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									Quarter 1 Midterm

   Aliya McDonald
Unit 1
    • Columbus came in 1492 and ran
        into Tatinos some Indigenous
       people when he found out there
      was not gold on the land he took
          the Tatinos and made them
      slaves. I feel that this is important
      because people think that he has
      done something god but he really
       hasn't and he made it seem like
           he was the first person to
       discover America. It is important
       to let people know that he is not
         a good person. And he killed
               thousnds of people
Unit 2
   • Slavery started in the
     1400s The Europeans
     from Portugal started
     slavery. The first slaves
     would be taken to the
     united states in 1609, and
     slaver would last until
     1865 because of the Civil
     War Kunta Kinte was sold
     in an Auction everyday
     slaves were focsed
Unit 3
   • Back in 1810 Mexico
     was ruled by the
     Spanish. The Spanish
     had the most power,
     followed by the corollas
     people that were
     Spanish but were born
     in Mexico The people
     with the least amount
     of power were the

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