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									Orthopedic Implants
Iran Technological Potential
                                                                 Orthopedic Implants

                               By introducing the Bulletins of “Iran Technological Potential” provided by Technol-
                               ogy Cooperation Office of the Presidency (TCO), we intend to encourage interna-
                               tional cooperation aiming at sharing technological resources with other countries.
                               We would put forward more publications of such bulletins in different areas of Sci-
                               ence and Technology in near future.
                               As a matter of fact, Science and Technology has a global rather than local or even
                               national nature; therefore, geographic boundaries has been crossed and exchanging
                               ideas and maintaining joint research activities have become crucial for many scien-
                               tists and researchers all over the world. In addition, developments of electronic com-
                               munication tools as well as IT advances facilitate this process as never before.
                               The main objective of these bulletins is to inform the international community about
                               recent advances and achievements of Iran capacities and capabilities in Science and
                               Technology field and to facilitate technological collaborations with other countries.

                               Provided by Technology Cooperation Office of the Presidency,
                               International Affairs Department
                               Tel: (+9821) 66500065
                               Fax: (+9821)66500060
                               E-mail: internationaltco@tco.ir

Iran Technological Potential
                                                                       Orthopedic Implants
                                                    Doostane Nik Company

                               Doostane Nik medical services company was founded in 2000 by a group of Iranian
                               Orthopedic Surgeons Association pioneers under the support of Technology Coop-
                               eration Office and with the aim of producing required orthopedic supplies in Iran.
                               The production line of this company has been equipped with the best production
                               apparatus with high accuracy and supplementary sectors. Its clean room has been
                               provided with the best facilities, and it is the terminal point of production line which
                               receives periodic evaluation certificate from European valid companies.
                               Doostane Nik Company has 104 stockholders who are all orthopedic surgeons.

                                Supplying Iranian orthopedic surgery with the best quality and lowest cost facilities.
                                Introducing supportive and educational constant services
                                Transferring the knowledge and technology of articulations prosthesis production to Iran.
                                Providing suitable conditions for innovation and designing of new products in the country.

                                                                Plan Specifications

                                 Product Group      Number of produced      Production’s       Staff’s Number     Area (m)
                                                    components              Capacity

                                       3                    242            10000 components     50 persons
                                                                                                                 3200 square
                                                                           yearly               in maximum

                               Doostane Nik Company tries to become one of the biggest and most reliable orthopedic instruments
                               producers in the region.

Iran Technological Potential
                                                                     Orthopedic Implants
                               The mission of this company is based on the income acquisition through orthopedic in-
                               struments production, and gaining customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, the company tries
                               to support expansive range of society’s requirements. Requirements recognition will be
                               obtained through friendly and continued relationships with customers.

                               Applied Measures
                                Creation of constant improvement system in all fields especially production, human resource,
                               sale, and business…
                                Institutionalization of PDCA cycle (Plan/Do/Check/Act)
                                Focusing on QCD (Quality/Cost/Delivery)
                                Definition and measurement of organizational indexes as well as improvement and checking of
                               them based on the satisfaction of the organization beneficiaries

                               Foreign Counselor
                               MEDACTA is an international industrial group with 40 years activity in the field of medical manu-
                               factures sale & production. This company begins the orthopedic supplies production in 2000, and
                               is now one of the biggest European companies in this field. MEDACTA owns advanced production
                               lines in Switzerland. The products of this company include different kinds of hip and knee pros-
                               thesis, sutures, surgical assisting instruments, and laparoscopic systems. MEDACTA Company
                               owns 7 subsets and 7 distributers all over the world. Doostane Nik Company is under the license
                               of MEDACTA Company.

Iran Technological Potential
                                                                      Orthopedic Implants
                               1) Different kinds of orthopedic screws in different diameters (2-7 mm)
                               2) Necessary devices for fractures with European standards.
                               3) Hip and Knee Prostheses

                               Doostane Nik Company produces hip prosthesis with
                               the registered name of Apricot which is presented to
                               the market in cemented and noncemented, primary
                               and revision, and bipolar cup forms.
                               Knee prosthesis of this company is presented to the
                               market with the registered name of Evolic. This pros-
                               thesis is implemented in patient’s knee with the sim-
                               plest and fastest approach in knee surgery and has in-
                               dicated excellent clinical results.

                               Products Features
                               1) Design and production of implants especially articulations
                               prostheses is one of the most sophisticated manufacture technolo-
                               gies in Engineering because of the dependence of engineering
                               parameters to anatomical features.
                               2) Using of these products requires especial training.
                               3) Doostane Nik Company produces samples of the Swiss prod-
                               uct which is used in all over the Europe. So, products of this com-
                               pany are exportable.
                               4) The quality of this company’s products is comparable with for-
                               eign ones.
                               5) Knee prosthesis which is produced in Doostane Nik Company
                               has competitive advantages in implantation speed, and decreases
                               the surgery time.

                               Company potentials
                               Doostane Nik Co. has many products in mass production such as knee and hip joint prosthesis,
                               screw, DCP, LC-DCP, LCP, DHS,… Meanwhile the company is developing many trauma prod-
                               ucts. Production capacity in prosthesis parts is about 10000 pcs and in trauma parts is about 100000
                               pcs. Production capacity could be improve by machines purchasing. Company has a clean room
                               system to wash and pack all the products in clean situation in accordance with relative standard.

Iran Technological Potential
                                                                     Orthopedic Implants

                               Competitive advantage
                               The products in Doostane Nik Co. are high quality and cost-effectiveness in comparison
                               with other companies’ products. The company has received certificate from URS Company
                               for ISO 13485:2003 and IS0 9000:2000 in quality management system and has project
                               about CE brand for its products.
                               All of raw materials are purchased from famous metal companies in the word according to ISO 5832
                               which containes the main standard for orthopedic material. The products has been designed and
                               manufactured according to relative standards and biomechanical rules.

                               Opportunities for Cooperation
                               Research, development, and innovation discussion is one of the growth and survival necessities in
                               implant production industry. This company has established communications withacademic and re-
                               search centers and has described some research proposals with universities.
                               Doostane Nik Company is ready to cooperate with other companies in joint research proposals
                               and new products development. Also, this company welcomes any cooperation in OEM and ODM


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