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Spring 2003

Amendment to Beauty Culture Law Renew Your Cosmetology License Online!

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Board Policies/ Interpretations
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Edward G. Rendell Governor Benjamin Ramos Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth

Disciplinary Actions

Current Licensee Counts

For more information, visit us through the Pennsylvania homepage at or visit the Department of State directly at

Meet Acting Secretary Ramos

Board telephone: (717) 783-7130 E-mail:


Important Notice...Amendment to Beauty Culture Law
House Bill 2020 was signed into law (Act 98 of 2002) on June 29, 2002.  This amends the Beauty Culture Law as follows:
• Eliminates the cosmetology manager license.  All cosmetology manager licenses have been reclassified to cosmetologist licenses.  The license numbers of the previous cosmetology manager license will remain with the CM prefix so that persons interested in reciprocity with another state will be able to verify that they qualified in PA for the cosmetology manager license.  Currently licensed cosmetology managers do not need to take any action to renew/reactivate their cosmetologist license. Section 4.4 has been amended to eliminate the requirement for a licensed cosmetology manager in a cosmetology shop. It is now required that ALL shops (cosmetology, cosmetician and manicurist) designate a person in charge of the shop in the ownerís absence.  The name of the owner or designated person in charge must be posted in a conspicuous place in the shop.  The owner or designated person in charge of the shop must be readily available during regular business hours to bureau inspectors. • Section 6 has been amended to eliminate the requirement that a school of cosmetology employ a licensed physician consultant. Section 6 has been amended to require cosmetology schools to designate a school supervisor; however, that individual does not need to be a licensee.  The designated personís name must be registered with the Board.



Copies of Act 98 of 2002 (House Bill 2020), may be obtained through the website, or by calling 717-787-6732.

Frequently Asked Questions
CAN  CUTICLE  CLIPPING  BE  PERFORMED WITHIN A LICENSED SHOP? Effective with the January 1987 examination administration, cuticle clipping was removed from the cosmetologist and manicurist practical examinations.  This action was taken to prevent injury to models by nervous candidates.  Cuticle clipping may be taught by schools of cosmetology and may be performed within licensed cosmetology and manicurist shops by licensed cosmetologists and manicurists. ARE LICENSEES PERMITTED TO WEAR SANDALS WHILE WORKING IN A SHOP? The State Board of Cosmetology has no regulations concerning dress code in a licensed shop.  It is incumbent upon each shop owner to establish any dress code they deem appropriate for their employees. AS    A    LICENSED  COSMETOLOGIST,  IS  IT PERMISSIBLE FOR ME TO TRIM THE BEARDS OF MY MALE CLIENTELE? Since the definition of cosmetology includes ìremoval of superfluous hair, this service may be performed by a licensed cosmetologist within a licensed cosmetology shop. I PLAN TO MOVE TO ANOTHER STATE.  WHAT WOULD  I  NEED  TO  DO  TO  GET  A  LICENSE THERE? Each state has its own licensing requirements.  You would need to contact the state licensing board where you wish to obtain a license to find out what their requirements are. DO I NEED TO DISPLAY MY INDIVIDUAL COSMETOLOGIST LICENSE IN MY EMPLOYING SHOP? Because individual licenses bear the licensee home address, it is permissible for shop owners to place licenses in a notebook and maintain the notebook at the reception desk as long as this information is available for inspection upon request. Shop licenses must be displayed in a conspicuous place within the shop.

Beauty Culture Law and/or Regulations of the State Board of Cosmetology
You may obtain copies of these booklets on  the  Departmentís  website  at  If you are unable to  access  them  through  the  website,  you may request them through the Board office at 717-783-7130, by fax at 717-705-5540, by  e-mail  at,  or  in writing: State Board of Cosmetology, PO Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA  17105-2649.   Be sure to provide your name and address with your request.


