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                                                 |    WINTER 2010

                                                                                      CHANGES ISSUE
                                                                                  • Some newborns’ skin can change from purple
                                                                                    to red as the baby starts breathing. The redness
                                                                                    usually starts to fade during the first day of life,
                                                                                    though the hands and feet may be bluish for
                                                                                    several days.
                                                                                  • Some medical treatments, such as those for cancer,
                                                                                    can temporarily change the way foods taste.
                                                                                  • The inning scores and the pitchers’ numbers on the
                                                                                    scoreboard at Wrigley Field are changed by hand.
                                                                                  • The Chicago White Sox’s uniforms have changed
                                                                                    10 times since 1912.
                                                                                  • The population of Chicago changed from
                                                                                    4,470 in the 1840 census to 2,896,016 in the
                                                                                    2000 census.
                                                                                  • The color of the antennae lights on the Willis
                                                                                    Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) is changed to
                                                                                    green for St. Patrick’s Day, pink for Mother’s Day,
                                                                                    red and blue for Independence Day, orange for
                                                                                    Halloween, and red and green for the December
                                                                                  • Allergy and asthma specialists recommend you
                                                                                    clean or change filters in your heating and cool-
                                                                                    ing systems and air conditioners at least once a
                                                                                    month to minimize allergic reactions.
                                                                                  • Between 1900 and 1999, the average workweek
                                                                                    in manufacturing changed from 53 hours to
                                                                                    about 42 hours.
                                                                                  • A baby gets his or her diaper changed between
                                                                                    2,000 and 3,000 times each year.

          3   Understanding trends:              5   You’re in control:
              A change in lifestyle brings           How small behavior changes
              changes in disease                     can earn you big rewards                       WWW.RUSH.EDU

    If you are diagnosed with Parkinson disease, it’s fair to assume your
    life will change. Parkinson disease is associated with the death or                                                                          BRAIN KEY
    dysfunction of dopamine-producing cells in the brain — the cells that                                                                                 OF PHYSICAL
    send signals to help coordinate your movements. The loss of these
    cells results in tremors, or shaking, among other symptoms.                                                                                           AND VERBS

                                                                                                                                                          POSITION AND
                              “It’s a highly evolving         high level have very mild symptoms, while those         Because symptoms                       MOVEMENT
                            disease,” says Christopher        with low natural ranges tend to have more signifi-   cannot always be
                            Goetz, MD, director of the        cant disabilities.                                   adequately managed                        MEMORY
                            movement disorders program          Researchers hope to find out whether raising       with medication in
                            at Rush University Medical        uric acid in patients with low levels can protect    the third stage of                        OF SOUND
                            Center. “The patients’ needs      their brain cells. This therapy is not given to      Parkinson disease,
                            change because the disease        patients with high normal levels because raising     patients at Rush who
                            changes, and doctors contin-      levels too high can cause other health problems.     reach this stage may be eligible to receive
    Christopher Goetz,      ually adjust their perspectives     Another study is examining whether isradipine      innovative treatments such as deep brain
    MD, is board            to address those needs.”          CR, a drug normally used to treat high blood         stimulation.
    certified in neurol-                                       pressure, might slow the progression of Parkinson       This involves implanting microelectrodes to
    ogy and focuses his
                            HOLDING YOUR                      disease. Isradipine CR slows the influx of calcium   stimulate a specific region of the brain in order
    practice on move-
    ment disorders,         GROUND In the first               ions into certain muscle cells. The health of        to block the abnormal nerve signals that cause
    Parkinson disease       stage of Parkinson disease,       dopamine-producing cells depends on the flow         Parkinson disease symptoms. The microelectrodes
    and dystonia. His       symptoms may be limited           of calcium, and researchers hope isradipine CR       are attached to an external, battery-operated
    research interests      to minor shaking or slowed        may help Parkinson disease symptoms by balanc-       pacemaker.
    also include Tourette   movements. Although               ing the calcium flow in these cells.                    People in the third stage may also be eligible
    syndrome and
                            medical treatment is often                                                             for gene therapy. “This process uses implanted
    Huntington disease.
                            unnecessary at this point,        FIGHTING BACK For some people with                   genes to better nourish the nerve cells affected by
                            Rush offers counseling and        Parkinson disease, symptoms remain mild.             dopamine,” Goetz says. It works by making injured
    emotional support for patients and families.              However, for reasons still unknown, most people      brain cells produce more growth factor — a com-
       Individualized exercise programs can improve           progress to the second stage. Their dopamine-        plex molecule that helps with healthy cell function,
    muscle strength and agility, helping patients with        producing cells continue to degenerate, causing      healing and growth.
    Parkinson disease maintain motor function longer.         more tremors and problems with fine motor               If this study is successful, gene therapy may be
    Physical therapists at Rush can help with this.           control.                                             tried in other stages of Parkinson disease.
       Newly diagnosed Parkinson disease patients can            These changes mean a different direction for
    also take part in important research. Rush and            treatment, and together, doctor and patient          CHANGING THE OUTLOOK Although
    other research centers are studying treatments,           develop an individualized plan that may involve      Parkinson disease brings significant changes to
    which, if successful, could one day halt the pro-         a variety of existing medications. Researchers are   those affected by it, medicine is changing right
    gression of the disease and control symptoms at           also studying new medications that increase the      along with it. In fact, many Parkinson disease
    this early, mild stage.                                   activity of dopamine, the main neurotransmitter      patients who come to Rush qualify to be part of
       Since these studies are for early stage treatment,     involved in Parkinson disease.                       research into new, exciting treatments. F
    only patients who aren’t yet on a medication for
    the disease may be eligible to participate. One
    such study involves increasing the body’s uric acid             CLICK     To find out more about Parkinson disease care and research at Rush, visit
    levels. Parkinson disease patients with a naturally


