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After School Violin Classes


After School Violin Classes

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									                            After-School Violin Classes @ CHS

     ABOUT THE TEACHER: Veronica R Pellegrini MM (Master of Music) : has collaborated in performances with artists such as Yehudi Menuhin,

     Yo-yo Ma, Maxim Vengerov, Gil Shaham, Plácido Domingo and Joshua Bell, among others.

   Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. : Master in Music in Violin                Conservatorio de San Agustín, Madrid (2008 to 2009): Violin Teacher
    Performance                                                                       Colegio Suizo de Madrid (2008) : Violin and Orchestra Teacher
   Certified Suzuki Teacher : Suzuki Association of the Americas                     Assistant Violin and Chamber Music Teacher at Temple University,
   Certified Superior Violin Professor : Real Conservatorio Superior de               Philadelphia (2000 to 2002)
    Música de Madrid, Spain                                                           Recipient of numerous awards from the following institutions:
   Graduated from Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain               Conservatorio Superior de Madrid, Temple University, Strings 99
   Violinist : Orquesta Sinfónica de Radio Televisión Española (2007-2009)            Festival, Who is Who in American Universities and Colleges, Shell
   Violinist : The New World Symphony (2003-2007)                                     Spain, Madrid Juventudes Musicales, Ministerio de Educacion y Cultura
   Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico at “Sistema de Orquestas                    de España, Iberdrola Spain, Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía.
    Infantiles y Juveniles de Puerto Rico” : Presently Violin Teacher

                                                           Come join trial class (free of charge) on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at

                                                           Commonwealth Campus (CHS) from 3:00-3:30 pm.

                                                           Classes will meet tentatively each Tuesday at CHS from 3:00-4:40 pm.,

                                                           however more sessions can be added based on demand.

                                                             Flyer: Collaborative effort K.Roman & Enrique Vázquez - 7th grade Commonwealth Campus
Professor has several loaner violins which can be borrowed on a short term basis - violin prices fluctuate between $90-


For more information on program see below and/or contact Ms. Pellegrini - or Kathy Román

(CPS) -

                                             Flyer: Collaborative effort K.Roman & Enrique Vázquez - 7th grade Commonwealth Campus
Prof. Veronica R Pellegrini MM (Master of Music)

The lessons are based on Traditional Violin School, oriented towards achieving a solid instrumental technique and developing each student´s
unique talents and skills. Our primary goal will be musicality and learning to love music. These lessons are appropriate for anyone who wishes to
learn violin, either professionally or just to enrich his or her cultural knowledge through music.

-Violin Ensemble:
At this moment, we are offering a Violin Group Class. Later on, we can schedule private lessons according to the need of each student. Groups
will be decided based on level and age of the students. In these lessons, they will enjoy playing together, learning the techniques of Orchestra
rehearsal and developing their artistic talents as a group. As a part of these group lessons, in addition to specific violin instruction, they will start
learning to read music, and other concepts related to music literature and repertoire, History of Music and Theory.

Tentative Schedule is Tuesdays from 3 pm to 4.40 pm. This may change depending on
availability of the students, since they are already involved in other after school activities.

The students will not need to have their own violins for the first couple of lessons. If they already own a violin, great! If they don´t, I understand that
some parents want to wait before they buy a violin, to see if the student is really excited about music.

Price range for a beginner´s violin in Puerto Rico is $90-$120. But I strongly encourage you to please talk to me or another violin teacher before
you buy a violin. There are many violin sizes, and remember your child is going to grow. I have some violins that they can borrow for the first
couple of lessons. Later on, it is very important that they do have their own instrument so they can practice at home.

Open Violin Class
I will be soon contacting students and parents to let them know about a first Violin Group Lesson. This first class will be open to anyone that is
interested, even if they didn´t sign up for lessons. It will be about 30 minutes long. In this class we will present the violin as an instrument and
students will actively participate. Our purpose is that the students can have a first contact with the instrument, and they also get a first impression
of what making music together is like. This first class will be free of charge. Please tell your friends!

                                                          Flyer: Collaborative effort K.Roman & Enrique Vázquez - 7th grade Commonwealth Campus
Participation in Public Performances
Students will have the opportunity to regularly play in public concerts and recitals, always previously approved by the teacher. These
performances will take place in churches, theaters, museums and other cultural institutions. It is expected of the student that he or she will agree
to play at these concerts, either as a soloist or as a part of an ensemble.


Prices will be announced shortly. I am in the process of studying the market to ensure that these are reasonable.

                                                        Flyer: Collaborative effort K.Roman & Enrique Vázquez - 7th grade Commonwealth Campus

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