2003 Board Meeting Dates
February 3 March 3 April 7 May 5 June 2 July 14 August 4 September 8 October 6 November 3 December 1

State Board Sends Delegates to National Conference
The  National  Interstate  Council  of  State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) held its annual conference October 4-7, 2002 at the Crowne Plaza Resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.† Board members from throughout the United States attended the conference.† Also  attending  were  board administrators and other participating staff from many of the states.† Representing the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology were  Frank  Schoeneman,  Chairman  and Francine Amendola,  Vice-Chairperson. The  focus  of  the  conference  was  on strengthening relationships through effective communication.† Several educational programs  relevant  to  this  general  theme were presented on such topics as Parliamentary Procedures, Lobbying Effectively, Recognizing  Communication  Styles  and Dealing with the Media.† Regulatory matters were addressed in breakout sessions on such topics as scope of practice, limited licensure, sanitation/sterilization and testing issues.† The conference concluded with installation  of  officers  for  the  upcoming year.

NEW! Renew Your Cosmetology License Online!
As a result of new technology, the Department of State and the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs now offers current licensees of the State Board of Cosmetology the opportunity to renew licensure via a new secure Web interface. You will now have a choice when renewing your Cosmetology license: renew via the Internet or renew by mail.

If you choose to renew via the Internet, go to the Department’s website at and click on LicensePA ( Then simply follow the instructions to renew your Cosmetology license online. You are eligible to renew online if: · You are currently in your license renewal period · Your license is delinquent by no more than 30 days First-time users will need the following information at hand: · Pennsylvania License Number · Renewal ID Number (located on the Renewal Application) · Current mailing address · Credit Card information · Social Security Number · E-mail address
· Continuing Education information


Meet Our Newest Board Members
SUSAN  RINEER After graduation from Hempfield High School, Susan immediately pursued her cosmetology license.  Recognizing her desire to teach, she continued her education and obtained her cosmetology teachers license.    Before beginning her teaching profession, Susan worked in a salon to gain salon experience.  She has been teaching cosmetology for 31 years now and has been a supervisor 28 of those 31 years.  For six years, she taught and supervised in Lebanon and Lancaster Empire Beauty Schools and is now employed with Lancaster County Career and Technology Centers at both the Willow Street Campus and the Brownstown Campus.  Each year Susan attends the Annual International Show in New York with her students.  She has been a member of PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association) and NEA (National Education Association) since 1983.  From 1981 to 1990 she attended Penn State University earning certifications in Vocational I, Vocational II and Cooperative Education.  Since 1988, she has been a member of the Student Assistant Team training in alcoholism and drug abuse, violent adolescents, teenlineís assistant program, teenage depression and suicide and the alcoholic family system, believing that taking these classes will help her to better understand her teen students.  She has been a member of the National Cosmetology Association  and  the  NCA  of  Pennsylvania  since  1992  and  continues  her  education each year under the NCA of PAís continuing education program. KAREN  DONOVAN Karen was appointed to the Board as a professional member on November 13, 2002.  A native Pennsylvanian, Karen resides in Chester County.  She has held a cosmetologist and cosmetology teacher license and registration as a school supervisor for 25 years. She began employment with the Jean Madeline Corporations in 1987 as school director. Since that time she has also functioned as salon/spa manager at the companyís flagship facility at the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia and as the corporationsí Human Resource Coordinator.  Karen is married with four children and five grandchildren. NANCY  KAPLAN Nancy  was appointed to the Board as a public member on October 2, 2001.  Nancy is currently employed as a dental receptionist in Montgomery County.  Prior to employment in this capacity, she was employed as a financial manager.   Nancy currently offers her services as a volunteer treasurer for Beth Tovim Congregation in Philadelphia County and as treasurer for the Lower Merion High School Ice Hockey team. JANET  SANKO Janet was appointed to the Board as a professional member on November 13, 2002.  She is a graduate of Central Dauphin High School, attended Harrisburg Area Community College and as a 1983 graduate of Empire Beauty School, holds a current license as a cosmetologist.  Janet has been active in the Harrisburg area as a notary and stays very busy being involved locally with Harrisburg Youth for Christ, doing crafts and various other activities.  A native of Harrisburg, she is married to David Sanko and has two children, Brent and Alison.  Brent, 18, is in the US Army being stationed in Colorado and Alison is 15 and attends Mount Calvary Christian School in Elizabethtown.

