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                       WIC 241.1 JOINT ASSESSMENT
                            PROBATION CASES

DATE OF ISSUE:                     01/15/02

APPLICABLE TO:                     Juvenile Court Services Support Staff, Their Supervisors and
                                   Administrative Support Services Manager

LEGAL BASIS:                       Welfare and Institution Code 241.1


NON-CWS/CMS FORM(S):               JCS 241.1 Referral Checklist
                                   Request for Information letter
                                   Delinquency Referral Log
                                   241.1 Monthly Minute Orders
                                   WIC 241.1 Cases Tally for 200(2) or current year
                                   WIC 241.1 Joint Assessment Monthly Referral Count
                                   WIC 241.1 Joint Assessment Regional Breakdown of Referrals
                                   241.1 Joint Assessment Unit Master Calendar
                                   Alert Log
                                   Unit Master Calendar

CWS/CMS FORM(S):                   None


The Welfare and Institution Code Section 241.1 provides that all children who come
under the description of both the dependency and delinquency courts shall be assessed by
both the probation department and the dependency court. Since there are no provisions in
the law for the children to be dependents of the court and wards of the court at the same
time, one of the two departments shall have primary responsibility for supervision of the
children. Thus, the purpose of this assessment is to determine and recommend to the
delinquency court which department shall best serve the interests of these children and
the community. The WIC 241.1 Joint Assessment Probation Cases Unit of the
dependency court shall follow these cases through the disposition hearing.

The majority of the referrals for a WIC 241.1 Joint Assessment Probation Case originate
in the delinquency court with the Probation Department as the lead agency. Occasionally
when the dependency court requests the initial assessment of the child, the dependency
becomes the lead agency. The lead agency is responsible for preparing a report for their
respective court, and the other agency is responsible for preparing a memorandum of
their assessment of the case for the lead agency to incorporate in their report to their

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When the delinquency court orders a WIC 241.1 Joint Assessment on a dependent child,
the assigned CSW will complete the memorandum. The delinquency court may order a
WIC 241.1 Joint Assessment on a child who is currently a dependent of the court, who
has been a dependent of the court, or who has never been a dependent of the court. If the
child is a dependent of the court, the assessment and memorandum will be completed by
the assigned CSW. If the child is not a dependent of the court, the Hotline will be
contacted and an ER CSW will be assigned. If the case is in the pre-disposition phase of
the dependency case, the WIC 241.1 assessment is assigned to a DI.

Since the program works in concert with the Probation Department, the delinquency
court and the dependency court, time frames are very short. As a result, logs and
statistics must be precise, accurate and current. Thus, the court support staff is vital to
the success of this program.


WHO                                   HOW

Court Support Staff              NOTE: The WIC 241.1 CSW will prepare a folder on
                                       all new referrals which includes the delinquency
                                       court referral, the referral document, the
                                       delinquency court minute order, the JAI print
                                       out and any available current DCFS reports and
                                       will forward the folder to the Court Support

                                 1. Enter the Delinquency Referral Log on Access.

                                      a.   Record the new WIC 241.1 referrals.

                                           1) Input the court number, the name of the
                                              child, birth date, sex, the referral date, the
                                              assignment date, the memorandum due
                                              date, the date the CSW was contacted, the
                                              CSW’s name, the SCSW’s name, the
                                              region, the Deputy Probation Officer’s
                                              name, the Supervising Deputy Probation
                                              Officer’s name, the court date, the WIC 300
                                              status and the WIC 600 status.

                                                NOTE: If the child has two or more
                                                      charges in different delinquency
                                                      courtrooms, merge them into one
                                                      241.1 folder.

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WHO                             HOW

Court Support Staff             b.    Process the WIC 241.1 disposition referrals.

                                      NOTE: These referrals are on the Delinquency
                                            Referral Log and only need to be
                                            pulled up to record the disposition.

                                      1) The delinquency court rulings which
                                         declare a child a ward of the court and
                                         dictates that the dependency case must be
                                         closed are:

                                          a)   WIC 601--A minor that is habitually
                                               disobedient or truant.

                                          b) WIC 602--A minor that violates laws
                                             defining a crime.

                                      2) The delinquency court rulings which
                                         require joint supervision are:

                                          a)   WIC 654.2--The delinquency court
                                               may continue the child’s case until an
                                               informal period of supervision is

                                          b) WIC 725(a)--The delinquency court
                                             may place the child on probation for a
                                             period of six months but not declare
                                             the child to be a ward of the court.

                                          c) WIC 790--The delinquency court may
                                             defer an entry of judgment if the child
                                             meets the requirements of this statute.

                            2. Sort the 241.1 Minute Orders into three categories:
                               new, continued and dispositions.

                                a.    File the new minute orders in the WIC 241.1

                                      NOTE: New minute orders are not logged unto
                                            the 241.1 Monthly Minute Orders until
                                            there is a continuance or a disposition

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WHO                             HOW

Court Support Staff             b.    Add the continuances by pulling up the child’s
                                      name or case number and then fax the minute
                                      order to the field CSW/SCSW.

                                      1) Add the continuance date to the Unit
                                         Master Calendar and the JCS 241.1 Referral

                                      2) Place the WIC 241.1 folder in the open or
                                         active case file.

                                c.    Add the disposition minute orders by pulling up
                                      the child’s name or case number and then, fax
                                      the minute order to the field CSW/SCSW.

                                      NOTE: Minute orders for inappropriate cases
                                            are not faxed because there are not
                                            active/open cases in the region.

                                      1) Add the disposition minute orders to the
                                         JCS 241.1 Referral Checklist and the
                                         Delinquency Referral Log.

                                      2) Place the WIC 241.1 folder in the correct
                                         case file cabinet.

                                             Active cases
                                             Disposition cases
                                             Closed cases

                                d.    Weekly, review the 241.1 Monthly Minute
                                      Orders and request minute orders needed to
                                      close cases.

                                      1) Run the Juvenile Automated Index
                                         program to update cases heard the previous
                                         week for dispositions and/or continuances.

                                      2) Request the list of the missing minute
                                         orders from the Superior Court.

                                      3) Upon their receipt, complete the processing
                                         of the minute orders and the case folders.

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WHO                              HOW

Court Support Staff         3. Prepare the Alert Log.

                                 a.   Pull all the WIC 241.1 case folders for the up
                                      coming week.

                                 b.   Identify the names of the children in a
                                      probation facility along with the names of their
                                      Regional Administers, and the CSWs.

                                 c.   Type the Alert Log.

                                 d.   E-mail the Alert Log to the Director of Juvenile
                                      Court Services, all the Regional Administers,
                                      and the CSWs named on the log.

                            4.   Compile the Monthly Statistical Log.

                                 a. Complete the WIC 241.1 Cases Tally for 2002.

                                      NOTE: The WIC 241.1 Cases Tally for 2002
                                            will change yearly to reflect the current

                                 b. Complete the Monthly Referral Count and
                                    Breakdown of Delinquency Generated Referrals.

                                 c. Complete the Regional Breakdown of Referrals.

                                      NOTE: The statistics are a three-page
                                            document, which includes charts and

                            5.   Forward the statistics to the ARA for distribution to
                                 the designated personnel.

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