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        Millions of Americans suffer from

            different optical ailments but

         are still reticent to wear glasses.
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From Glasses to Contact Lenses

The Joy of Daily Contact Lenses

Spotting Presbyopia Symptoms
       From Glasses to Contact Lenses
A person’s vision is important and yet is

often taken for granted. Millions of

Americans suffer from different optical

ailments but are still reticent to wear

glasses. Maintaining a personal image is         Comfortable contact lenses

important to us when we’re out in public.

At one time, all that was available to correct vision ailments was

glasses or uncomfortable contacts. Thankfully, this has changed.

Today daily contacts are widely available to provide comfort and

style for all those with less than perfect vision. Regardless of what

type of contact lenses you wear, knowing when you need them,

how to insert them and how to clean them is vital if you want your

lenses to give you the clear eyesight you deserve.

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       From Glasses to Contact Lenses
There comes a time when we realize our

eyes are not what they once were and

assistance is required in order to see

objects more clearly. If you have already

reached that stage, are wearing glasses and      Great variety of contact lenses

would like a change, make sure to

schedule a visit to your optician. These days there are a variety of

daily contact lenses to address a variety of optical problems.

Believe it or not, there are some people whose eyes are simply not

suited for contacts so it is essential to have a thorough eye exam.

Your optician will then choose a suitable pair of lenses for you. He

or she will also demonstrate how to clean them. It is a normal

practice to wear the lenses for a week as part of a trial period to

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       From Glasses to Contact Lenses
See if they are a good fit. Once this has

been determined, you are likely to receive

three or more months’ supply.

Before you insert your contact lenses, it is

vital to wash your hands in warm water         Check lenses before you use them

and soap and dry them thoroughly. This is

to ensure that no bacteria get onto the lenses. Check the lenses

before placing them in your eyes to ensure they are not damaged or

broken. Make sure they are positioned with the correct side up.

Then while holding your upper eyelid to stop any blinking, place

the lens on your eye. Then position the second lens on your other


When removing your lenses, wash your hands first. Then make

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       From Glasses to Contact Lenses
sure the lens is positioned in the middle of

your eye. Pull down your eyelid and use

your forefinger and thumb to extract the

lens. It is important never to wash the

lenses in water.                                 Take care of your lenses with
                                                       specific products

If you are using daily contact lenses,

there is no need to worry about storage as they will be discarded

after one use. Lenses designed to last longer, however, must be

cleaned with the solution that accompanied the lenses. Each lens

should be rinsed thoroughly and placed carefully in its case which

should also be filled with solution in order to disinfect the lenses.

When the time comes to re-use the lenses, clean out the case and

allow it to dry in the air.

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       From Glasses to Contact Lenses
Making the transition from wearing glasses or nothing at all to

contact lenses is not easy but your eyes will acclimate after a short

period of time. Whether you are suffering from astigmatism or

presbyopia, a pair of contacts can relieve that irritating blur and

allow you to see the beauty that lies before you.

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       The Joy of Daily Contact Lenses
While traditional glasses perform a great

service for those with less than perfect

vision, they are often be poorly designed

and cumbersome. Despite the fact that

glasses now have thinner rims which             You can wear contact lenses while
                                                  practicing your favorite sport

makes them lighter and more attractive,

few are as attractive as wearing none at all. So, it’s no surprise that

the desire for contacts is growing among a significant portion of the

population. For years, the only alternative to glasses was a pair of

contact lenses that could be worn all day and needed to be cleaned

at night. While this took care of matters for those wishing to be rid

of glasses, having to rinse the lenses constantly was a burden and

losing a contact was far too easy and costly. Daily contact lenses

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       The Joy of Daily Contact Lenses
are a welcome alternative. With so many

options available and the overwhelming

benefits of disposable lenses, it is no

wonder millions of Americans are actively

seeking them out.                                Vast array of contact lenses

Having such a vast array of contact lenses

available is both positive and negative. Obviously, it is wonderful

to have choices but the sheer number of lenses available make it

challenging to select the right ones. Unlike the purchase of shirts or

slacks, it is vital to buy the right lenses otherwise you could cause

lasting damage to your eyes. Clearly, you need to visit your

optician to determine if you suffer from astigmatism, presbyopia,

farsightedness, nearsightedness or any other problem. There are

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       The Joy of Daily Contact Lenses
lenses available specifically designed for

each of these conditions.