License PA Update
In July 2001, the Department of State, Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, initiated a new, state-of-the-art licensing system to serve the professional community and consumers. Known as LicensePA, it enables licensees and consumers to verify licensure status electronically. As of July 2002, we announced the availability of the next phase of the development of LicensePA - the capability of licensees to renew an existing license over the worldwide web. This latest enhancement was first made available to the State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators. Since then, the State Boards of Pharmacy, Osteopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Optometry, Podiatry, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine have all begun renewing licenses over the Internet. Approximately 20% of all license renewals are being done through this web-based application. Other licensing boards will be added as their license expiration dates occur, so that, over the next 24 months, all boards will be able to use this feature. In addition to renewing licenses, licensees will be able to make address changes and other demographic record-keeping transactions to their license records. Future enhancements to LicensePA include applying for new (initial) licenses; requesting duplicate licenses; and automating continuing education data submissions from CE providers. To continue to keep informed about our progress and the availability of new features, please visit our website at and click on Professional Licensure.

Welcome Acting Secretary Weaver


Board Policies/Interpretations
Prohibited vs. Permitted Shop Activities

Section 7.71(a) of the Boardís regulations, 49 Pa. Code ß 7.71(a), lists equipment and supplies required for a cosmetology shop1 . A cosmetology shop must have at least one adjustable chair for one cosmetologist (or the full-time equivalent if several part-time cosmetologists are employed). 49 Pa. Code ß 7.71(a)(1).  Section 7.71(b) requires that, for each additional cosmetologist,  supplies  and  equipment  be  increased  so  that  each  cosmetologist  can render  services  safely  and  effectively. This means that if a second cosmetologist and/or full-time equivalent provides services in the shop, another adjustable chair is required. Section 7/71(a)(1) sets forth a minimum requirement:  a  shop  may  not  have  less than one adjustable chair per full-time cosmetologist.  It does not require that one cosmetologist  have  only  one  adjustable chair. Similarly, Section 7.76(a) provides that the floor area of a shop with one licensee (or full-time equivalent) must have a minimum area of 180 square feet with a minimum width of 10 feet.  For each additional licensee,  an  additional  area  of  at  least  60 square  feet  is  required.    49  Pa.  Code  ß 7.76(a). Under Section 7.76(a), a shop must have the minimum 180 square feet for the initial licensee, and the minimum additional 60 square feet for each additional licensee. The initial licensee is not limited to 180 square feet nor is each additional licensee limited to only the additional 60 square feet.

For example, a cosmetology shop could have  one  full-time  licensee  with  any number of square feet over 180 square feet and any number of adjustable chairs beyond the initial one chair because the shop met the minimum standards of 180 square feet and one adjustable chair for one cosmetologist.  In this case, if the shop is approved for one cosmetologist, only  one  cosmetologist  (or  full-time equivalent) may work in that shop.  The number of licensees employed in a shop will be determined during inspections in part through observation, license verifications, employment records and review of the shopís appointment book. (1)  Sections  7.71(a)  and  7.71b(a)  list required  equipment  and  supplies  for cosmetician  and  manucurist  respectively.

fungicidal disinfectant that is mixed and used according to the manufacturerís directions. • All tools and implements that have come in contact with blood or body fluids must be disinfected by complete immersion in an EPA registered, hospital grade and tuberculocidal disinfectant that is mixed and used according to manufacturerís directions. Disinfected implements must then be stored in a disinfected, dry and covered container, clearly marked as such.



There is no prohibition existing with respect to the use of formaldehyde in shops; however, there is no longer a requirement that a shop use fumigants as a dry sterilizer (sanitizer).   Shops should disinfect and store implements as follows: • All tools and implements must be cleansed thoroughly with soap and water prior to immersion in disinfectant solution. All tools and implements, except those that have come into contact with blood or body fluids must be disinfected by complete immersion in an EPA registered, hospital grade, bactericidal, virucidal and

EAR AND  BODY  PIERCING: 1. Ear  Piercing  is  permitted  within  a licensed shop provided the cost of the earring is the only charge.  The service of  ear  piercing  cannot  be  performed for  compensation  within  a  licensed shop. 2. Body Piercing is prohibited within the square footage of a licensed shop.


