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									                            UNIT INFORMATION SHEET
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Date Sheet Filled Out                    29 October 2010 District 17
Unit Name:                               Seventeenth Coast Guard District
Personal Mailing Address:                Commander (da)
                                         Seventeenth Coast Guard District
                                         PO Box 25517
                                         Juneau, AK. 99802-5517

Commercial Phone #                       (907) 463-2087 or the Command Center @ (907) 463-2018
                                         and ask to be placed in contact with the Admin. Officer
Fax Number:                              (907) 463-2083
Web Site:                      
E-Mail:                                  First Name.
Unit’s Missions:                         District Office Support for Search and Rescue, Marine Safety,
                                         Marine Response, Drug Interdiction, Auxiliary, Aids to
                                         Navigation, LORAN, Marine Fisheries and Human
Typical SA/SN Job Assignment:            Duty Driver, Admin Assistant, Color Guard

Typical FA/FN Job Assignment:            Same as Above
Inport Watch Type And Duty Rotation      Duty Driver
For SA/SN:
Inport Watch Type And Duty Rotation
For FA/FN:                               Same as Above
Underway Watch Type And Duty             None
Rotation For SA/SN:
Underway Watch Type And Duty             None
Rotation For FA/FN:
Special Procedures For Reporting After   None. Must report by close of business working day.
Hours:                                   Office Hours: 0800 – 1600. If after hours please contact the
                                         Command Center (907) 463-2001
If Unit Is Underway, Where To Report:    N/A
How Much Personal Storage Space:
Cubic Feet
Uniform Normally Worn During The         Tropical Blue Long / ODU
Recommended Uniform Items In
                                         Extra dress pants and light blue short sleeve shirts
Addition To Seabag Issue:
Average Temperature                      Summer: 700F Winter: 250F
Unit Mutual Assistance Rep               ISC Ketchikan Detachment YNCS Ph # (907) 463- 2161
What Type Of Continuing Education Is     University of Alaska. ESO available for CLEP and ASVAB
Available In The Area:                   testing.

Ratings Present At Unit:                 BM, MST, OS, PA, SK, YN
                                         D17 located in downtown Juneau. Anchorage is 700 miles
                                         from the District and is only accessible by plane or taking a
Name Of Nearest City And Distance:       ferry to Haines or Skagway and driving two days on the
                                         ALACAN HWY. Juneau is land locked meaning there is no
                                         road leading in or out of Juneau.
                                       UNIT INFORMATION SHEET
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Name Of Nearest Military Facility And
                                                       Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage 700 Miles, 2hr flight
Location Of Nearest Exchange And
                                                       Same as above

Religious Denominations In The Area:                   All types

If A Cutter, Common Destinations Of
Area Of Responsibility If Not A Cutter:                All of Alaska

Uniform To Report In:                                  Tropical Blue Long or Service Dress Bravo (contact sponsor)
If Sponsor Not Available, Recruit                      Admin & Logistics Dept, Seventh Floor, Room 711
Should Ask For:
Unit Ombudsman                               
Transition and Relocation Manager                      Lisa Landry, (907) 463-2123,
Any Other Information A Newly                          The Federal Building is located in the heart of downtown
Arriving Apprentice Needs To Know:                     Juneau. There are several eateries located within walking
                                                       distance. We have a small café inside the building, which
                                                       serves breakfast and lunch items including; sandwiches,
                                                       snacks, and drinks. We have a weight room on the 1st deck
                                                       with lockers and showers. The traffic in Juneau gets busy
                                                       during morning and evening commuting hours, so we
                                                       recommend finding the building before your reporting date.
                                                       Parking is in the back of the Federal Building (Permit
                                                       Required). Most parking is first come first serve with
                                                       designated parking areas clearly marked.
Additional Information:

Juneau is a beautiful place to live with a full view of mountain ranges. The activities that are unique to Juneau are ice-
climbing on the Mendenhall Glacier, hiking through a rain forest, viewing the Northern Lights, panning for gold and so
much more.
It is very rainy and at times there is extreme daylight and at other times, extreme darkness. But if you can remain positive
and adapt to the environment you will appreciate Juneau’s beautiful summers and snowy winters.
There is a ski resort in Juneau where you can spend your winter days and there are numerous lakes and waterways where
you can fish for champion size salmon or halibut.
People in Juneau are friendly. The lifestyle is laid back with out all the commotion and hectic confusion that you
find in large cities. Although, it is not so slow that you will find yourself bored and longing for excitement. Juneau
is unlike any other place and has a character all its own. To live here is to appreciate the simple things in life. If
you do not own a vehicle, Juneau has a local bus service which may be used for commuting.
                               UNIT INFORMATION SHEET
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                          MEMBERS WITHOUT DEPENDENTS

Is Messing Available:                  No
Quarters And Or Barracks Available:    No
Rate Of Auto Insurance For Typical 18-      Single Male:        $2,200/ Year
20 Yr Old                                 Single Female:        $1,800/ Year

BAH Rates                                                E2: $1272       E3: $1272

Is Unaccompanied Personnel Leased       No
Housing Available:
                                        The average cost of a 2-bedroom unit in Juneau is $1000.00 -
Where Will A Single Non-Rate More       $1200 per month with the member paying electricity. Most 2
Than Likely Live:                       bedrooms will run about $175-225 a month in electric, water
                                        & sewage, garbage in addition to the rent.
                                        No. The application is not used in Juneau. Normally, the
                                        housing office will contact inbound personnel once they
                                        appear on the Airport Terminal issuing orders. Personnel who
Should Member Submit Housing            are not on the Global email system (Cape May) will normally
Application To Housing Office:          contact the housing office here by phone at 907-463-2107.
                                        Once contact has been made the housing office will assist the
                                        member inbound with housing and community information.
                                        AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union or Wells Fargo. Numerous
Where Do Most People Bank:              other financial institutions are located in Juneau as well.
                                        Yes, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, True North Federal
Is There A Credit Union In The Area:    Credit Union and Denali Federal Credit Union.
Is There A Mall In The Area:            Yes, two small malls – about 15 stores each

                           MEMBERS WITH DEPENDENTS

                                        The average cost of a 2-bedroom unit in Juneau is $1000.00 -
Cost Of Average Two Bedroom             $1200 per month with the member paying electricity. Most 2
Apartment In The Area:                  bedrooms will run about $175-225 a month in electric, water
                                        & sewage, garbage in addition to the rent.
BAH Rates                                                E2: $1696       E3: $1696
                                        Only in certain cases. For more information, contact the
Is Leased Housing Available:            Local Housing Office (907) 463-2107
Is Government Owned Housing             No
What Is The Average Wait For            N/A
                                        Phone# (907) 463-2107 Fax# (907) 463-2131 Bryan
Housing Office:                         Turner:
Where Do Most Dependents Live:          On the economy

Rate Of Auto Insurance For Typical      $880 – $1050/ Six Months
Young Family:
Where Do Most Dependents Receive        Coast Guard Medical Clinic located in the Federal Building,
                          UNIT INFORMATION SHEET
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Medical Care:                         (907) 463-2140. Also Amanda Rue is the local TRIWest
                                      Customer Service Representative; she can be reached at (907)
                                      586-2071 ext. 3260.
                                      Several grades schools are available. Two middle schools and
Go To School:                         two high schools are located in Juneau
What Level Of TRICARE Is Available:   TRICARE Prime Remote
Is the family member dental plan      Yes
Is It Advisable To Bring Dependents   Yes, in most cases family members will have paper work to
Along When checking in to the unit?   fill out; however, with or without is fine.

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