                                              ANSWERS FROM A RUSH EXPERT

 &                                            THE CHANGING
                                              FACE OF DISEASE
                           THROUGHOUT HISTORY, we have             contaminated the water and increased people’s
                           seen many different trends in dis-      exposure to chemicals. This has contributed to a
                           ease. While our great-grandparents      dramatic rise in the number of cases of asthma,
                           worried about polio, whooping           allergies, respiratory illnesses and metal poisoning
                           cough, mumps and measles, we            since the 1960s.
                           rarely see those diseases today. Now,      Also, with the increased emphasis on con-
                           we are far more likely to have heart    venience, people are now consuming more
                           disease, diabetes and asthma than       processed foods and fast foods, which are high
Miguel Salas, MD,          our ancestors were.                     in fat, sodium and sugar. This greatly increases
MPH, is a family prac-        Discover Rush recently sat           their risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and
titioner with Rush         down with Miguel Salas, MD,             heart disease. All of these diseases have reached
University Family
                           MPH, a family practitioner at Rush      disturbingly high levels in this country, particu-
Physicians. His clinical
interests include com-     University Medical Center who has       larly among people who are black or Hispanic
prehensive preventive      practiced medicine in his native        and from low-income neighborhoods. These
services for adoles-       Colombia and the United States for      problems are due partly to genetics but also to
cents and adults,          more than two decades, to discuss       environmental factors: poverty, low education
women’s health, and        how diseases have changed and           levels, sedentary lifestyles, lack of fresh foods and
community outreach
                           what is responsible for the new         limited access to health care.
and education.
                                                                   Q: How do you determine when a dis-
         Q: Which diseases do you see fre-                         ease has become reason for collective
         quently now that weren’t as common                        concern?
         50 or 60 years ago, and why are these                     A: If at a given time the total number of cases in
         diseases on the rise?                                     the population is increasing, and the incidence
         A: We obviously did not see HIV/AIDS at all; today,       of that disease — the number of new cases — is
         it is a worldwide epidemic. And because of glo-           decreasing, it means doctors are doing a better
         balization, which enables people to travel around         job of diagnosing it and staying on top of the
         the world, we’ve seen more viral and respiratory          problem. But if the incidence is also increasing,
         diseases, such as SARS and malaria, coming into           you have to say something is wrong; the medical
         the United States from abroad.                            community is not doing a good job of preventing,
            Industrialization is another factor that has dra-      diagnosing or treating it, and then it becomes a
         matically changed the trends in disease over time.        problem that needs to be addressed.
         As a society becomes increasingly modernized, it
         has to find ways to keep pace with the growing            Q: Moving forward, what do you see as
         demand for manufactured goods and services.               the greatest public health challenges?
         This emphasis on growth and innovation creates            A: I think we will continue to see increases in
         a number of secondary effects, which, over time,          the conditions — obesity, diabetes, high blood
         become triggers of diseases.                              pressure, heart disease, respiratory infections —
                                                                   associated with industrialization. We’ll need to                   Our interview with
         Q: What are those effects?                                find effective ways of preventing and managing                     Miguel Salas, MD,
         A: There are more buildings and factories, more           these problems. The good news is that medicine          continues on our Web site. Visit
         vehicles, innovations such as plastic and air condi-      has made great progress so far, and we will con-
         tioning, etc., that have gradually polluted the air,      tinue to find more answers in the future. F