ELECTRONIC  GAMES: Placement  of  electronic  games  within  a shop is a violation of the Board Regulation at  49  PA  Code  ß7.77  as  the  purpose  of the shop would be changed from providing cosmetology  services  to  providing entertainment.


All shops must maintain a first aid kit that includes the following minimum supplies.


Board Policies/Interpretations
Prohibited vs. Permitted Shop Activities
1 flexible gauze bandage 3 (3 x 3î) sterile pads Continued 10 antiseptic swabs 1 first aid guide booklet 3 ammonia inhalants 1 container of cotton swabs 20 (3/4î) adhesive bandages 1 scissors 1 (1/2î) adhesive tape (5 yards) 1 tweezers 1 (2 x 126î) roll of gauze 1 container of antiseptic and burn ointment
1 triangular bandage 1 eye wash solution HAIRWEAVING/HAIR  REPLACEMENT/HAIR  BRAIDING: • Hairweaving falls within the definition of cosmetology and must be performed  within  a  properly  licensed shop by a licensee. • Artificial  strands  of  hair  woven into natural strands also falls under the definition of cosmetology and must be performed within a licensed shop by a licensee. When hair is sewn into the scalp or plucked on the scalp, it is considered to be a medical procedure and not the practice of cosmetology. Hair braiding requires licensure as a cosmetologist and must be conducted  within  or  through  a  licensed cosmetology shop. MASSAGES: • Cosmetology shops may provide massage  services  to  the  scalp, face,  arms,  hands  and  upper body.  In addition, since cosmetology includes manicuring services  of  the  nails  on  the  hands and  feet,  massaging  of  the  feet is also permitted.



HAIR  REMOVAL • Facial and body waxing is permitted within cosmetology and cosmetician shops. Facial and body waxing is NOT permitted  within  manicurist shops. • Electrology is currently not regulated by the State Board of Cosmetology.  However, in order for electrology  to  be  performed within  the  square  footage  of  a cosmetology or cosmetician shop, it  must  be  performed  by  a  licensed cosmetologist or cosmetician  who  has  been  trained  in electrology.  If the service is being performed by an unlicensed or untrained individual, it must be performed outside of the required cosmetology shopís square footage. The use of lasers for hair removal is considered to be a medical procedure  and  not  the  practice  of cosmetology.


Massaging  of  the  legs  is  NOT permitted within a shopís licensed square footage.  Space set aside, separated  by  permanent  walls and  not  licensed  as  part  of  the shopís square footage may contain full massage services.

MANICURING ACTIVITITES: • Nail sculpturing and pedicuring fall within the definition of manicuring and must be performed by a licensed manicurist or cosmetologist within a licensed cosmetology or manicuring shop • Nail polish changes and nail art (air brushing) are manicuring activities that must be performed by a licensed manicurist or cosmetologist within a licensed cosmetology or manicuring shop. Manicuring  does  NOT  include the removal of corns and calluses, but does include the removal of thin, dry skin for cosmetic purposes  with  a  pumice  stone  or similar non-metal instrument.

MICRODERMABRASION: Microdermabrasion currently is not regulated.  The Board plans to propose regulations for advanced aesthetic procedures such as microdermabrasion. PERMANENT  MAKEUP: The  practice  of  applying  permanent make-up (tattooing) is beyond the scope of a cosmetologist, cosmetician or manicurist license.  This service may NOT be performed within the square footage of any licensed shop or by virtue of a licensee. PETS IN SHOPS: The Beauty Culture Law and the Boardís regulations do not prohibit pets from being in shops provided they are kept in a sanitary condition. RENTAL  OF  BOOTH  SPACE: The rental of booth space (i.e., chair leasing, subcontracting, independent contractor) within a licensed cosmetology shop is  prohibited.   A  licensee  must  be  em-




