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CSS_Hot Shot by ygq15756


									                                                                                            eShipping Case Study
                                                                                              Focus // HOT SHOT FREIGHT

        A Major Oil & Gas OEM Transforms its Supply Chain to Electronically
            Manage Time Sensi ve Freight Procurement and Delivery

                                                                                            Centers. Carriers were surveyed for
                                                                                            past performance record, safety
                                                                                            compliance, proper insurance
                                                                                            coverage, pricing, equipment
                                                                                            availability, and transit me. Other
                                                                                            factors such as current and past
CLIENT                                                                                      rela onship to the Client, company
                                              that despite the availability of a number
                                                                                            mission, financial stability, and billing
The major oil and gas OEM Client is a         of quality transporta on providers that
                                                                                            methods were also closely evaluated
global manufacturer of products for oil       could accept these specialized
                                                                                            to ensure the right fit. Since no single
and gas companies in upstream,                shipments, they were finding it difficult
                                                                                            transporta on provider could
produc on, transporta on, refining, and        to procure available equipment at fair
                                                                                            guarantee proper equipment at any
related industries. Products include well     market value. The more cri cal the
                                                                                            given me, mul ple carriers were
service pressure pumps and flow control        shipping need, the higher the price the
                                                                                            selected for the partnership.
products; engineered, mechanical, and         Client was charged.
rota ng equipment; and oil field and

                                                                                                                                       CLIENT SUCCESS STORY
drilling equipment.
                                              SOLUTION                                      RESULTS
                                              eShipping and the Client combined             No less than three providers per
CHALLENGE                                                                                   loca on were agreed upon, and
                                              resources to implement the most
Due to the high demand and cri cal            efficient means to procure transporta on        standard base rates were nego ated
nature of the oil and gas industry, freight   for loads with special requirements. The      on the Client’s behalf with each
procurement and delivery must occur           eShipping Transporta on Management            provider. The eShipping TMS
quickly and on me. For the oil field           System (TMS) was a natural fit, with an        streamlines freight procurement
industry in par cular, freight is o en        opportunity to customize to the Client’s      through its web-based portal and
oversized in length, weight, and gauge        unique needs and match specific shipping       Contract Manager func onality.
(pumps, rigs, drills, and other equipment).   lanes with equipment availability.            Overall, the Client has seen significant
Therefore, much of the product cannot be                                                    cost savings and a decrease in the
loaded and unloaded with standard             In addi on to the implementa on of the        amount of me to procure and
equipment at a dock, but rather by crane,     TMS, eShipping’s experienced team             schedule a specialized shipment.
hoists, or other specialized equipment.       evaluated each individual transporta on
Historical analysis for the Client showed     provider for all 11 of the Client’s Service


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