Course Contract Acceptance of Classroom Expectations

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					          Course Contract: Acceptance of Classroom Expectations
Teacher: Frau Feldstein (Ms. Feldstein)


Student Name:

      I have read and agree to follow the expectations and intentions for this
course. I understand the importance of completing my own work and developing
and accepting responsibility for my own education and success. While doing this, I
agree to show respect to both my teacher and my classmates.

      At the same time, I know that there are consequences that I will face if I do
not uphold what is set forth in the course outline.

Student Signature                                                               Date

       As the parent of this student, I have read and I acknowledge the
expectations and responsibilities set forth to help my student be successful. I realize
that the sole responsibility of learning rests in my child, but I agree to assist the
teacher with encouragement and support from home.

       In addition, I also realize that I may call or email the teacher with any
questions or concerns.

Parent Signature                                                                Date