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									Email Marketing: How and When to do it...

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You’ve already done it! Remember the mass e-card you sent to your family and friends last year
wishing them season’s greetings or happy New Year. You can send out a thank you card to all your
friends who had come over to help you move! You have sent out the recipe of the potato salad you
made for the office pot luck party to all of your colleagues who raved about it!

Now can you think of why you did it? Did those emails indicate something about you to your

How should you go about email marketing? What are the things you need to consider?

>>Extra resource worth exploring: -
why do email marketing.

Create an email-marketing plan: First and foremost you need to create an email marketing
plan. We tend to take the idea on emailing lightly. However, Marketing via email is a tricky matter.
It is powerful, but easily abused. It is easy, but really difficult. And like any other marketing
campaign you need to have a sound marketing plan for this channel as well.

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Frequency – How often should you send out the email? For example, if you have an e-commerce
business then you can send out emails whenever you have a promotion. In that case the frequency
will be random. However, if you are using email marketing to build client relationship then it is
often sufficient to send out one email newsletter in a month.
Target audience – Who are you sending it out to? Who is your target audience? It is important to
determine this earlier on as a lot of other factors to come.


Transactional – The type of email that contains transactional information. For example, if you are a
software company who sells mortgage application and you just upgraded your software to
incorporate a feature that makes it easier for your use to print reports, then you can send out can
email containing this new release to all your users. This will be considered as an transactional

Promotional – This type of email is used to either offer a promotion incentive to new or existing
clients. Email newsletters are also considered promotional as they establish customer loyalty and
long term relationship contributing towards the company’s bottom line.

>>Try it: Label Email Types : Press Release | Catalog Emails | Email Newsletters | Postcard Emails


How do you want it to look? You need to give it some thoughts as to how you want the email
campaigns to look. A lot of time companies, businesses or internet marketers decide to go with an
email with plain text as it ensures fast delivery, consistent look in different browser, easier and
faster download in smart phones, and consistent looks throughout different email providers just to
name a few. However, if you are a store or an e-commerce business and are using your email to
increase sales and establish brand awareness then you want a graphic rich email. Example is on the
right hand side. You can use both text and provide a link to an HTML version of the email for those
clients who choose to view it with the graphics. This way your emails are going to be light weight
but with the option to be viewed graphic rich.

       Only Text
       Graphic Rich
       HTML based
       Text with HTML option
       Include video/HTML forms/Flash

Who are you emailing? This is probably the most important aspect of email marketing and
can make or break your companies’ image if not used properly. You HAVE to make sure you can
consent to SEND the type of email you sending to the email addresses you are sending it to. Make
sure you are compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act no matter which way you are sending your emails
>>Check out this site for the details of the CAN-SPAM ACT:

      In-house mailing list – the email list you have compiled through surveys, promotions,
       seminars, newsletter opt ins
      Rental/bought- You are buying or renting email addresses from Email marketing
       companies such as:
      3rd Party- You will be advertising on the body of an Email Marketing company.

>> Check out a report on different email service providers

What do you want to say?
      Subject line – Very important. You don’t want to use any “$” in your subject lines. Nowadays,
       the email servers have in built spam so any “suspicious” word or word formation in the
       subject line will make the email come across as a spam.
      Greeting – how do you want to address your clients. With their first name? Last name? Or
       just as Dear customer? There are many email marketing systems that gives you the option
       to generate bulk emails personalized with the clients first or last name. However, if you are
       thinking of using them then you have to make sure you are doing a good data cleansing on
       your email list. I would rather have you say “Dear Customer” than have you sent out an
       email to Sally addressing her as Dear Pamela!!!
      Grammatical Error – A lot of us don’t see grammatical errors while we are typing something
       on the screen. My suggestion to avoid any grammatical error in emails is to create your
       email a day before or in the morning. Leave it and come back to it and print it out. Or print it
       out and have it proof read by a colleague or friend.
      Writing style (consistency) – Your voice or your companies’ voice should be able to go
       through to your client via the email. Emails are already considered impersonal. Specially if
       the client knows it’s a part of a bulk email campaign. In this case have a consistent style of
       writing will make the client make a connection to you or your company.
      Clear message/call-to-action -

How will you actually send the emails?
      In-house
      Email marketing service providers
Respect clients privacy and preference:
Unsubscribe option

Quick turnaround on unsubscribe request

Multilingual campaigns

Disclose privacy policy

Engage a Digital Marketing Agency

When should you do an Email marketing campaign?
 Marketing via email can have a long term effect on your business/brand and customer relationship
if done right and a long term adverse affect if not done right! So before you set up an email
marketing campaign here’s few things you ask yourself:

      Do you have the time?
      Do you have the resources?
      Do you have the skill?
      How does this fit in your over-all marketing strategy?

Following are some of the reasons when you would want to deploy email marketing campaigns:

      Reach customers instantaneously
      Create a long lasting customer relationship
      Notify them of upcoming promotions/events/news
      Want to add more than one way to reach your customers
      Relatively cheaper than snail mail campaigns
      Less labour intensive and easier to track promotions than the regular snail mail

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