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Unit 1
   •   The most important topic we
       covered in unit 1 was about
       Columbus.Some things I know
       about Columbus is like when he
       went to sea he sat out to find
       India and China.But instead he
       found the Tainos.This topic is
       important because when
       Columbus meet the Tainos he
       beat them and took them as
       slaves to Europe.And I choose
       this topic because I knew a lot
       about it.This effects us today
       because we celebrate
       Columbus day and I think we
       should pay respect to Tainos.
Unit 2
   •   The most important topic that
       we studied in unit 2 was about
       Nat Turner.Something that I
       know about Nat is he was first a
       slave then his master died and
       him and his wife was split up
       and he became a preacher then
       rebel.This topic is important
       because Nat was a big part of
       slavery.After his time of being a
       preacher he became a black
       rebel and killed white slave
       owners.The way that the things
       Nat turner did effects us today
       was by freeing slaves.
   •   The most important topic we
       studied in unit 3 was about
       Democracy.I know that if your
       government has Democracy it
       means that the people get to
       pick their leader.This topic is
       important because the united
       states has democracy.And it’s
       been working out for us.And
       with out democracy the people
       of that government would not be
       happy.And this effects us today
       because say if u.s.a had a
       dictator instead of Democracy it
       would probably be worse than it
       already is.

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