Win A Bluenile Signature Diamond by mikeNcube


									                   WIN A BLUENILE SIGNATURE DIAMOND

Blue Nile is perhaps best known for the wide variety of “create-your-own” choices they offer. This is
attractive to a lot of buyers because it provides the opportunity to browse through seemingly countless
diamonds of varying properties as well as different types of settings. When customizing your own
jewellery, the end result can have a little bit more personal and sentimental value, whether it’s for yourself
or that special someone, and, of course, you can also tailor the piece to your tastes with respect to overall

At Blue Nile, you can create your own rings including three-stone rings and five-stone rings, as well as
earrings, and diamond pendants. The process is made very simple. When creating a five -stone ring, for
example, you can start by choosing diamonds or a setting. To choose a diamond, you can use Blue Nile’s
search facility, which is very simple and presents all the relevant information clearly.

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