Everything You Need to Know About Kershaw Knives

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					Everything you Need to Know About Kershaw Knives
The beginning of the brand Kershaw knives was originally in Portland, Oregon, many years ago in 1974. After,
Pet Kershaw, a former employee of Gerber Legendary Blades, produced his personal Cutlery business which
stemmed from his own designs. Kershaw knives has now become a multinational corporation. It is also currently
owned by a Japanese KAI Group, but the headquarters are still located inside of Tualatin, Oregon. Kershaw makes
many different knives in quite a few designs that happen to include cutlery, pocket knives, and a vast assortment
of hunting knives, similar to SOG assisted opening knives . Most of their knives are built and manufactured in
Oregon, but some are now also starting to be created in Japan.
New Styles
kershaw assisted opening knives also happen to have a new line of combat assisted opening knives which are
known as Zero Tolerance. This style, or line, was designed by two men and a company of the names Tim Galyean,
as well as Ken Onion, and Strider knives. Ken onion is just one of Kershaw’s most recognized and popular knife
designers. Kershaw, because of a kind act of charity, gives or donates a portion of every single sale of their knives
to the organization Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund for the Paralyzed Veteran’s of America. This fact alone is a
fantastic reason for you to purchase your next pocket knife from the company Kershaw knives.

In 2005, Kershaw Knives once again showed just how much above the cut of the rest as a company they are.
Kershaw managed to win four different awards from the Atlanta Georgia, making them to first company to ever
win that many awards. The different types of awards that they managed to succeed at winning were the Best
Overall Knife for the year , Most Creative and Efficient American Design, Kitchen Knife of the entire year, and
Knife collaboration of the entire year. Once again in 2007, they also succeeded in winning the Best Overall Knife
of the year Award again for the 1850 Tyrade, which is a knife that contains many different types of steel within
the blade.
Awards and Achievements
Kershaw's numerous awards and achievements prove just how high the quality of their products and knives are. If
you interestedin purchasing a new, state of the art, high quality knife in the near future, than Kershaw is a great
place to try to begin your search at. There company offers amazing and helpful customer service, as well as an
extremely large amount of high quality knives for you to choose from.

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