Tips for Choosing a Good Insurance Company

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					Tips for Choosing a Good Insurance Company.

Many insurance companies claim they are the best.
This can be seen if there is an insurance product
offered to the public through advertisements,
almost nothing is lacking. However, there are
several factors that should be considered in the
process of selecting an insurance company
especially for life insurance.

Things to remember that in choosing a private
insurance company, then that should be considered
in general are three key factors:

First, the financial strength (security).
Second, the service (service). And
Third, cost.

Financial strength of insurance related to the
company's financial ability to fulfill its promise if
the situation requires. It is important to know,
because not a few insurance companies are looking
beyond it classy. For example storey buildings,
vehicles that good directors. But when there claims
of customers, the company can not pay.

In assessing the financial strength of these there are
some benchmarks that need diperhatikan.Aset and
liabilitasnya.Ini can be seen from the consolidated
balance sheet is published in the newspaper. See
also, whether planted in the current investments or
long-term. In terms of liability (ability to pay off
liabilities) will look at the balance sheet, how the
debts on the reinsurer, how he fulfilled his
obligation to pay claims, and so forth.

Underwriting policy.

On the balance sheet and annual report will be seen
that the insurance is still a profit, or profit growth.
This means that the underwriting was good policy.
Underwriternya Insurance has personnel qualified
or not. It is known from the profile companies that
includes the underwriternya. Service (service) is
the extent to which the mirror of human resources
at the company's qualified or not. For example, the
extent to which the speed of service in both the
policy issue especially in the payment of
compensation or claim.

Another tip, if you choose a joint venture life
insurance company, can be seen how the reputation
of the foreign companies in various other countries.
And if you select a local life insurance company
(not the joint venture), then choose a company that
has a reputation of "resilient", ie companies that
have experience, have been through many crises,
but still exist. Moreover, government-owned
insurance company that has definitely secured.


From the simple tips above can help you reduce
your risk of unpaid claims by insurance Integration.
Most importantly, do not necessarily afraid to take