Board Policies/Interpretations
ployed by the shop and is considered an employee only if taxes are collected by the employer.  An employer who does not collect taxes is renting booth space. SELLING  OF  RETAIL  ITEMS: The State Board of Cosmetology has interpreted its sanitary rules and regulations to permit salons to sell any retail items not otherwise prohibited by law and to prohibit the preparation of food for clients other than coffee and tea in the salon. SERVICES RENDERED OUTSIDE OF THE SHOP: A cosmetologist, with the permission of his employing shop, may render services to persons at their residences and to persons confined to institutions due to illness, old age or similar circumstances. A cosmetologist who renders such services must maintain complete records at his employing shop for each service rendered outside the shop, including the date, time, place and fee charged.  The record of services must be considered a part of the shop records. SHAMPOO  PERSON: An unlicensed individual employed by the shop as a shampoo person may perform the following functions: • • • • Apply  and  rinse  out  shampoo and conditioners Remove rollers and clips Rinse off color and perm solutions Any other activities that would not fall under a licensing requirement, such as receptionist duties, clean up duties, selling of retail items, etc. 49 PA Code ß7.97(b).  The physicianís certificate must be available in the shop at all times for review by bureau inspectors.  An unlicensed individual who is a student at a cosmetology school is not waived from this requirement.  It is the responsibility of the licensee to supervise all cosmetology services provided by unlicensed persons. SHOP : To be given the authority to practice, a shop must be ready to operate at the time of  inspection.    This  includes  the requirement that each shop must have at least one licensee who is either an owner or  employee  of  the  shop  licensed  to perform the services specific to the type of shop license to be issued.  For example, a  cosmetology  shop  requires  a cosmetologist  or  barber  licensee,  a manicurist shop requires a cosmetologist or manicurist licensee, and a cosmetician shop  requires  a  cosmetologist  or cosmetician  licensee.    Without  an appropriate licensee, authority to practice at  the  time  of  inspection  cannot  be provided  and  a  re-inspection  will  be necessary to determine compliance. TANNING  UNITS: Tanning units are permitted in licensed shops  unless  the  US  Food  and  Drug Administration  or  other  federal  or Commonwealth  agency  of  comparable expertise  on  matters  of  public  health determines that the use of the particular type of tanning unit in accordance with the manufacturerís instructions presents a  risk  to  the  public. WIGS: If  work  is  done  on  the  wig  alone,  the work  may  be  done  by  any  unlicensed person.  However, touching a patronís hair, combing a patronís wig or arranging a patronís hair to blend with the wig or hair  piece  is  considered  hairdressing  and requires a cosmetologist license and must be done within a licensed cosmetology shop. METHYL  METHACRYLATE  USE IN  SHOPS  PROHIBITED: Licensee  use  or  possession  of  nail enhancement products on clients containing methyl  methacrylate  or  like  harmful chemicals on clients is prohibited.  Any such use or possession will be considered gross incompetence  and/or  unethical  practice subject  to  prosecution  under  the  Beauty Culture Law.

Change of Name and/or Address Reminder
To ensure receipt of  a renewal notice or important information from the board, licensees must contact the board office with any  changes  in  name  or address. Name changes require a copy of court order, marriage certificate, divorce decree or other official document. Send changes to: State Board of Cosmetology P.O. Box 2649 Harrisburg, PA  17105-2649

