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Angel Martin
Unit 1
    The most important topic that
     we covered was Christopher
     Colombus coming to America
     and how he treated the
     Indigenous people.When
     Christopher Colombus came
     to America he tortured the
     Indigenous people because
     they didn’t have what he
     needed.He would cut off their
     hands,burn them in pits,and
     hang them by their necks.This
     topic is important because
     nobody should have been
     treated that way.I think if they
     was treated differently there
     would be less violence and
     racism.There actions effect us
     today because there are more
     violence today.
Unit 2
   The most important
    topic we covered was
    the N word.What I know
    about the N word is that
    it comes from
    Portugal.Whites use it to
    make blacks feel less
    human.It is still use
    today.This topic is
    important because the
    N word is a very racist
    word and shouldn’t be
    use.I choose this topic
    because I feel like it
    shouldn’t be allowed.
Unit 3
    The most important topic we covered
     in Unit 3 is the Mexican American
     War.In 1840 the Mexican-American
     War started.James K Polk who was
     the president of the U.S. wanted to
     expand the United States.Mexico
     didn’t want to give up their land so
     they attacked the U.S. but Mexico
     had less people and army so the U.S.
     won.After the war was over they
     signed the peace treaty and
     U.S.bought Mexico for 5 million
     dollars.This topic is important because
     if there was no war then Los Angeles
     would be part of Mexico.I choose this
     topic because this would have
     effected many peoples lives and we
     would do everything different than
     what we do today.If we was apart of
     Mexico we would speak Spanish and
     eat Mexican food and celebrate

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