                                                                                                                                                              Artist’s rendering
                                                                                                                                                              of waiting room

                        In 2003, a dramatic new era in cancer research
                     and treatment began when scientists working on the
                   Human Genome Project finished sequencing and mapping                                                         A change of space
                                                                                                                                 The new outpatient cancer center, which
                         the complete set of DNA in the human body.
                                                                                                                                   opens in early 2011, was designed with
         The genetic discoveries                             responses with these new      these don’t prevent dis-                  patient and caregiver input to bring
    of that international research                           treatment strategies,”        ease. Instead, they introduce                  the majority of the Rush University
effort sparked breakthroughs in                              says Philip Bonomi, MD,       proteins into the bloodstream                    Cancer Center’s treatment services
cell biology and spurred innova-                             a lung cancer specialist at   that stimulate the immune system                  and care providers together in a
tion in cancer treatment.                                    Rush University Medical       to kill cancer cells.                               single location. It includes the
   Less than a decade later,                                 Center. “They are chang-                                                            following:
researchers are working to iden-                             ing the way we approach       NEW HORIZONS Scientists continue                          Family and physician
tify cell mutations that lead to                             the practice of treating      to make progress in the ever-changing                   conference rooms and
cancer, using newly developed                                cancer.”                      field of cancer research, working diligently             exam rooms
DNA sequencing technology.           Philip Bonomi, MD,                                    to bring new treatment methods to doctors
                                     is director of                                                                                                      A chemotherapy infu-
This same sequencing can be                                  NEW TARGETS In the            and patients. F
                                     the Division of                                                                                                  sion center with private
used to decode the genetics                                 case of breast cancer,                                                                     and semiprivate treat-
of individual cancer patients                               doctors found some                          Visit Rush Jan. 12 for “New                    ment areas
                                     Oncology at Rush.                                      MORE
and uncover the biological and       He has been in-        women had a gene                            Developments in Lung Cancer
chemical changes driving indi-                              mutation that caused           Diagnosis and Treatment.” See page 7                           A resource center
                                     volved in lung cancer
                                                                                                                                                       with computers and
vidual cases of cancer.              research for nearly    an overproduction of           for details.
                                                                                                                                                       reference materials
                                     three decades.         the protein HER2, which
NEW SCIENCE Understanding                                   stimulates the growth          “Our patients are                                              Area for integra-
cancer at this cellular level has    and spread of the disease. Researchers discov-                                                                    tive therapies, which
allowed scientists to develop        ered an antibody, trastuzumab, that targets
                                                                                           experiencing amazing                                       include counseling,
                                                                                                                                                     massage therapy and
ways to target specific cancer       HER2, improving survival in late stage breast         responses with these                                      acupuncture
cells rather than using a shot-      cancer patients. There are also early indica-
gun treatment approach. For          tions that trastuzumab will increase long-term        new treatment strategies.”
example, scientists have created     survival in early stage patients.                     — Philip Bonomi, MD
biological therapies, including         “In some instances, tumors are addicted
antibodies and small molecules,      to the genetic abnormality that is driving their
which slow or stop cancer in         growth, and giving the targeted therapy is like
patients whose tumors contain        turning off a light switch,” Bonomi says.                                                                       ANTIBODIES
  specific genetic elements that        Some antibodies are being used to pro-                                                                       attack cancer cells
                                                                                                                                                     by identifying
      drive tumor growth and         duce vaccines for prostate tumors, lung can-
                                                                                                                                                     them, attaching to
          progression.               cer and melanoma. Ipilimumab has improved
                                                                                                                                                     them and thereby
               “Our patients are     survival in patients with                                                                                       neutralizing them.
                  experiencing       advanced melanoma, a par-
                                                                           CANCER CELLS
                       amazing       ticularly aggressive and treat-
                                                                           are irregular in
                                     ment-resistant type of skin           shape and can
                                     cancer. Unlike other vaccines,        metastasize — spread
                                                                            and invade other
                                                                            structures of the body.