Any such unlicensed person must have a physicianís certificate as required by


Disciplinary Actions
aid kit available, along with failing to have 013444-L, of Hazleton, Luzerne County, covered waste containers available, and was ordered to pay a civil penalty $250, based on her practicing cosmetology while wet sterilizers available.  (02-04-02) her license was expired.  (03/04/02) ANGELA M. REICHARD, license no. CL-019994-L,  of  Wyomissing,  Berks MUI B. HO, A.K.A. MUI BAT HO, County, was†issued a civil penalty of $500 license no. CL-019700-L, of Harrisburg, based on her practicing manicuring for pay Dauphin County, was issued a civil penin  a  place  that  does  not  have†a  proper alty of $1,000 for violating a lawful discicosmetology or manicuring licensure.  (02/ plinary order of the Board. (04-04-02 Every effort has been made to ensure that the 08/02) following information is correct. However, this PATRICIA J. HIRZ, license no. CMinformation should not be relied on without verifiDAT  V.  NHAM, AKA  DAN  VAN 010499-L, of Erie, Erie County, was ascation from the Prothonotary’s Office of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. NHAM, license no. CO-178294-R, of sessed a $250 civil penalty, based on ReOne may obtain verification of individual disciButler, Butler County, was issued a civil spondent practicing cosmetology while her plinary action by writing or telephoning the penalty  of  $1,000,  based  on  him license was expired. (03-04-02) Prothonotary’s Office at P.O. Box 2649, HarBonnie employing an unlicensed employee and for risburg, PA 17105-2649; (717) 772-2686. L.  Kent,  unliaiding and abetting an employee in the KELLIE  JONES,  license  no.COPlease note that the names of persons listed below censed,  of unlicensed practice of manicuring. (1/7/02) 227226-L, of Philadelphia, Philadelphia may be similar to the names of persons who have Elizabethville, County,  was  given  a  civil  penalty  of not been disciplined by the Board. Dauphin  County, KAREN A. MERSCHBACH, license $1,000, based on violating the lawful diswas denied admisno. CO-213146-L, of Towanda, Bradford ciplinary order issued by the Hearing Exsion to the nursing NORTHEAST  SALONS,  INC., County, was issued a civil penalty of $500, aminer for the Cosmetology Board for home administration examination, cosmetology  shop  license  no.  CB- based on practicing cosmetology on a employing unlicensed employees. (03/04/ 02) based on her fail093613-L,  of  Scranton,  Lackawanna lapsed license.  (2-4-02) ure  to  convince County, was assessed a civil penalty of the Board that she MARIA CICCONE, license no. CO$100 for operating without a manager. KHALID N. BURNETTE, license no. obtained satisfacCO-225740-L, of Harrisburg, Dauphin 045570-L, of Philadelphia, Philadelphia (01-14-02) tory practical exCounty, was suspended for failure to pay County, was revoked for dishonesty and perience in lieu of CATHERINE BRADY, license no. CO- a $1,000 civil penalty for operating an unethical practices in misappropriating the formal education. license of another in violation of 63 P.S. 014773-L,  of  Drexel  Hill,  Delaware unlicensed cosmetology shop. (1-23-01) ß519.  (3-06-02) County, was issued a civil penalty of $250. † Brady  was  fined  for  practicing cosmetology without a license during the CHN,  INC.  d/b/a  THE  HAIR ELIZABETH KIM DOWNS, license periods of January 31, 1999 and May 8, CUTTERY  #142,  license  no.  CB- no. CO-151784-L and shop license no. 080782-L, of Philadelphia, Philadelphia CB-086416-L,  of  Lederach, 2001.   (02-04-02) County, was assessed a $750 civil pen- Montgomery County, was assessed $500 STEVEN  AND  MINDY alty based on their operation of a shop in civil penalties, $250 for operating a cosmetology shop on a lapsed license and TAMACCIO, license no. CB-103999- without a manager. (3-4-02) $250 for violating a lawful Board order. L, of Wayne, Delaware County, were ordered to pay a civil penalty of $250, GO A HEAD, INC., license no. CB- (3-04-02) based on a routine inspection done in June 100686-L, of Philadelphia, Philadelphia of 2001, in which Respondent Steven County, was assessed a $250 civil pen- ROBERT  NEW,  license  no.  COfailed to have his personal license available. alty, based on practicing on an expired li- 152030-L, of Clifton Heights, Delaware County, was assessed a civil penalty of Also, Respondents failed to have a first cense. (03-04-02) $1250,  based  on  him  maintaining  an TINA  M.  BIASI,  license  no.  CM- unlicensed  cosmetology  shop  and
The following is a chronological listing of disciplinary actions taken by the Board from January 1, 2001, through June 30, 2002. Each entry includes the name, certificate or registration number (if any), and last known address of the respondent; the disciplinary sanction imposed; a brief description of the basis of the disciplinary sanction and the effective date of the disciplinary sanction.


