the field, i.e. joint ventures.
4. Offering them great products and services on a consistent basis!
These products can either be your own, affiliate products, or products
that you buy resell rights to.
5. Survey your list and find out what type of products they would want
in the future. Find out what their main wants, concerns, and problems
are, then, either find the appropriate products or create them.

Don't be afraid to sell to your list. Those who are only there to get
free stuff will probably drop out eventually. And, that's a good thing!

That's what you want! Those who appreciate the value you provide
for them will stick around for a long time.


                           Residual Income

Another powerful concept you can introduce into your business is to
add residual income streams.

These are usually businesses (your own or others) that continue to
pay you a monthly income, per each customer that you bring in. You
bring in a customer one time, and continue getting paid for that
customer for as long as he/she is with the company.

Creating Residual Income Streams
Every successful business has understood and mastered one basic
principle. That principle can be summed up in two words:
 Repeat Business.

Pick any major business name: Microsoft, Walmart, McDonald's . . .
The reason behind their success is repeat business - the simple fact
that most of their customers are repeat buyers.

Sure, they get new customers as often as they can. But the majority
of their business, and profits, come from repeat buyers. These
businesses depend on their existing customers to earn consistent
profits. And it's no surprise that the number one reason most
businesses go out of business very quickly is this...they don't take
care of they existing customers. They don't build a relationship with
them, and they definitely don't sell to them more than once.

Just about every business you see, either online or offline, is so busy
finding "new" customers that they forget about their existing

You want to know what the biggest marketing secret on the planet is?

This is it. This is the biggest secret.

It's not coming up with new marketing ideas or trying every new
marketing twist that you hear about, or running after every new
marketing manual that hits the web promising to teach you a new
marketing trick.

The secret really is no secret these days...

Repeat Business!

That's the secret to business and marketing success!

One of the most powerful things you can do to build your business
and make a killing in profits is to sell to the same customers over and
over again. There's nothing wrong with finding new customers, as
long as you continue to sell to your existing customers! That's where
the real money is.

It's a simple strategy. It's a powerful strategy! And it works very well
for me and for many other marketers. Having your own responsive
"opt-in" mailing list allows you to use that strategy.

                           Final Thoughts

In closing, I'd like to say that, the strategies I've offered above may
sound simple but they work! If you put in the time and effort, you will
see amazing results.

Keep it as simple as you can and continue to improve on the basics.

Also remember that in order to succeed massively in business, you
have to separate yourself from all the other players in your field/niche.

You can do this by establishing your uniqueness! Find some way to
differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Finally, keep in mind that in this business (or any other business for
that matter), you will get to hear some "no's" along the way. You will
meet some challenges and bumps.

Don't take any of it personally. Learn from them and keep moving
forward. Action and persistence are really the keys to ‘earning lots of
money online.

The best way to become rich is to create value in others' lives. Offer
solutions to their problems. In return, they will reward you with

Here is to your Success!

Bill Ritchie
P.S: If you wish to read the latest tips and articles, you can read them
at my website:-

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to earning a reasonable income :-

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