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Scholarship Info

Scholarships for the December 2010 CFA Exam now available!

We have the pleasure to announce that the application period for Scholarships to the December
2010 CFA Program Exam has started. The Swiss CFA Society has the right to grant 10 Society
Scholarships per year. We have allocated 3 Scholarships for the December 2010 Exam.
Scholarships for the June 2011 Exam will be announced at a later time.

Selection Proce ss
The decision about whic h applic ations are to be submitted for final approval by CFA Institute will be
made by a delegation of the Board of the Swiss CFA Society by one or more Society Officials.

The criteria for selection of who will be awarded the Scholarships are:
Eligibility Criteria
     1)      Need for financial assistance to cover the registration
     2)     Motivation to pursue and finally attain the CFA Designation
     3)     Motivation to become a member and volunteer of SCFAS
     4)     Fulfillment of CFA Institutes CFA Program Entrance Requirements. Read more.
Decisive Criterion
     5)      Lottery among applications that fulfill criteria 1-4 above.

Scholarships cannot be granted to Society Officers, Directors, employees or their direct families.

Financial Information
The Society Scholarships cover the CFA Program Enrollment Fee for first time entrants into the
program (one-off fee) and the Exam Registration Fee. Society Scholars pay only the 220 US D cost
for the Curric ulum (books & study material) plus any applicable taxes and import duties.

The final deadline for sending in applications to The S wiss CFA Society is August 15 2010.
Applications will be sent in to CFA Institute shortly thereafter. We expect Society Scholars to receive
final approval and Registration Vouchers from CFA Institute by the end of September 2010.

Earlier Registrations and Refunds
If you have already decided that you want to sit for the December 2010 CFA Exam you can go ahead
and mak e a regular registration today. Read more on how to register.
CFA Institute offers a refund possibility for registered Candidates who subsequently sought and were
granted a Scholarship. (NB ! Refunds apply for current period Exam only.) This course of action
naturally comes with the risk that the Scholarships may be granted to other people and no refund will
be applicable. However, the earlier the registration, the lower the cost for paying your own way will

Application Format
The application form is relatively straight forward and is meant to be self -explanatory. It is however
wort h noting that only complete applications received in time will be considered for approval .

Steps to take:
    1)    Download and complete the Application Form.
    2)    S end the Application Form + Your Current CV in hardcopy (paper format) to:

Swiss CFA Society
Grafenauweg 10
CH 6304 Zug

Feedback & Questions
All communication from SCFAS to applicants will be made via e -mail only. (Make sure that you write
your e-mail address legibly on the form). All applic ants will be informed without undue delay about
whet her they received a Scholarship or not. Any questions about the forms or otherwise may be
directed to scholarships

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