Regular exercise — it’s a habit that can reduce nearly every health risk, says Lynne Braun, PhD, RN, CNP, a nurse prac-
titioner at the Rush Heart Center for Women. It seems like a simple prescription for health. But if healthful lifestyle
habits, such as exercising, eating right and not smoking, aren’t already part of your lifestyle, your first prescription
may be for behavior change.

STAGING YOUR CHANGE When it comes to                                               According to Braun, the                  smoking, for example, get rid of your ashtrays
the benefits of healthful behavior change, Braun                                   process can start with mak-              and change your routine.
is an expert. She researches cardiovascular risk                                   ing choices — especially for         »   Have specific, realistic goals. If you’re trying
reduction and counsels people on incorporating                                     people who need to make                  to become more active, try walking at least
heart-healthy behaviors into their lives.                                          several changes.                         15 minutes a day, and then build up to longer
   According to Braun, changes in behavior happen                                     “Decide where to start,”              and more frequent activity.
in the following stages:                                                           she says. “It’s difficult to do      »   Monitor your progress. If you are trying to lose
»  Contemplation, when you are considering a                                       everything at once, so work              weight, weigh yourself regularly or wear a
   change but haven’t yet made a commitment                  Lynne Braun, PhD,     with the most important                  pedometer to check how far you walk.
»  Preparation, when you intend to take action in            RN, CNP, serves as
                                                             co-investigator for
                                                                                   changes first.”                      »   Partner with a friend or join a group with com-
   the near future                                                                    For example, she would                mon goals for encouragement and feedback
                                                             a National Institutes
»  Action, when you have made the commitment
                                                             of Health research
                                                                                   advise people with high                  on your progress.
   and take specific steps toward new behaviors              grant on reducing     blood pressure to work on
»  Maintenance and relapse prevention, when                  health disparities in taking their medications             HELP FROM THE EXPERTS Professionals
   new behaviors become part of your everyday                black women.          regularly. Quitting smoking                     at Rush can help you start making
   life                                                                            is another essential behavior                   healthy changes today. Call
   “When trying to change the behaviors that led             change and one that often involves an important            (888) 352-RUSH (7874) to learn more. F
them toward heart disease in the first place, most           factor — the patient’s significant other.
people go through the stages of change several                 “I encourage patients to bring in their partners
times before the new behavior becomes firmly                 or spouses,” Braun says. “They may both need to
established,” Braun says.                                    make changes, and it helps if they do it together.”
                                                               Couples and individuals can also boost the likeli-
GETTING IT RIGHT Though behavior changes                     hood for success by taking the following steps:
can be difficult, there are strategies that can help.        » Prepare your environment. If you want to stop

     Easy as 1, 2, 3 ...
                        Avoid the pitfalls                                        Cut the fat. Traditional                       Limit the                      Curb the carbs.

