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									                      Information Competence Grants Awarded for 2006-07 - 2007/08
     Campus                             Title of Proposal                                   Contact & E-mail
                    Information Competence Assessment Using First Year
Channel Islands     and Upper Division Writing Samples (2-year grant)        Amy Wallace amy.wallace@csuci.edi
                    Integrating Information Competence with Supplemental
Fresno              Instruction Student Success: University-wide
                    Planning for                                             Ross LaBaugh
                    information competence curriculum development (2-
Long Beach          year granst                                              Tiffani Travis
                    Calibrated Peer Review and the First Year Experience:
                    Problem Based Learning and Demonstrated
Long Beach          Information Literacy Skills                              Tiffani Travis

Los Angeles         Enhancing Business Student Information Competence        Dr. Carol Blaszcynski
                    School of Nursing Information Competency Initiative
Los Angeles         (2-year grant)                                           Dr. Lorie Judson
                    Integration and Assessment of Information
Los Angeles         Competence of Liberal Studies (2-year gant)              E. Chisato Uyeki
                    PALS (Partnership of Academic Learning and Success)
Los Angeles          (2-year grant)                                          Rita Ledesma

                 Using ICT Literacy Assessment to Evaluate and
                 Enhance Information and Communication Technology
Maritime Academy Initiatives at the California Maritime Academy              Dr. Julie Chisholm
                 Information Competence in Astronomy and Space
                 Sciences (Tools for General Education Astronomy
Northridge       corces)                                                     Lynn Lampert
                 Project "Baseline": Information Literacy Study and
                 Assessment of California State University Sacramento
Sacramento       Freshman Programs (2-year grant)                            Lynn Tashiro
                 E-Competency: Integrating Information,
                 Communication, and Technology (ICT) within the
                 Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Curriculum (2-
San Diego        year grant)                                                 Vinod Sasidharan
                    Integrating Information Competence into First-Year
San Francisco       Experience Program at San Francisco State University     Kendra Van Cleave
                    Developing and Assessing Freshman Library Program
                    at San Jose State University: the Metropolitan
San Jose            University Scholar Program (2-year grant)                Toby Matoush
Cal Poly San Luis   A Library / CAED Partnership                             Shannon Van Kirk
                    A Constructivist Model for Literature-Based Scientific
Cal Poly San Luis   Information Competence (2-year grant)                    Susan Elrod
                    Assessing a First Year Experience Information Literacy
                    Instruction Program within the General Education
San Marcos          Program
                    Information Competence in a Global World: An             Gabriela Sonntag
                    Integrated Approach to the Freshman Year Experience
Sonoma              (2-year gant)                                            Barbara Butler

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