Regular lenses can be expensive and they

are easy to lose during the cleaning

process. Daily contact lenses eliminate             Test your contacts

this problem as they are inexpensive,

plentiful and still ensure you have great vision. They are also ideal

for individuals wearing contacts for the first time. Simply buy

enough lenses for a week or two as a test. If you don’t like wearing

them, no significant damage is done to your bank balance. It is also

much easier for a beginner to toss old lenses in the trash rather than

learn the whole process of rinsing them in special solution and

placing them carefully in a specific container.

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       The Joy of Daily Contact Lenses
The many benefits of disposable contact

lenses make them the obvious choice for

those wishing to switch from eye glasses.

Contact lenses are often very fragile and

easily cracked or ripped. If you are               Visit the optician to get a

wearing a pair of regular lenses at work

and they get lost or damaged you’re stuck with faulty vision until

you get home. Disposable lenses are available in packs of various

sizes so you should be able to carry a spare pair or two with you.

The entire package is custom made to fit your eyes so instead of

having to visit the optician to get a new pair fitted, all you need to

do is renew your prescription and carry on with your day.

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        The Joy of Daily Contact Lenses
Daily contact lenses allow those with optical problems to live their

life in the same manner as the did before they needed help with

their vision. Modern lenses are becoming so comfortable that

wearers often forget they have them in their eyes. Disposable lenses

are inexpensive, convenient and there is a huge selection to choose


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       Spotting Presbyopia Symptoms
Presbyopia is an incredibly common

problem among Americans today. More

than one in four people suffer from some

form of it. Those who complain of this

issue are unable to see things close up and      Presbyopia occurs because the
                                               flexibility of the eye reduces with
often have to hold items at arm’s length in                     age

order to get a clearer view. This condition worsens with age and

can develop in anyone. While other ailments concerning the eye

like astigmatism involve the shape of the eye, Presbyopia occurs

because the flexibility of the eye reduces with age. Although people

who are approaching retirement age often suffer from this problem,

it can occur in people who are only in their 40’s. Other symptoms

related to this problem include an inability to focus, squinting and

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        Spotting Presbyopia Symptoms

The onset of symptoms often creep ups

slowly, seemingly without prior warning.

But there are a number of early signs that

may suggest you have Presbyopia. For                 Don’t ignore headaches

example, if you find you are holding a

newspaper or restaurant menu at arm’s length, it is a clear sign that

your eyesight is starting to wane. Of course, this is an obvious

example of discovering you have visual problems. There are a

variety of other symptoms that may seem innocuous or unrelated at

first; but are, in actual fact, sure signs of optical issues.

You may start to suffer headaches but ignore them in the belief that

they are just related to fatigue or stress. The fact is that straining to

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          Spotting Presbyopia Symptoms
read items often causes headaches and a

sense of tiredness. Another common

complaint among those with this problem

is that headaches start to manifest after

completing specific tasks like writing,         Make the reading test today

knitting, or any activity that requires close

concentration on a specific object. A person will squint and focus

extremely hard on the task at hand and yet may not notice the


A quick test to determine if you have poor vision is to try on a pair

of non-prescription reading glasses in a pharmacy. Bring a book

with you and start reading. If you are able to read normally with the

glasses then this is a sure sign you have Presbyopia.

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          Spotting Presbyopia Symptoms
Once you have been diagnosed with this

problem there is no course of treatment to

completely return your eyes to their

original healthy state. This problem is a

normal result of aging. There is no way to      Presbyopia worsens with age

halt it without halting the aging process


In order to ensure your vision remains at a functional level, try a

pair of reading glasses or contact lenses. LASIK surgery which

involves lasers is an extreme method of trying to correct your

eyesight and often those who have undergone this procedure find

they still need lenses or glasses afterwards.

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