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									Mass Intentions for Week of September 19                 Lectors, Ministers and Servers for Sept. 26 & 27
Saturday Vigil: Twenty-Fifth Ordinary Sunday             4:30                                 8:00
4:30 Kathy Urig by Rick & Jeanette Miller                L      J Adamowicz                   K Bradesca
Sunday Twenty-Fifth Ordinary Sunday                      HT     M Moore                       M LoParo
8:00 Connie Diganti by Lucille Clark                     HM A Markham                         C LoParo
10:00 For our Parish                                     HJ     J Guzik                       L Schrift
12:00 Ron Sarraino by Barb & Jim Gerrasch                CM P Mahoney                         B Williams
Monday Matthew, apostle & evangelist                     CM N Mahoney                          K Selig
7:30 Patricia Burke by Janine Bonezzi                    CJ     M J Garrett                   L Krulik
Tuesday Weekday                                          CJ      L Allegretto                 B Krulik
7:30 Josephine Thomas by M/M Richard                     SERV C Cachat                        A Miller
      Huber                                              SERV J Dorow                          P Warns
Wednesday Pio of Pietrelcina, priest                     SERV A Edwatrds                       J Larson
7:30 Mary Jean McClancy by Isabella Guild                SERV M Livchak                        B Betschman
Thursday Weekday                                         10:00                                12:00
7 PM Lourdes Gonzalez by Mitchell & Leisenger            L        G Como                       S Covell
      Families                                           HT       N Joyce                      G Cramer
Friday Weekday                                           HM       L Joyce                      S Koebel
8:30 Monique Sandfry by Margaret Mehallo &               HJ       M Goodwin                    P Vaccaro
      Family                                             CM       R Gordon                     C Matea
Saturday Vigil: Twenty-Sixth Ordinary Sunday             CM       C Gordon                     D Cobos
2:00 Wedding: Kelly Foster & Jonathan Radwan             CJ       M Reddy                      R Cobos
4:30 Anniversary Captain Michael Medders by              CJ       J Reddy                      L Cobos
      The Bilancini Family                               SERV M Como                           A Harley
Sunday Twenty-Sixth Ordinary Sunday                      SERV Anthony Miller                   G Harley
8:00 For our Parish                                      SERV D Whitford                        C Bello
10:00 40th Wedding Anniversary Bill & Rose               SERV G Whitford                        S Cooney
12:00 Feast of St. Vincent de Paul                       Weekday Servers for Week of September 21:
                                                         M-T-W 7:30 AM: B Coatoam & H Zang
Scripture Readings for September 20, 2009:               Thurs 7PM/Fri 8:30 AM: C Caldart & C Caldart
Wisdom 2:12, 17-20; James 3:16-4:3; Mark 9:30-37
                                                         St. Joseph School News…
Eucharistic Adoration will take place immediately        September 23 – School pictures today. Dress-up day
following 7:30 AM Mass on Tuesday in our Sacred          for all. Don’t forget picture order form!
Heart Chapel. Closing prayers will begin at 7:30 PM.     September 25 – School Mass at 8:30 – please join us!
All are welcome.                                         First quarter progress reports posted on Edline today
                                                         for grades 5-8
Junior Choir Begins September 23!!!                      September 26 – Volleyball tournament continues at
Calling all parishioners in grades 3-8: Do you like to   ALHS
sing? Junior choir just might be for you! We will meet   September 27 – Volleyball tournament continues
every Wednesday from 6-7:00 PM, and will sing at
4:30 Mass throughout the school year. You don’t          PSR News… Class begins tonight (Sunday) for
need to sign up – just meet us in the choir loft on      grades 7 & 8 from 6:30-8:30 PM
Wednesday, September 23 at 6 PM. Hope to see you         Class begins Monday for grades 1-6 from 4:30-5:45
there!                                                   PM

Don’t Miss the Upcoming Parish Retreat that is           Please Pray for the Repose of the Soul of…
being held on November 4, 5 & 6 at 7PM each              Reverend Joseph W. McMahon, Retired Co-Chaplain,
evening. Internationally renowned author and speaker     St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland. May he rest
Matthew Kelly will be presenting this three-night        in peace.
retreat. All are invited and encouraged to attend.