Disciplinary Actions
practicing  cosmetology  on  a  lapsed license. (04-08-02) STEPHANIE  L.  NEW,  license  no. CO-154268-L  of  Clifton  Heights, Delaware County, was issued a civil penalty of $1,000, based on the fact that she  maintained  an  unlicensed cosmetology  shop  and  practiced cosmetology for pay in a place other than a licensed shop. (04/8/02) CHICAGO 29, INC., license no. CB087983-L, of New Castle, Lawrence County, was issued a civil penalty of $750.00,  based  on  Respondent operating a licensed cosmetology shop without proper management. (05-06-02) MAGGIEíS  HAIR  CREATIONS, unlicensed, of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, was issued a civil penalty of $500,  based  on  the  shop  operating without a proper cosmetology license. (05/06/02) TAMIKA WARREN and ANTWAN WARREN  D/B/A  ULTIMATE PERFECTION  UNISEX  SALON, unlicensed, of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, were assessed a $1,000 civil penalty  for  operating  an  unlicensed cosmetology shop.  (05-13-02) SPORTS  PAGE  GENTLEMANíS SALON AND DAY SPA, INC., license no.  CB-101541-L,  of  Forty  Fort, Luzerne  County,  was  suspended, assessed a $200 civil penalty and had a formal reprimand placed on the file due to operating a cosmetology shop without proper management.  (05-21-02) GWEN D. BRITCHER, license no. CT-018140-L, of York, York County, had charges dismissed for dressing the hair of a deceased woman.   (05-1302) CINDY NGUYEN, license no. CY098724-L, of Lancaster, Lancaster County, must pay a civil penalty of $100, based on her not having enough floor  space  to  accommodate  the number of stations in her shop. (0603-02) NICHOLAS-ANTHONY SALON & SPA, license no. CB-099969-L, of Kennett Square, Chester County, was assessed a civil penalty of $250, based on Respondentís rental of booth space to  Catherine  J.  Walsh,  a  licensed cosmetician and manicurist. (06-0302) KRISTIN  MCGOWAN, MARTIN  MCGOWAN  and SHEILA CARDONE, D/B/A KMS DETAILS, license no. CB-099622L,  of  Doylestown,  Bucks  County, were issued a civil penalty of $500, based  on  Respondents  use  of unsanitary equipment and operating without a manager. (06/03/02) TRADE SECRETS, INC., license no. CB-099124-L, of Willow Grove, Montgomery County, was assessed a $1,250  civil  penalty  based  on operating without a manager and for employing unlicensed personnel. (6-302) MICHAEL V. GIUDA, license no. RS-157926-A  of  Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, was ordered to pay a civil penalty of $1,000, costs of investigation of $500 and was placed on probation for a term concurrent with his criminal probation, because Giuda was convicted of a felony (06-04-02)

If you believe the practice or service provided by a licensed professional to be unethical, below an acceptable standard or out of the scope of the profession; or if you are aware of unlicensed practice, please call the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs complaints hotline at: In Pennsylvania: 1-800-822-2113 Out of State: 1-717-783-4854 A complaint form is available on the Department of State’s internet site.


Current Licensee Counts

Manicurist  (CL)  ..........................................................11,393 Cosmetologists  (CO  &  CM)......................................91,  808 Cosmeticians  (CQ)........................................................1,909 Cosmetology  Schools  (CS)...............................................154 Cosmetology  Teachers  (CT)........................................10,324 Cosmetology  Shops  (CB)............................................15,972 Manicurist  Shops  (CY).................................................1,842 Cosmetician  Shops  (CZ)..................................................414

Right-to-Know Act and Home Addresses
The Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs is sensitive to its licensees’ concerns about personal privacy. However, the Pennsylvania Rightto-Know Act, 65 P.S. § 66.1, mandates release of information contained in a “public record” stored by that agency if a member of the public requests it. The Bureau will take all reasonable steps to safeguard personal information contained in your licensure records. We realize that many of you use your home address on the licensure records maintained by the Bureau. However, given the uncertainty over what the Right-to-Know Act requires, neither the Bureau nor the board that issues your license can guarantee the confidentiality of the address shown on your licensing record. Therefore, we recommend that if you have a personal security concern, you might want to consider what many of our licensees have already done: use a business address or box number as the official address on licensure records. Also, with the arrival of the License 2000 computer system, you may indicate to the Board an address for release to the public that may be different from your home address. To further protect your privacy and identity, the Bureau will only accept a request to change a licensee’s address if it is submitted in writing and includes the licensee’s social security number, license number and the old and new addresses.


