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• Ang lamok! With the rainy season upon us,
  those damn mosquitoes are out again. It’s
  one of the perils of living in a tropical
  country; you have to deal with coin sized
  mosquitoes that carry dengue and other
• The most popular solution in our country is
  to spray ourselves with OFF lotion or the
  house with Baygon mosquito spray or use
  Katol. It’s a convenient solution, but keep
  in mind that OFF lotion has DEET, with is
  a strong chemical agent that can cause
  rashes and skin and eye irritation. You
  may have lathered yourself with OFF lotion
  and lit all the Baygon katols but still find no
• When I was younger, I accidentally
  managed to spill OFF lotion on my mom’s
  varnished/lacquered dresser (mom, I’m
  sorry I never told you. It wasn’t the dog, it
  was me). The formulation of the OFF
  lotion was strong enough to wash the
  varnish away, so that when I tried to wipe
  off the OFF lotion with a piece of tissue, I
  managed to wipe the varnish and the
  underlying paint clean off. I don’t know if
  they’ve changed the formulation of the
  lotion since then, but from then on, I’ve
  been leery of using OFF lotion.
• As I often seem to find myself in locations
  where mosquitoes are of the carabao variety
  – meaning, that they’re vicious enough to
  pierce carabao skin, and bite through
  leggings or tights, or arm warmers – I’ve
  been hunting around for tips and non toxic
  solutions to my mosquito bites vs. keeping-
  my-own-skin-intact dilemma. These are
  simple tips, I know, but it’s amazing how
  much they help:
• Keep your home sealed. Make sure that
  your windows and doors have screens to
  let the breeze in but keep the mosquitoes
  out. This is an inexpensive solution and it
  works and it’s chemical free. The gold old
  kulambo or mosquito net is inexpensive
  and still works. Use it in place of drapes if
  you have a canopy bed.
• Remove attractants. Mosquitoes love
  shallow stagnant water so remove these
  from your home. Turn over any empty
  basins and buckets, keep trashcans
  covered and throw out old tires. Clean out
  your gutter so there’s no place for
  mosquitoes to lay their eggs. These bugs
  only need less than in inch of water to
  make it a viable habitat to lay their eggs.
• Surround yourself with neem plants. This
  locally grown can be as small as a shrub but
  can grow as big as a tree. The more the
  merrier and it smells like citronella. This is a
  natural repellant that contains sallanin,
  which the mosquitoes and bugs don’t like.
  Another alternative if you can find is Thai
  Lemon grass (it’s actually a plant). Place
  pots of the neem plant at the entrance of
  your home, or plant it in your garden near
  the windows. Neem plants like sun so if you
  bring it indoors, you will need to take it out
• Use citronella candles and oils. This is the
  most popular of non DEET based
  repellents but it may not be as strong
  warding off mosquitoes compared to
  commercially available products. Use it for
  young children, especially if you have
  asthmatics or children with allergies since
  it is milder. It leaves a soft lemony scent in
  the air.
• Use Lemon Eucalyptus based products. I
  find this to be more effective than citronella
  based products. One that I personally like
  is Repel Lemon Eucalyptus. It’s available
  at Target in the camping or outdoors
  section. A bottle costs about $6 but lasts a
  year but it’s rare that I see some sold
  locally. It is effective up to six hours. It’s
  safe to spray on clothing and for use with
  young children.
• Wear light colored clothing and avoid
  perfumed sprays and body products. Dark
  colors and strong perfumes attract
  mosquitoes so avoid it.
• Install a mosquito zapper. Or get one of
  those tennis racquet mosquito zappy
  things, sold at most stalls and tiangges.
  They’re powered by AA batteries, and
  believe me, when you manage to zap a
  mosquito that’s been guzzling your blood;
  the satisfaction is like a mosquito-proof
  warm blanket over your itchy mosquito
• Alternatively, you could get an Imarflex
  device that kills any bug or mosquito that
  goes near it. These can be purchased in
  hardware stores. The bigger the better. At
  least if any mosquito gets past your
  defenses, it can get zapped before it bites
• Try these and see what works for you. If
  you get desperate, eat garlic and avoid
  bananas. You may need to try a
  combination of approaches to get the best
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