                        of holiday meals                                 1        holiday recipes are often             2        sugar. Cookies         3       Holiday meals can
                                                                                  high in unnecessary fat.                       and other treats               be loaded with
                        Holiday get-togethers nearly always           To make recipes more heart-healthy,            will still be flavorful if you   sweet and starchy foods, which
                        involve food — and lots of it. It’s easy      choose tub margarine instead of butter         substitute spices, such as      are high in carbohydrates.
                        to take in more than your share of fat        and use canola oil in place of vegetable       cinnamon, cloves or nut-        Limit the carbs by substituting
                        and calories along with your healthy          oil. Use the light or reduced-fat versions     meg, for some of the sugar.     mashed cauliflower for mashed
                        dose of good cheer.                           of ingredients such as cheese and sour         In fact, you can cut sugar in   potatoes and removing the
Cassandra Vanderwall,     According to Cassandra Vanderwall,          cream. When you’re baking, substitute          most recipes by one-fourth.     rolls from the table. If stuffing
MS, is a registered     MS, a registered dietitian at Rush            two egg whites for one whole egg. You          Instead of frosting baked       is a staple, use whole-wheat
dietitian. She helps    University Medical Center, a few simple       can also try using unsweetened apple-          goods, dust them with           bread and replace some of it
patients with weight
                        changes can help you make your holi-          sauce in place of half the oil, butter or      powdered sugar to reduce        with hearty roasted vegeta-
and chronic disease
management.             day habits healthier.                         margarine listed in the recipe.                both sugar and fat.             bles, such as eggplant.


                                                                                                                        For other current clinical trials,

    Mental exercise may first slow and then speed cognitive decline
    Whether you do crosswords or play chess, keeping                      Researchers at Rush made this discovery in a                       One possible answer, he says, is that mentally
    your brain active may also keep it sharp. But there                 study recently published in the journal Neurology.                stimulating activities may enhance the brain’s ability
    could be a catch. Though dementia may take                          “Our results suggest that the benefit of delaying                 to function relatively well even after the lesions asso-
    longer to appear in avid readers and museum                         the initial signs of cognitive decline may come at                ciated with dementia begin to build up. People who
    goers than in their less stimulated peers, those                    a cost,” says study author Robert Wilson, PhD,                    engage in such activities may therefore experience
    who delay the condition’s onset might get worse                     neuropsychologist at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease                 more dramatic brain changes — leading to a faster
    faster once they develop it.                                        Center. “The question is, ‘Why does this happen?’”                decline — after their symptoms finally appear.
                                                                                                                                          “By compressing the course of dementia, mental
                                                                                                                                          activities could reduce the overall amount of time
                                                                                                                                          that a person may suffer from the condition,” Wilson
    CLINICAL TRIALS AT RUSH                                                                                                               says. “And that’s a good thing.” F

    The Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center is conduct-
                                                                  MANTLE CELL LYMPHOMA
                                                                  TREATMENT STUDY
                                                                                                                                          Rush again ranked among
    ing a study to determine whether taking low                   The Section of Hematology is conducting a study                         nation’s top hospitals
    doses of aspirin can prolong disability-free life in          to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an                          Rush University Medical Center recently earned
    adults age 70 and older by preventing thinking                investigational drug, RAD001 (everolimus), as                           rankings in 11 specialty areas in the August 2010
    problems (such as memory loss and dementia),                  a treatment for mantle cell lymphoma patients                           “America’s Best Hospitals” issue of U.S.News &
    heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and physical           who are intolerant of or unresponsive to Velcade                        World Report, which annually rates the top hos-
    disability. Participants will be randomly assigned to         (bortezomib).                                                           pitals across the country in 16 medical specialties.
    take either aspirin or placebo once a day for about              Participants must meet the following criteria:                       Rush ranked higher than any other program
    five years.                                                    • Be at least 18-years old                                              in Illinois in orthopedics (No. 10 in the nation)
       Participants must meet the following criteria:             • Have a confirmed diagnosis of mantle cell                              and geriatrics (No. 22). Rush had nine additional
    • Be at least 70-years old                                       lymphoma                                                             programs in the top 50: neurology and neurosur-
    • Be in good health                                           • Be intolerant of or unresponsive to Velcade                           gery (No. 14); heart and heart surgery (No. 25);
    • Not currently be taking aspirin at the instruction             (bortezomib)                                                         ear, nose and throat (No. 32); gastroenterology
       of a physician                                             • Not be receiving other cancer therapies                               (No. 35); gynecology (No. 41); urology (No. 41);
                    This is a partial list of inclusion                           This is a partial list of inclusion                     cancer (No. 43); kidney disorders (No. 43); and
      MORE                                                          MORE
                    and exclusion criteria. For more infor-                       and exclusion criteria. For more                        pulmonology (No. 49). Only 152 of 4,852 hospitals
    mation, please contact Scarlett Ellis at                      information, please contact Laurie Smith at                             in the United States — about 3 percent — scored
    (312) 942-6596.                                               (312) 942-8312.                                                         high enough this year to rank in even a single
                                                                                                                                          specialty. F

