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Using a lot of graphics does not entice the customer rather it often annoys a customer.


Lot of ongoing or even very simple design neither works to attract a customer. But the balanced
structure with the overall performance is considered a perfect web design solution.


The word Design stands for Denote, Entice, Stimulate, Interpretation, Gratify, Nascent - of
course not officially, but it’s one’s believe which is nothing but the fact that a design should
consist in order to retain people’s attention. When we amalgamate this word with web (Web
design) than the purpose of design does only intent to attract people by its art but it also includes
many things that needed to be worked upon in order to get the hold of visitors. Such facets
include usability, appearance and SEO friendly.

Usability: While designing a website it’s very important to ensure the structure is users-friendly,
with the interface and navigation. It is one of the major components because the aloofness of a
website can make a customer off the website and opt for the competitor.

Appearance: This may include the graphic and text. If the design is structured with high
graphics, fully flash or animated just with the intent of luring a customer than it won’t work as
corporative websites are not as such neither it would be SEO friendly. Website design also intent
to serve the purpose of boasting one’s message clearly and effectively. The single size and style
of the text should be ensured throughout the website in order to maintain the consistency.

SEO friendly: As mentioned just above high graphics, flash or animation needs to be shunned
since those components are not SEO friendly and also doubles the size of a website which lowers
the loading speed of page, and makes a customer drive off the website. The increased size is
another factor of not being SEO friendly.

Generally, inexperience website designers do not work on those factors rather just concentrate
on the look of a website which results unsatisfactory of a customer since it lacks in SEO and
user-friendly aspects. An experience website design company ensures all the factors are taken
into the consideration and construct a website as per one’s need. However, to make such a
website the web design company also requires a knack besides experience.
Author Bio:

Openxcell is an offshore PHP web development company that provides web development
solutions and services such as custom website designs and Internet marketing. Besides all that
mobile application development is also an aspect of the company’s business.

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