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Singapore Company Incorporation


AsiaBiz is the leading Singapore company that provides Singapore Subsidiary Registration services to local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors and offer consultation regarding the immigration and taxation, accounting and book keeping requirements, and other compliance matters stated under the Singapore law.

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									       Asiabizsetup Explains Why Singapore Company Incorporation Services

AsiaBizsetup, the leading business registration firm in Singapore, said it is offering company
incorporation services to local and foreign businessmen who want to take advantage of the
country’s fast-growing economy.

“Incorporation, which is the process of forming a new company, is highly ideal to
businessmen who have long-term goals and to those who are planning to further expand
their existing business,” the firm said.

AsiaBizsetup said that it is encouraging small- and medium-sized enterprises with an existing
business to incorporate this into a company which stands on its own as a legal business

And because it is a legal business entity, a company’s existence is separate from the
shareholders and directors who enjoy limited liability, one of the most efficient asset
protections in any business structure.

“With limited liability, the shareholders and directors’ personal assets such as their savings,
houses, and cars are protected from all the unfulfilled duties, financial losses, and debts
related to their company,” AsiaBizsetup said.

Aside from the limited liability protection, the business registration firm said that shareholders
and directors can save money given the country’s attractive taxation law. It cited the 17
percent corporate tax in Singapore which is relatively lower compared to most countries
which are also considered as international business hubs.

And to further encourage foreign companies and investors, AsiaBizsetup said that the
government is continuously finding new ways to make the business registration requirements
more efficient.

To date, a Singapore company may be owned by one shareholder who may also be the
director at the same time. However, this business setup is also allowed to have a maximum
of 50 shareholders, who may be a “natural” person or corporate entity, while there is no limit
on the number of additional directors regardless of their citizenship as long as one of them is
a resident director.

Under the Singapore Companies Act, a resident director may be a Singaporean citizen,
permanent resident, or foreign individual with any of the following visas: Employment Pass,
EntrePass, and Dependant Pass.

More Information:

AsiaBiz is the leading Singapore Company Incorporation specialists. It has assisted thousand
of foreign entrepreneurs form a Singapore Company. Our office is located at Raffles Place, in
the heart of the Singapore business district. ("CBD") If you're in our neighborhood and want
to discuss any aspect of our service then feel free to come in to our offices during business
hours. Appointments are welcome but definitely not necessary.

address: 120 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068589
phone: +6563034614
website: http://www.asiabizsetup.net/

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