Welcome Acting Secretary Ramos
Ramos  photo

Benjamin Ramos was appointed Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth  by  Governor  Edward G. Rendell on January 21, 2003. The  Secretary  of  the Commonwealth is a member of

Representatives to serve on the Pennsylvania Adult Basic Education Interagency Coordinating Council.  In addition, Acting Secretary Ramos was appointed to serve on the Select Committee on Pharmaceuticals, the Select Committee on Alternatives for Philadelphia International Airport and the Sub-Committee on School Violence.  He was a member of the  Pennsylvania  Legislative  Black  Caucus;  Co-Chair, Pennsylvania Statewide Latino Coalition (PSLC); member, National Hispanic Cacus of State Legislators (NHCSL) and National Association of Latino Elected/Appointed Officials (NALED).

the Governorís executive board and administers the Department of State, a $44-million-ayear state agency that protects public welfare through licensing nearly 1 million business, health and real estate professionals; maintaining registration and financial information for thousands of charities soliciting contributions from Pennsylvanians; sanctioning professional boxing, kick-boxing and wrestling in the Commonwealth; overseeing Pennsylvaniaís electoral process; and maintaining corporate filings.

Acting Secretary Ramos also served as Deputy Mayor in the City of Philadelphia from 1992-1994 responsible for Community Affairs in the Rendell Administration.  Prior to his appointment, he was the Director of Special Projects for By  statute,  the  Secretary  is  a  member  of  the  Board  of APM, Inc., a community non-profit organization, where he Property, the Board of Finance and Revenue; the State developed their first housing program and a multi-million Athletic Commission; the Navigation Commission for the dollar low-income housing development initiative in Eastern J.  and  its  Navigable  Tributaries;  and  &  North Philadelphia.  From 1984-1988 he worked for City Delaware  River Michael  Wilkins,  M.A.,  NCC  the Ron  Hays,  Professional  Counselors Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement Board. The Secretary is Councilman At-Large Angel L. Ortiz, where he served in the keeper of the Great Seal of the Commonwealth and has various capacities including, Chief of Staff. the duty of authenticating government documents through the sealís use. Previously, Acting Secretary Ramos was the President of Selecto Consultants, LLC, a Pennsylvania company organized to provide consulting services to governments, business and community institutions to meet their market needs. Acting Secretary Ramos represented over 60,000 residents in Pennsylvaniaís 180th Legislative District from 1994-2000. He served as the Democratic Secretary of the Committee on Health and Human Services, the Urban Affairs, Liquor Control and the House Democratic Policy Committees.   He was appointed by the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, Acting Secretary Ramos has been living in the City of Philadelphia since 1971.  He is a graduate of Thomas A. Edison High School.  Attended Community College of Philadelphia, Temple University and the Graduate School of Business of New Hampshire College. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Community and Economic Development.  He is married to Carmen P. Ramos and has four children.

Board Members
Franklin K. Schoenman, Chairperson Professional Member, Pottsville, SchuykillCounty Janet Thomas, Vice-Chairman Professional Member, Benton, Luzerne County Dianna J. Orndorff, Secretary Professional Member, Hanover, York County Karen Donovan Professional Member, West Chester, Chester County Michele Hansarick Public Member, Camp Hill, Cumberland County Nancy Kaplan Public Member, Wynnewood, Montogmery County Susan Rineer Professional Member, Conestoga, Lancaster County Janet G. M. Sanko Professional Member, Harrisburg, Dauphin County

Diane Strobel Professional Member, Erie, Erie County Tracy Wertz, Esq. Comsumer Protection Member, Office of Attorney General

Board Staff
Deborah Eskin, Esq. Counsel Sara J. Sulpizio Administrator


State Board of Cosmetology
P.O. Box 2649 Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

Harrisburg  PA Permit No 918

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