    DISCOVER RUSH is published as a service          Chief Executive Officer                          Information in DISCOVER RUSH comes
    for the Rush community.                          Larry J. Goodman, MD                            from a wide range of medical experts.
                                                                                                     Models may be used in photos and
    RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER                   For information about DISCOVER RUSH,            illustrations. If you have any questions       Rush is a not-for-profit
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                                                     with a physician, call (888) 352-RUSH (7874).   CUM25442c                                      Medical Center, Rush
                                                                                                                                                    University, Rush Oak Park
    PLEASE NOTE: All physicians featured in this publication are on the medical faculty of Rush University Medical Center. Some of the physicians   Hospital and Rush Health.
6   featured are in private practice and, as independent practitioners, are not agents or employees of Rush University Medical Center.

                              RUSH UPCOMING EVENTS               FREE CLASSES FOR YOUR HEALTH | WINTER 2010

                                                                 Rush Generations presents …

                      CLICK      For a complete and
                                 up-to-date list of              Older adult and caregiver programs
                   community wellness events at Rush, visit
         , where you can            All Rush Generations programs are held at Rush University
                   also find handouts from previous talks.       Medical Center, Searle Conference Center, 5th floor (Elevator II,
                                                                 Professional Building), 1725 W. Harrison St.

                   Expert Care for Chronic Conditions
                   Tuesday, Nov. 16                              Lung Cancer                              Your Health … Online

                   6 to 8 p.m.                                   Treatment Options                        Wednesday, Dec. 1
                   Armour Academic Center                        Tuesday, Nov. 16                         10:30 a.m. to noon
                   Room 976, 600 S. Paulina St.                  10:30 to 11:45 a.m.                      Are you interested in using the
                   Managing chronic conditions, such as          Experts from the Coleman                 Internet to find answers to medi-
                   high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity,    Foundation Comprehensive Lung            cal questions or for creating your
                   can be accomplished with the appropriate      Cancer Clinic at Rush will discuss the   personal health record? If so, join
                   medical and dietary guidance. But it isn’t    latest diagnostic and most innovative    us to learn how. Experts from Rush
                   always easy. Join primary care physicians     treatment options available for lung     will review strategies for finding

                   from Rush to discuss these conditions and     cancer. These include groundbreak-       reliable health information and
                   the continuum of care from prevention to      ing targeted therapies; advanced         developing a free and secure per-

                   diagnosis and treatment.                      chemotherapy approaches; and a full      sonal health record on the Web.
                                                                 range of surgical options, including
                   Stress, Nutrition and Exercise                minimally invasive options for both
                   Wednesday, Dec. 8                             early and advanced lung cancer.
                   6 to 8 p.m.
                   Armour Academic Center
                   Room 994, 600 S. Paulina St.                                                           Ongoing Programs of Rush Generations
                   Everyone experiences stress, but everyone
                   handles it in different ways. For many,                                                BenefitsCheckUp                          Qi Gong

                   stress can affect how and what they eat.                                               BenefitsCheckUp is a simple, free        Qi Gong involves either breath-
                   Join physicians from Rush to learn how                                                 and fast screening that can help         ing exercises alone or coordinated

                   managing stress, exercising and adopting                                               people age 55 and older (and some        breath and movement adapted to
                   healthier eating habits can make a signifi-                                            younger people with Medicare)            any ability, with a focus on improv-
                   cant improvement to overall well-being.                                                get the benefits for which they are      ing overall body function. It can be
                                                                                                          eligible. Call the Anne Byron Waud       done sitting, standing or moving,
                   New Developments in Lung                                                               Resource Center at (800) 757-0202        and it emphasizes working at a
                   Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment                                                         for assistance in completing a con-      comfortable level and not aggra-
                   Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011                                    Call (800) 757-0202        fidential questionnaire that will help   vating any previous condition or