St. Joseph Parish Support for September 12 & 13:           CYO News… Winter online registration will be open
Regular Offertory: $16, 616.36                             through September 30 for Basketball and
Youth Contributions: $32.34                                Cheerleading for grades 4-8 and for high school
Good Deeds: 5                                              Basketball. Go to to register
Sister Parish: $112.00                                     and pay. Submit current physical and emergency
Debt Retirement: $472.86                                   authorization forms into St. Joseph’s CYO drop box
Year-to-date Budgeted Offertory: $275,000.00               located outside of gym doors by October 23. Forms
Year-to-date Offertory Contributions: $214,921.72          can be printed from above website. Contact Mary Kay
Fiscal year-to-date Deficit: $60,078.72                    Schneider at or 933-4706
Total Debt (as of 9-8-09): $765,631.32*                    with any questions.
*this total will change monthly as contributions are
received and payment is made.                              Next Weekend there will be a collection for the
                                                           Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). Through
Please Remember in Your Prayers… Paul                      your generous donations, CCC is able to spread the
Macura, Patricia Kowalski, Paul Kuznik, Jill               gospel message in our community and all over the
Christmyer, Louis Pena, Craig Behrend, Ida Sapienza,       world. To find out more about the work of CCC, go to
Mary Yurmanovich, Audrey Meister, Lisa Carver,   
Michael Kula, Dick Randall, Terry Mitchell, Mary
Chambers, Matt DeChant, Marvin DeLuca, George              The Diocesan Ministry to the Incarcerated is in
Kepic, Paul Kepic, Patsy Gerrone, Margaret Mehallo,        need of volunteers to minister at the various prisons
Dan Urbin, Martha Wenz, The Keller Family, Kevin           and jails in the Lorain County area. Two
Gillespie, Patty Parks, Bill Kortan, Sheryl Ashby,         informational meetings will be presented: St. Agnes
Erwin Kapalko, Joanne Groden, Rose Gehring, Mary           Parish, 611 Lake Ave, Elyria on Tuesday,
Seitz, Ruth Powell, Irene Krolik, Lisa Smith, Ethan        September 29 at 7:00 PM in the parish hall, and St
Bradley, Fran Ilg, Mary Webb, Kaitlyn Kilmartin,           Julie Billiart Parish, 5545 Opal Drive, North
Rosemary Lasso, Ann Amersbach, Debbie Holmen,              Ridgeville on Wednesday, October 14 at 7:00 PM.
David Chisholm, Mary Coughlin, Georgeanne Rassie,          Call the Parish Life Office at 1-800-869-6525, ext.
Gene Andrews, Larry & Marianne Andrews, Larry &            3500 with any questions.
Jackie Meal, Gerry Walters, Bonnie Miller, Barbara
Stepp, Maryanne Schaefer, and all the ill of the           Father Ragan Council # 3269, Knights of
parish…those deceased…those in need…those in the           Columbus is hosting their Annual Clam Bake &
military. Thank you.                                       Steak Fry on Sunday, October 4 from 3-6:00 PM. The
                                                           Hall is located on 1738 Moore Rd. In Avon, near BJs.
Pre-Baptismal Class Schedule:                              Adults $21, Seniors $19, with a children’s hotdog or
Tuesday, October 20, 7:30 PM – St. Mary 934-4212           hamburger for $5. Take outs available, also 12 extra
Thursday, November 19, 7:30 PM – Holy Spirit               clams for $7. Reservations are appreciated, but not
933-3777                                                   necessary. To join us for a great meal call Rob Garrett
Please call the church whose class you wish to attend      at 933-7898 or John Hricovec at 934-7855.
to register. Pre-Baptismal classes are required prior to
the baptism of your first child, but not necessary to
attend for further children.                               The Isabella Guild of the Knights of Columbus
                                                           Presents Harvest Tea, featuring designs by Petitti
Baptisms…                                                  Garden Center on Monday, October 26 at 7:00 PM at
Chloe Rose Slivinski, daughter of Dale & Nicole            the K of C Hall, 1738 Moore Rd, Avon (next to BJs).
