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Political Science


Political science in worldwide

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									                                                                     Political Science
                                                                   Political science is the
                                                           systematic study of political life.
                                                           Political scientists study government,
                                                           political parties, pressure groups,
                                                           international relations, and public
                                                           administration. All these are activities
                                                           of individual and groups, and involve
                                                           basic human relationship. Political
                                                           science deals with such fundamental
                                                           values as equality, freedom, justice,
                                                           and power.

                                                                    Political science is closely
                                                            related to history, law, philosophy, and
sociology. History provides much of the raw material with which the political scientist works.
Law, especially public law, supplies framework of formal ideas of political scientists. Philosophy
relates political science to the other sciences, and sociology provides the social setting for the
facts of political life. The importance of political science has increased greatly with the growth
and spread of democracy during modern times. In every democratic country, political science is
essential in the processes of government. The political scientist studies these processes and
operations of government agencies and departments. His work provides a factual basis for
criticism and reform – probably the most important elements of democratic government. Political
scientists also develop useful materials for the education of the young. Without that kind of
training for future citizens a democratic society could not prosper.

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