                   6 to 8 p.m.                                                 for more information       identify any benefits you may be         symptom. Registration fee required.
                   Armour Academic Center                           about these ongoing programs.         missing.                                 Limited scholarships are available.
| M O N D AY

                   Room 976, 600 S. Paulina St.
                   Join a medical oncologist, a thoracic sur-
                   geon and a radiation oncologist from the
                   Coleman Foundation Comprehensive Lung           CLICK     You can get helpful health information in your e-mail inbox each month with our e-newsletter,
                   Cancer Clinic at Rush to learn about early                DISCOVER RUSH ONLINE. Sign up today at
                   detection in lung cancer and the latest in
                   minimally invasive surgery and radiation
                   therapies. You’ll also hear about advance-

                   ments in chemotherapy and research in                   Because space is limited, please call to reserve your seat.
                   lung cancer treatment.
                                                                        For more details and to register, call (888) 352-RUSH (7874).
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          SAME, FOR A CHANGE
                           WHEN RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL              rooms to help patients get safely from the bed
                           Center set out to transform itself for    to the bathroom without falls.
                           the future, it began with a guiding          All equipment is located in set areas. That
                           set of principles. One of the tenets of   includes hand-sanitizer dispensers, which are
                           change was this: Whenever possible,       placed where it is easiest for staff to see and
                           make things the same.                     use them. This increases the number of times
                              “Early conversations about the         staff sanitize their hands — which can decrease
                           Rush Transformation, our decade-          hospital infections.
  Anthony Perry, MD,       long redevelopment plan, focused on          The new rooms were even designed to ensure
  specializes in geriat-   how standardization would improve         that when doctors enter, they flow naturally to                                                Artist’s rendering
  ric medicine at Rush     patient safety and quality of care,”      the patient’s right side. In medical school, doc-                                              of future patient
  University Senior                                                                                                                                                 room
                           says Anthony Perry, MD, a geriatrician    tors are trained to perform exams from the right
  Care and is director
  for the Johnston         and clinical transformation officer at    side, so carrying them out this way comes more
  R. Bowman Health         Rush.                                     naturally. “You get better clinical results when
  Center for older                                                   you can do a better exam,” Perry says.
  adults and rehabili-     ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL                       Standardization helps staff feel more comfortable    Modifications of things as varied as doorways and
  tative services.         Efficiency and safety were foremost in    and confident when they enter the room because          dialysis hookups resulted from these practice runs.
                           the minds of planners as they created     they know exactly where everything is located.            Even the furniture was shifted around following
           standardized designs for hospital rooms, includ-              “That means the only variable in the room is the    the tests. All of these changes were made with the
           ing critical care rooms, acute care rooms, neonatal       patient, and that is where all the staff’s focus will   same purpose in mind.
           intensive care rooms, and preparation and recovery        be,” Perry says.                                         “Standardization maximizes the safety of the envi-
           rooms. Unlike traditional hospital rooms, which are                                                               ronment that we are building for patients,” Perry
           often a reverse image of one another, the new ver-        PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT It took many                     says. “For Rush, safety is a profoundly important
           sions are identical to the other rooms of the same        months of planning and hard work to reach that          topic.” F
           type.                                                     goal. The process included testing the spaces
              That means the bed is in the same place in             to make certain they would work in real-world
           each room; storage cabinets, electrical outlets and       conditions.                                                       To learn more about the
           hookups are always found in standard locations.              Room models were built so staff could prac-                    Rush Transformation, visit
           Standardized grab bars appear on the walls of the         tice performing their jobs in realistic situations.

                                            THE CHANGING FACE OF RUSH: To learn more about the changes taking place at Rush University Medical Center as
                                            part of the Rush Transformation, visit Learn how these changes support Rush’s mission: to provide the
                                            very best care for our patients.