Slivinski                                                  Menu: chicken salad, croissant, fresh fruit, pastries
                                                           and tea. Raffle and door prizes available. Tickets are
A New Bible Study Session will begin on Tuesday            $15 each (advance sales only). Limited seating is
evening, September 22, from 7-8:30 PM. Cost of             available. For more information, or to order tickets,
book is $10. Sign up in the gathering area or by           call Pat at 933-8986.
calling Steve Stasik at 933-2495.
Smiles for Sophie Forever Fall Festival…The third         40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that
annual SFSF Fall Family Festival will be held on          draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use
Saturday, October 3 from 10AM-4PM at Holy Spirit          of a three-point program: Prayer and Fasting,
Church. Admission is $10 for individual child tickets     Constant Vigil and Community Outreach. This
(ages 3-12) or $25 for a family pass which admits up      will take place from September 23-November 1. 40
to 6 children and includes a free SFSF grocery bag or     Days for Life takes a determined, peaceful approach
tote bag. Many fun activities including pony rides, a     to showing local communities the consequences of
bounce house, magician, crafts and face painting.         abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own
Many items also available for purchase. The SFSF          friends and families. It puts into action a desire to
Foundation was formed in memory of 4 year-old             cooperate with God in the Carrying out of His plan
Avon Lake resident Sophie Quayle, and battles             for the end of abortion in America. Learn how you
pediatric brain cancer by raising awareness, funding      can help save lives here in our community by
research grants and aiding families of children           contacting Anna or Mary at 440-943-6813 or by
suffering from brain cancer. For more information go      visiting
to or call 930-7293.
                                                          Come and See… High school age young men (grades
Keep Your Balance: Reduce Falls… Do you have              9-12) and their parents are invited to an evening of
problems keeping your balance? The occupational           information about Borromeo Seminary on October 7
and physical therapists at the St. John West Shore        from 7-9:30 PM at the Center for Pastoral Leadership
Balance Center, in consultation with your physician,      in Wickliffe. Learn about our college seminary
will establish an individualized treatment program to     program, get student information and take a tour of
help you get back to your normal activities of daily      the seminary. For information or to register, call 440-
living. This will be presented on October 20,             943-7631. There is an Overnight retreat for men age
November 17 and December 8 at 10:00 AM in the             17-44, offering an opportunity to experience life at
Westlake Family Health Center, 26908 Detroit Rd, 3rd      the seminary. This will be held on October 10 & 11,
floor (just east of Dover Center Road). Please call for   from 9:00 AM Saturday through 1:00 PM Sunday.
reservation 1-800-597-6348. To schedule your free         For more information or to register for this event,
screening, call 440-414-6050.                             contact Father Michael Gurnick: 440-943-7660 or e-
Parishioner Michael Murray, a Financial Advisor
with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. will host a      St. Edward High School Fall Open House Dates:
seminar at the Avon Lake Public Library on                Sunday, October 18 from 12-2:30 PM; Sunday,
Thursday, October 1 entitled “Your Career in Motion:      November 1 from 12-2:30 PM. Pre-register at
Financial Strategies During a Job Transition”. This is
a free, informational seminar. Please call 216-447-       8th Grade Placement/Scholarship Testing Dates:
8960 ext. 295 to RSVP.                                    Saturday, October 31, 9-11:30 AM; Tuesday,
                                                          November 3, 5:30-8:00 PM, Saturday, November 7,
A Bereavement Support Group sponsored by the              9-11:30 AM. Ther are parent info sessions at 9 AM
Catholic Cemeteries Bereavement Ministry will be          on the two Saturday testing dates. Testing fee is $20.
held at Calvary Cemetery, Lorain today (Sunday)           Plan to arrive 15 minutes before test time. No
from 3 to 4:00 PM. All are welcome.                       reservation required.

Don’t Forget to Pick Up Your 2010 Entertainment           CYO Camp Christopher’s Seventh Annual Family
Book while they are still available! The cost of this     Fall Festival will be held on Sunday, October 18 from
year’s book is $30, and comes with a bonus $20 in         12-4:00 PM. Admission is free. For more information
gift cards. These books make great gifts, and by using    or directions to Camp Christopher, please call 330-
one or two coupons you just may refund your               376-2267 or 1-800-CYO-CAMP ext 229, or go to
purchase price! Books are available in the rectory
office during normal business hours. Quantities are
limited.                                                  Do something nice for someone today!

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