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					Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Although hair loss is more common in men than women, thinning of hair is increasing at an alarming
rate in women too. Hair loss in women is often due to nutritional deficiency or alterations in normal
hormonal balance. Excess of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone is the main culprit that leads to
premature receding hair in women. DHT is a member belonging to the class of compounds referred
as androgens. Treatments that decrease DHT levels in women need to be followed to promote hair
regrowth.      Read        more       on     reasons      for     hair         loss    in    women.

Hair                     Loss                Solutions                   for                  Women

There are plenty of options to deal with issues related to hair loss. In order to stabilize hormone
levels,      following          are    the      hair      loss       solutions        for     women.

Over-the-counter medication that is found to be effective is Minoxidil (Rogaine). This medicine was
previously given to high blood pressure patients in a tablet form. However, some patients taking
Minoxidil reported re-growth of hair. Therefore, extensive studies were conducted and it was found
that application of Minoxidil in liquid form to the scalp could encourage hair growth in women
experiencing hair loss patterns. Side effects associated with Minoxidil are few and mild, and go away
without any medical treatment. Most importantly, 2 percent solution of Minoxidil has received approval
by FDA and many dermatologists use it as a remedy for thinning hair in women.

Nizoral                                                                                     Shampoo:

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Use of this shampoo also comes in the list of hair loss solutions for women. It is often noticed that
dandruff and fungal infection involving the scalp is the main cause of receding hair lines. Studies have
revealed that nizoram shampoo can put an end to dandruff problems as well as promote hair
thickness. Increase in testosterone (hormone) levels is also one of the leading causes of hair loss in
women. Nizoral shampoo contains a key ingredient known as ketoconazole, that inhibits testosterone
synthesis, which in turn helps to increase hair density. In other words, this shampoo can positively
impact hair growth. Nizoral shampoo is one of the best hair loss solutions for women that nourishes
the                                                                                               scalp.

This is a drug available in a tablet form and used in the treatment for female hair loss. Aldactone is
anti-androgen that restricts DHT growth. The recommended dosage effective to prevent hair loss in
women                   is               200                 mg                 per                day.

Hormone                        Replacement                        Therapy                        (HRT):
HRT is commonly used to treat women who have decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone
(hormones). Less production of these hormones in common in women after the age of 50. However,
this can cause sleep disturbances and increases the chances of heart diseases and osteoporosis
(bone less). To combat these health issues, HRT is prescribed that involves intake of estrogen and
progesterone supplements in the form of pills and tablets. Many women undergoing HRT have
actually experienced improved hair growth. In fact, many doctors recommend hormone replacement
therapy to prevent female hair loss. This is one of the hair loss solutions that works to restore hair
growth                                            very                                             well.

Hair             Loss              Solutions              for             Thyroid              Patients

A thyroid disease can also cause hair loss in women. Women suffering from hyperactive or an
underactive thyroid gland often results in hair thinning. Drugs used for the treatment of thyroid
disease can also trigger hair loss symptoms in women. Reducing the dosage to a certain extent can
help to prevent further hair loss. However, it is very important to treat thyroid problem and keep it in
control for optimal hair growth. Nutritional supplements such as evening primrose oil (EPO) and multi-
vitamin tablets are also useful for thyroid patients that promote hair growth. Read more on vitamins
for hair loss.

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